Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 17 - “Sea King”

Chapter 17: “Sea King”

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“Is this your subdued beast? Can you show me its ID?”

He Qian (TN: Sister He) asked the girl who was holding the Lightning Beast.

“No… It’s not mine, but I’ll pay.”

The girl angrily took out a handful of cash from her pocket.

A lot of it was loose change. She seemed to have been saving for a long time.

“Do your best to treat this Lightning Beast.”

He Qian looked at Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf.

“No problem. Ziyue, use Moonlight.”


A glimmer of light flashed across Ziyue’s cold eyes. Then, a silvery-white moonlight enveloped the Lightning Beast’s body. Its wounds began to heal at a visible rate.

The Lightning Beast then displayed a comfortable expression. It also subconsciously stretched its claws.



Five minutes later, the Lightning Beast’s surface had completely healed. After washing off the bloodstains, it looked good as new.

Pleasure points: 35%

A fifteen percent increase.

The pleasure points suddenly soared.

Jiang He was aware these pleasure points came from the Lightning Beast.

Ziyue’s happiness level was very high. Under normal circumstances, it would not rise so much in one go.

“Is it alright?”

The girl was still a little worried.

“He looks fine.”


The Lightning Beast licked the girl’s cheek.

“I was so scared. Thank you, Moonlight Elf.”

The girl smiled. She wanted to touch Ziyue’s head.


Ziyue dodged nimbly and jumped onto Jiang He’s shoulder.

Pleasure points: 37%

A two percent increase.

This time, the pleasure points were obviously from Ziyue.

It was probably satisfied because it treated another beast.

Double the pleasure points!

Jiang He was elated.

“Choosing to be a clinic assistant is indeed the wise choice!”

“How did the Lightning Beast get injured?”

He Qian suddenly asked.

According to regular procedures, the clinic could only treat a subdued beast after the beastmaster showed its ID card. What they had done was an exception. Hence, it was better to make things clear.

“To be honest… I don’t know either.”

“It’s your subdued beast, isn’t it?”

“Xiao Lei is a stray beast in our neighborhood. I don’t know who abandoned it… It looks so pitiful, so I would often bring him some food… Normally, it ignores strangers but I was an exception. Sometimes, it even tries to act cute towards me.”

“This must be fate.”

“Yeah, I’m actually a little allergic to fur. Still, I decided to bring Xiao Lei home.”

As she spoke, the girl’s eyes began to twinkle.

“At first, my parents opposed the idea. However, Xiao Lei is really obedient. It never urinates or defecates randomly, nor does it make a mess. Every day, it would wait at the door for me to return from school. Hence, my parents did not make a fuss anymore.”

“You should form a contract with it,” said Lin Xianyu.

“I thought so too, but Xiao Lei seems to have gotten used to living in the wild. It would only be at home on Mondays and Tuesdays. As for the other five days, it would wander in the wild!”

The girl named Chuxia sighed.

“Do your best! One day, it will reciprocate your feelings.”

Lin Xianyu encouraged Chuxia.


Chuxia got some prescribed medicine for the Lightning Beast and left.

Jiang He and Ziyue had undoubtedly passed the “test”.

“You can begin working after you’ve changed your clothes. The probation period is one week. Try to familiarize yourself with this place first.”

He Qian smiled.

The clinic was not big. Including herself, there were only three doctors. Jiang He’s addition would definitely help lift a lot of pressure.

Moreover, his Moonlight Elf was very promising.

After a little training, it should be able to stand on its own.

“Sister He, I’m still attending school. I can only come after school and during weekends. Is that okay?”

“That’s fine. As for your salary, is 50 dollars an hour alright?”


Jiang He nodded in agreement.

His salary was secondary. The main focus was to increase the pleasure points.

If healing one beast could provide fifteen percent, how many points would he be able to earn a day?!

Ziyue’s promotion to warlord-level was just around the corner!

Jiang He and his Moonlight Elf excitedly changed their clothes and was ready for work.

The little fellow, who was wearing a pure white nurse’s outfit, looked even cuter. However, its sapphire-like eyes were still cold and deep. It is cool and cute at the same time.

Jiang He and Moonlight Elf worked until nine-thirty at night. Not many people were left in the clinic.

Jiang He’s calculation of the pleasure points was not completely accurate.

The increase in pleasure points depended a lot on the strength of the subdued beasts. In the first case, the Lightning Beast had contributed fifteen percent because it was pretty strong.

Later on, the majority of the subdued beasts that Ziyue treated were level four servants and below. The increase in pleasure points did not exceed three percent. By the time they got off work, the progress bar was only at forty-eight percent.

“Sister He, Xianyu, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Be careful on your way home!”

Under the streetlights, Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf could see their long shadows.

Jiang He’s schedule had become quite fixed.

School, New Moon Clinic, and home.

The days passed quickly because he had been so busy.

