Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 19 - : Gift

Chapter 19: Gift

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“You brought me here because you want Ziyue to treat these stray beasts, right?”


The Lightning Beast looked at Jiang He with a pitiful expression. It hugged him with its front paws.

“Hey! I’m not as gullible as those girls!”

Jiang He’s expression darkened.

‘Why are you so skilled at acting cute?

‘All your underlings are watching. Aren’t you embarrassed?’

“Fine! I’ll save these stray beasts. But first, you have to tell me how they got injured.”

How did they get all these wounds? Fighting among themselves was not possible as they seemed to get along.

The injuries were very deep. It was as if they had been cut by a sharp knife.

They could be caused by skills such as Wind Blades, Moonblades, and so on.


Once again, Jiang He recalled the missing beasts in Haiping City.


The Lightning Beast was flustered. It began jumping up and down as a gesture.

Since they longer had the translation device, they would have a harder time communicating.

“It’s the poacher group, right?”

The Lightning Beast raised its head in disbelief. This human actually understood its artistic expression?


It nodded. There was also anger in its eyes.

“If you could look for me at the clinic, why didn’t you seek help from other humans?”

Just as Jiang He finished his sentence, he realized something.

All of the strays here were abandoned. They probably no longer trusted humans.

“Come here for treatment! Those with serious injuries will be prioritized.”

Jiang He said slowly and let out a sigh.

He felt quite sad.


The Moonlight Elf stuck out its little tongue and gently licked the side of Jiang He’s face.

“Ziyue, I’m going to have to rely on you.”


The Moonlight Elf’s sapphire-like eyes were filled with determination.

It condensed light into a ball, emitting a bright moonlight.

The ball of light quickly flew toward a Wind Dog. It had suffered a serious wound around the abdomen. Anyway, it began to slowly heal.

Unfortunately, Moonlight could only affect one target at a time. There were a lot of strays that needed to be healed.

If Ziyue could master Healing Rain like Instructor Bai’s Black Snake, things would have been much easier.

‘Should I let Ziyue learn another AOE healing skill?’

Jiang He thought to himself.

‘I think I should if we had the time.

‘Besides, it’s a good way to trick opponents. They may think Ziyue is a support-type but in reality, it is an assassin.’

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

However, in the end, Jiang He gave up on the idea.

Time and energy were limited. He should bite off more than he could chew.

Pleasure points: 49%

A two percent increase.

Pleasure points: 52%

A three percent increase.

Pleasure Points: 53%

One percent increased.

As the little fellow used its healing skill again and again, the progress bar of the pleasure points kept going up.

It was not just the pleasure of being healed, but also the satisfaction Ziyue had gained.

Soon, the Moonlight Elf exhausted its energy.

Although not much energy was needed to cast Moonlight, it accumulated after being done repeatedly.

There were still more than a dozen strays that had yet to be healed.

Jiang He took out a small moonlight essence potion from his backpack. He tried to suppress his heartache.

The sky would turn dark soon. He could let the Moonlight Elf replenish its energy naturally.

However, after seeing how the stray beasts were in pain, he decided to give it his all.

‘It’ll be fine. I’ll just treat it as grinding for pleasure points.’

Jiang He consoled himself a few times before handing the moonlight essence potion over to Ziyue.

The Moonlight Elf did not waste any time. It drank everything in one go.

In just a few minutes, its energy was completely restored.

It could continue to heal the strays.

Pleasure Points: 68%

An increase of two percent.

Pleasant value: 69%

One percent increased.

Time flew by.

The street lamps lit up and the moon could also be seen in the sky.

As the last ray of moonlight dissipated, Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf let out a sigh of relief.

They had managed to heal most of the stray beasts’ injuries. The wounds that were more serious could not be completely treated, but it would not cause fatality.


The Lightning Beast touched Ziyue lightly on its right shoulder. Then, the former lowered its head slightly.

It was trying to express its gratitude.

The stray beasts’ eyes were also filled with appreciation and fondness.

Jiang He patted the Lightning Beast’s head.

‘Even though its fur is very soft, it still could not be compared to my Moonlight Elf.’

“Caw! Caw!”

Suddenly, a crow’s cry broke the silence in the abandoned factory.

The Black Night Crow that was as black as ink landed atop a notice board.

“Caw! Caw!”

After hearing what the crow had to say, the stray beasts’ eyes became sharp.

It was as if they were going to a battlefield.


The Lightning Beast also let out a loud roar. All the stray beasts were ready to attack!

Jiang He could roughly guess what was happening.

“Have you found traces of the poachers?”


The Lightning Beast replied affirmatively. Then, it bared its teeth and was prepared to set off.

A blood debt must be paid with blood!

“I’ll call the police right away! Let them handle this matter. All of you just need to lead the way.”

If possible, Jiang He did not want the stray beasts to risk their lives.


The Lightning Beast scratched its ears and cheeks, looking very anxious.

They needed to rescue the captured beast as soon as possible!

However, without a translator device, Jiang He would not be able to understand its urgency.

The Lightning Beast let out a cry and was about to take off.

“Wait, don’t rush.”

Jiang He called out to it again.

“I’ll give you a gift.”

He took out the miniature lightning energy pack.


The Lightning Beast did not even have time to react. Instantly, the lightning energy in its body began to increase abruptly!

In just two seconds, its energy had reached maximum capacity!

Moreover, it leveled up to a level-ten servant!

As long as it condensed a soul crystal, the Lightning Beast would be able to advance to warlord-level!

“Don’t tell anyone!”

Jiang He revealed a faint smile.

Since its strength had increased, the Lightning Beast should be able to defeat those poachers, right?


The Lightning Beast’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

After expressing its gratitude to Jiang He again, it dashed out. Many stray beasts followed suit.

The Black Night Crow was guiding the way in the sky. At the same time, some stray beasts surrounded the Lightning Beast to protect it.

They rapidly chased after the poachers!

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