Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 16 - New Moon Clinic

Chapter 16: New Moon Clinic

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Life in school was dull but fulfilling. In a blink of an eye, the weekend had arrived.

During this period of time, Jiang He extracted another batch of rewards from the pleasure points.

He obtained a miniature moonlight energy pack and two skill fragments.

There was one less notification in comparison to the previous two times.

The pleasure points had been increasing steadily, but Jiang He was not happy about it. He looked at the double-digit balance left on his card and sighed gloomily.

“Ziyue, we’re essentially broke.”


The Moonlight Elf tilted its head in embarrassment. A rare look of awkwardness appeared in its cold eyes.

It was the reason why Jiang He was left with so little money.

The high-intensity gravity training had depleted the little fellow’s energy. It would take too long for it to recover naturally.

Hence, Jiang He bought three tubes of “Moonlight Essence” online. After consuming it, the Moonlight Elf’s energy would quickly recover.


Obviously, it was not cheap.

It was one thousand dollars per tube and one tube could only last a week.

Moreover, Ziyue’s food was also rather expensive.

Thus, Jiang He was driven to poverty.

“I have to think of a way to earn money.”

Jiang He did not want to take his parents’ money. His father had borrowed a few hundred thousand for the farm and had yet to pay back the debt.

As a young adult, he should be relying on himself.

Other than exploring the New World, beastmasters had two ways to earn money under legal circumstances.

One was to compete and the other was to complete commissions issued by the Beastmaster Association.

However, the rewards in trainee rank competitions were pitifully low. Moreover, Ziyue had just started training. It was almost impossible for it to win.

Thus, Jiang He could only accept commissions.

“Let’s go to the Beastmaster Association.”

Jiang He hailed a taxi from the roadside. Along with the Moonlight Elf, they headed to their destination.

Unlike the Regulatory Bureau, the Beastmaster Association was an official organization with relatively loose management.

Beastmasters could exchange information, sell resources, and complete commissions here.

Of course, most people registered for fun. Only a small portion of them treated it as a profession.

These people were called bounty hunters.

Haiping City’s Beastmaster Association was located in the center of the city. It was not far from Jiang He’s school.

Soon, they arrived at the Beastmaster Association. It was a ten-story building. The commissions were issued on the first and second floors.

There were also auction houses, hotels, arenas, offices, and more on the other floors.

The hall was bustling with people of all ages.

There were also many machines that were similar to ATMs. Bounty hunters could directly post, view, or accept all kinds of commissions.

Jiang He followed the machine’s instructions and completed his registration. Then, he began to search for a suitable commission.

[ Rat – Hunting commission ]

[ Details : Search for the missing Lightning Rat (photo). It went missing at a junction in Xinmin Road on August 30th. ]

[ Posted by : Anonymous ]

[ Reward : 2,000 dollars ]

[ Commission level: 1 star ]

[ Slime – Hunting commission ]

[ Green and orange cat – Hunting commission ]

“D*mn, why are all the subdued beasts in Haiping City going missing?”

Jiang He felt puzzled.

Such cases were also reported on the news. He could only sigh at the poachers’ savagery and the police’s incompetence.

“Familiars that are sensitive to smell are essential for such missions, like Wind Hounds.”

Jiang He passed on these requests and kept reading.

He had a rough idea of what type of commission he wanted.

It would be best if he could come into contact with powerful beasts while still staying safe.

His main goal was to increase the pleasure points as quickly as possible.

Ziyue had more or less bankrupted him.

The pleasure points acquired by eating fish had decreased significantly. As for the pleasure points gained during training, it could only increase by ten percent a day.

Jiang He could only extract rewards every week and a half.

It would take too long to collect the Shadow Claw Fragments. After all, not every extraction would give them.

[ Confrontation training ]

[ Details : Daily sparring in the dojo. ]

[ Location : Rime Dojo ]

[ Reward : 500 dollars/day ]

[ Requirement: Your subdued beast must already master Hardening and Iron Wall. ]

[ Commission level: 2 stars ]

“I can make money and increase Ziyue’s defensive skills…”


“Don’t worry! I won’t accept this kind of commission.”

Jiang He rubbed Ziyue’s head. This commission was basically to be a punching bag!