Two days later, during the evening, an anxious voice came from outside the clinic’s door.

Jiang He had just changed into his uniform.

“Please save it.”

A beautiful girl wearing a plaid skirt rushed in. She was carrying an injured Lightning Beast in her arms.


‘Why does this Lightning Beast… Looks so familiar?’

Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf stared at each other.

This was the previous Lightning Beast that Chuxia had brought over, right?

Why was it injured all over again?

‘Did it fancy Ziyue and start to injure itself so it could come to the clinic?’

Jiang He could not help but speculate.

However, the strange part was the Lightning Beast being brought over by a different girl.


The Moonlight Elf cast Moonlight skillfully. Once again, silvery-white moonlight enveloped the Lightning Beast.

The Lightning Beast’s pained expression immediately disappeared.

‘It is definitely trying to get close to Ziyue, right?!’

Jiang He suddenly felt a little displeased with the Lightning Beast.

Pleasure points: 100%

An eight percent increase.

‘Ahem, this Lightning Beast is actually quite cute. It’s welcome to come more often.’

Jiang He did not hesitate and immediately extracted his rewards.

[ Silver Moonblade Fragment *1 (2/4) ]

[ Lightning Fragment *1 (1/4) ]

[ Lightning Beast’s Hidden Path evolution hint – Use Thunder Stone (1/3) ]

[ Miniature lightning energy pack (Could be used on Lightning Beasts) ]

Based on Jiang He’s experience, the rewards for the first stage would often be two skill fragments, a hint, and a miniature spirit energy pack.

As for the type of spirit energy pack, it depended on the attributes of the familiar that contributed the most to the progress bar.

In this case, if he wanted a useful spirit energy pack, Ziyue would still need to be the one who provided the majority of the pleasure points.

“Miss, are you Chuxia’s sister?”

Jiang He asked casually. He still remembered the previous girl’s name

“Chuxia? Who’s that?”

The beautiful girl looked confused.

“Huh? How did you get acquainted with this Lightning Beast?”

“Thunder is a stray beast in my neighborhood. I fed it for a long time, so it became used to me. Then, I decided to adopt it.”

“It enjoys running around, right?”

Jiang He blurted.

“Yeah! How did you know? It’s only home on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the days it would just disappear. I think that’s because of its wild nature. It loves its freedom!”

As expected.

Jiang He looked at the Lightning Beast with disdain.


Once the Lightning Beast regained its senses, it looked up at Jiang He and Ziyue. Then, it displayed a cute expression, as if telling them to keep its secret.

“I’ve wanted to be a beastmaster ever since I was young. Unfortunately, I do not have enough spiritual power and was unable to condense the book of contracts. This Lightning Beast is basically fulfilling my dreams!”

A satisfied smile appeared on the beautiful girl’s face.

Jiang He’s opinion of the Lightning Beast suddenly changed.

‘What a good fellow.’

“Hmm? Is there something wrong?”

The beautiful girl felt uncomfortable because Jiang He was staring at her.

“Nothing. The Lightning Beast’s injuries have been treated. In total, the bill costs 680 dollars.”

“Thank you for your help.”

After paying, the beautiful girl left with the Lightning Beast in her arms.

Another two days passed.

Once again, the Lightning Beast appeared at the clinic with another young lady. Jiang He felt completely numb.

How many girls had this sc*mbag cat deceived?

He wanted to warn all the girls to spare their feelings.

Thus, Jiang He contacted the other two girls through the phone numbers they had left behind. They needed to see the situation for themselves.

“Are you telling me that Ray had been staying in someone else’s house when he supposedly disappeared?”

The three young ladies managed to confirm their Lightning Beasts were in fact, the same.

It made them feel a little uncomfortable.

They thought they were special, but this sc*mbag cat was just toying with them.

“So, we are all nothing but backups!”

The three girls stared fiercely at the Lightning Beast in unison.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Beast was playing dead. When Jiang He made the calls, it almost ran away.

“Xiao Lei, this is too much! You just didn’t want to hurt our feelings, right? After all, if you stayed at one place, the others wouldn’t be able to see you.”

“We can’t rule out this possibility.”

“Why don’t we take turns raising him?”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t let it fool around and deceive other young ladies.”

Jiang He thought the Lightning Beast was about to be punished. In a turn of events, the opposite happened. The three young ladies actually made a unanimous decision.

They would forgive the Lightning Beast and take turns to raise it.

“This is the first time I’m experiencing such a thing.”

“Me too!”

“Little Lei, I’m going to keep my eyes on you!”

Jiang He did not expect such an outcome.

Not bad.

Still, how did the Lightning Beast get injured three times a week?

All of a sudden, he remembered the missing cases of subdued beasts in Haiping City.

Was that somehow related?

Regardless, he hoped the Lightning Beast would visit the clinic more often as it was a high-quality customer!

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