Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 18 - King of Stray Beasts

Chapter 18: King of Stray Beasts

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Jianggan was a district located in Haiping City.

In a deserted alley, there were two men. One of them was thin and tall while the other was short and fat. They looked back and forth at the crowd on the main road.

“Fatty, do you see that Gem Cat? Think of a way to lure it into the alley.”

The tall and thin man whispered to the short and fat man. They had finally found their target.

Not far away, there was a Gem Cat. Its master was quite young. He should still be in high school.

“Big brother, don’t you think we should stop? Loads of police and bounty hunters are targeting us. We can attack stray beasts instead!”

The short and fat man said hesitantly.

“You think I don’t want to? F*ck! If it weren’t for that Lightning Beast, we wouldn’t be in such a passive position,” said the tall and thin man as he gritted his teeth.

They were beast poachers. Normally, the two of them would go after stray beasts. They would capture and sell them to the black market or some illegal organizations.

Not long ago, a level-nine servant Lightning Beast suddenly appeared among the stray beasts in Haiping City. It was fearless and fierce.

It was no big deal.


After all, both of their beasts were also level-nine servants. They could easily pick out weaker stray beasts to attack and leave the Lightning Beast alone.

However, for some reason, this Lightning Beast would watch them from the shadows.

Every time they were about to hunt for stray beasts, the Lightning Beast would appear. It would lead a group of stray beasts to attack them.

Although their beasts’ combat strength was far higher than the strays, they could not withstand a group attack!

After a few exchanges, both parties were severely injured.

The two of them dared not go to the clinic. They only used some medicine they had bought from the black market.

In the end, they were unable to catch even a single stray beast. To add insult to injury, they had spent a lot of money on medicine.

Thus, they decided to take a risk and change their targets.

Since they could not catch any stray beasts, they would attack those with weak masters.

The value of subdued beasts was much higher than stray beasts. It was the ratio of one to ten!

Of course, the risk of poaching subdued beasts was much higher. They had to scout and make plans in advance.

The short and fat man’s subdued beast was a Nightmare Demon. It could put people or beasts into a coma. Meanwhile, the thin and tall man’s subdued beast was a wind-type Withered Leaf Butterfly. It could erase scents, preventing them from being tracked. This was the reason the policemen were unable to catch them.

“We’ll lay low after this. The Gem Cat will keep us afloat for a long time.”


A hint of viciousness flashed across the short and fat man’s eyes. The high returns had changed his mind.

“Let’s do it! One last job!”

The Gem Cat was fond of shiny things. So, the short and fat man took out a handful of rhinestones from his chest pocket. When he walked past the Gem Cat, he intentionally revealed them.

Once the Gem Cat saw the shiny rhinestones, it followed him curiously.


As soon as the Gem Cat stepped into the alley, a black shadow appeared beside the short and fat man. The Nightmare Demon stretched out its misty tentacles and wrapped them around the Gem Cat.

The Gem Cat could not resist at all and passed out.

“Gem Cat!”

The Gem Cat’s master realized that his subdued beast had disappeared. He immediately tracked its location using the book of contracts.

Once he entered the alley, a ball of black fog fell from the sky. It completely enveloped him.

Then, he lost consciousness as well.

The poacher didn’t harm the boy.

After all, poaching and killing were two completely different things.

If they killed someone, a master-level beastmaster would personally come for them.

They would have been immediately captured.

“Withered Leaf Butterfly, use Cyclone to clean up our scent.”


The Withered Leaf Butterfly was obviously used to doing such things. With a gentle wave of its wings, a strong gust of air blew away their scent.

The poachers were unaware that not far away, on a camphor tree, there were two black crows. They had seen everything.

One of the crows flapped its wings and quickly flew away. The other began tailing the poachers carefully.

It was mid-September. The weather had become colder. Most people walking on the streets were wearing long sleeve clothes.

Jiang He finished his training in the evening. Then, as usual, he went to work at the clinic while bringing along the thermos bottle.

The Moonlight Elf was lying obediently on his head. From afar, it looked like a furry hat.


Just as he reached the New Moon Clinic’s entrance, a black shadow ran over from the corner.

“Sc*mbag cat, what do you want?”


The Lightning Beast saw Jiang He and quickly ran in front of him. He rubbed against Jiang He’s leg and stared at him with a particular expression.

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang He asked.

He did not have the ability to communicate with it telepathically.


The Lightning Beast nodded and pretended to be weak. After that, it pointed at the Moonlight Elf and spun around on the spot twice before returning to its regular energetic self.

“Treatment? But you don’t seem to be injured this time.”


The Lightning Beast became anxious. It began tugging Jiang He gently. Then, it let go and took a few steps forward. It was as if it wanted Jiang He to follow it.

“Wait, I’ll go to the clinic to get a translator device.”

Jiang He brought the Lightning Beast along. When He Qian and Lin Xianyu saw it, their gazes turned a little strange.

Why is this Lightning Beast here again?

“Sister He, I think this fellow is asking for my help, but I can’t understand what it’s saying. May I borrow the translator device?”

The translator device could translate various beast languages to human languages.

Naturally, it was very expensive.

The New Moon Clinic had bought one because they wanted to understand their patients’ descriptions of their illnesses better.

“No problem. Here you go!”

He Qian nodded.

Jiang He tapped on the screen with his finger, setting the relevant languages.


[ Handsome guy, can you ask the Moonlight Elf to save my friends? ]

Looking at the text on the screen, Jiang He blushed a little, especially when Sister He and Lin Xianyu were watching from the side. He let out a soft awkward laugh.

This Lightning Beast really had a way with words.

So, the purpose of the Lightning Beast’s visit this time was to request Ziyue’s help.

The other party should also be stray beasts.

‘Is it trying to manipulate me just like how he manipulated the other young ladies?’

Jiang He could not help but grumble in his heart.

However, after seeing the Lightning Beast’s pitiful gaze, his heart softened.

“Fine. I’ll help you this time!”


The Lightning Beast seemed a little more relaxed after Jiang He had agreed. Once again, it tugged at the latter.

“Sister He, I’m going to follow it.”

Jiang He said in a somewhat embarrassed tone.

Unsurprisingly, he had to ask for his boss’s permission to leave.

“The clinic isn’t busy today. Go on!”

He Qian smiled and waved her hand.

She was really kind-hearted.

The young man was really lucky to be in such a positive environment.

‘It’s good to be young.’

Sister He thought to herself.

“Alright, lead the way!” said Jiang He while holding his thermos flask.


The Lightning Beast set off. Its speed was neither fast nor slow. It would also occasionally turn behind to take a look.

Jiang He was unsure if it was worried he would run away or if he could not keep up.

After going through several small alleys, they finally arrived at their destination.

It was an abandoned factory and a paradise for stray beasts.

There were Striped Pigs, Black Night Crows, Spotted Cats, Wind Dogs, and so on.

Jiang He felt a little bitter. He did not expect there to be so many strays in this city.

Moreover, most of these stray beasts were injured. Some of the wounds had even become infected.


Ziyue also felt somewhat depressed.

“Don’t worry! I won’t abandon you.”

It was as if Jiang He had sensed the Moonlight Elf’s emotions. Hence, he made a promise and gently stroked the little fellow’s back.


The Moonlight Elf snorted. Its gaze was as cold as usual.

Pleasure points: 47%

An increase of two percent.

This little fellow was clearly enjoying itself!




The stray beasts stared vigilantly at the strangers who had just entered their territory.

However, once they saw the Lightning Beast, they slightly lowered their heads to show respect.

This scene stunned Jiang He.

The Lightning Beast was actually the boss of these strays?!

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