Even if Ziyue met the requirements, he could not bear to do it.

“Hmm? This commission seems to be quite suitable for us.”

[ Beast Clinic Assistant ]

[ Details: A temporary beast clinic assistant. ]

[ Requirements: Having a subdued beast that possesses healing skills. ]

[ Posted by: New Moon Clinic ]

[ Reward: To be decided. ]

[ Commission level: 2 stars ]

Clinic assistants were a very scarce profession at the moment.

Battles between familiars had become very popular. Beastmasters that possessed familiars with healing skills were needed in hospitals, clinics, and even on the battlefields.

Ziyue had mastered Moonlight, which was a very good healing skill. They definitely met the requirements. The Moonlight Elf could also gain pleasure points by healing others. This was a fact that Jiang He had already tested.

Additionally, Ziyue needed to heal others, not themselves. Otherwise, the pleasure points would not increase.

If he took this commission, the little fellow would gain skill experience points. Moreover, he could also earn pleasure points and money. It was killing three birds with one stone.

“It’s decided! There’s no time to lose. Let’s hurry!”

The commission would only disappear once it was completed. There might be others who also wanted this opportunity.

They had to secure it before anyone else.

Jiang He followed a map and quickly arrived at the New Moon Clinic.

The clinic was not big, but people were coming in and out non-stop. Obviously, business was good.

“May I help you?”

A cute young lady wearing a white nurse’s uniform was at the front desk. She smiled politely after seeing Jiang He, revealing her little canine teeth.

“Your clinic is still hiring, right? I’m here to apply for the clinic assistant’s position.”

“Oh, let me go look for Sister He.”

The young lady hastily jogged away.

When she returned, she said, “Sister He is still busy. Please take a seat on the sofa and wait a while.”


Ziyue felt like its time was wasted. So, it condensed some light into the form of a white ball and began practicing Moonlight.

“A Moonlight Elf!”

The receptionist saw Ziyue and was pleasantly surprised. She immediately ran to Jiang He’s side.

At the moment, their clinic did not have any light-type subdued beasts. Most of them were water or grass-type.

Light-type subdued beasts were very rare and expensive.

Usually, beastmasters with light-type subdued beasts would choose to go to a large medical center.


Ziyue stopped practicing as she approached. It was cautious of her.

“Can I pet it?”


Ziyue answered before Jiang He could say anything.

The Moonlight Elf did not like anyone touching it, minus Jiang He.

“My subdued beast is a little shy. Sorry!”

“No, I should be the one apologizing. The little fellow is just too cute. I couldn’t help myself.”

The receptionist was envious of Jiang He.

What a lucky boy!

He could pet the Moonlight Elf every day.

A girl’s resistance to a familiar like the Moonlight Elf was almost zero.

“Ah! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lin Xianyu. I’m a nurse here. If your familiar is a Moonlight Elf, you’ll definitely pass Sister He’s test.”

“Thank you for your kind words!”

Once Lin Xianyu left, Ziyue started practicing again.

Shortly after, a middle-aged woman dressed in a white doctor’s uniform appeared. She should be Sister He.

“Is this Moonlight Elf your subdued beast? What healing moves has it mastered?”

Sister He’s voice sounded shrewd and capable.

“Moonlight. It can heal wounds quickly and treat internal injuries that aren’t serious. Is there anyone here who needs treatment? Ziyue can demonstrate.”

“No need. As long as it’s proficient with moonlight, it’ll be enough.”

“Uhh, are there any requirements for me?”

Jiang He was a little surprised. He did not expect things to be so simple.

“Beastmasters only need to be upright.”

Sister He said with a smile.

“It’s because this position mainly only depends on the subdued beast.”

In other words, the beastmaster was mostly not needed.


There was a hint of pride in Ziyue’s eyes.

“Quick! Doctor, save Little Lei.”

Suddenly, the clinic’s door was pushed open. A long-haired girl ran in, carrying a heavily injured subdued beast.

It was a Lightning Beast and it looked like a cat. Its fur was mainly black. There were a few striking dark blue stripes in the middle. From a distance, it looked like a floating light.


Although it was a hybrid, its strength was not to be underestimated.

Ziyue felt that it was not much weaker than Ding Lei’s Snow Wolf.

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