Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 15 - Wrong Light

Chapter 15: Wrong Light

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“Come on!”

Ding Lei was very eager.

This time, the Snow Wolf did not idle around. Instead, it charged forward the moment the battle began.

Ziyue continued to move at lightning speed. Its speed was not inferior to the Snow Wolf’s at all. In fact, it was a little faster!

After the Snow Wolf reduced their distance, it took the initiative to launch an attack. Layers of white frost condensed around its claws. The moment they touched the ground, there were gusts of cold wind.

Frost Claw!

The Moonlight Elf was on top of its game. After training with the VR glasses, it could predict the Snow Wolf’s attack and managed to dodge it.

Upon seeing this, Jiang He realized that he did not have much control.

In terms of battle awareness, he could not be compared to the Moonlight Elf!

“Ziyue, keep practicing with the Snow Wolf. I’m going to drink some tea.”

Jiang He sat on the ground, opened his thermos bottle, and drank a mouthful of “Empty Mountain And Fresh Rain”. Then, he began to meditate.


Ding Lei was stunned after witnessing this scene.

‘How could he be so sloppy?’

Bai Shan stood on a high platform and watched the battles. She focused on those with potential.

When her gaze landed on the Moonlight Elf and Snow Wolf, she paused for a moment.

The Snow Wolf kept attacking the Moonlight Elf, but the latter would quickly dodge.

Under the effect of Gravity Field, their movements had slowed down a lot. Nonetheless, the battle was still intense.

The Snow Wolf’s claws had already touched the Moonlight Elf’s fur a few times. Still, the little fellow would always dodge successfully in critical moments.

“That Moonlight Elf’s awareness is really outstanding. Even though its physique and spiritual power are inferior, it’s able to last for such a long time.”

Jiang He had left a deep impression on her.

“It’s a pity that its level is too low. Otherwise, it would be the dark horse in this year’s Youth Tournament.”

The main purpose of letting the students participate in this special training was not to let them secure a spot in this year’s competition.

Instead, it was to let them accumulate some battle experience. By next year, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

The first round ended very quickly. Many subdued beasts were injured.

In the end, Ziyue still lost. Using Godly Speed all the time would consume too much energy. Without a powerful attack skill, it could not do anything to the Snow Wolf.

Bai Shan’s golden book of contracts appeared once again. This time, she summoned a silver snake that was several feet long.

It was a water-type beast, Black Snake.

After it twisted its body, the Black Snake’s silvery-white scales shone under the light. Then, light green raindrops fell from the sky.

The raindrops fell on the injured subdued beasts and their wounds began to heal at a visible speed.

Healing Rain was an AOE (TN: Area of effect) healing skill.

In just two minutes, all of the subdued beasts’ injuries were treated.

“Let’s rest for two minutes before continuing to the next round.”


Ziyue was a training maniac. There was free treatment, a professional opponent, and a unique environment. What else could it ask for?

The little fellow enjoyed its battles. Its eyes also became brighter and brighter as it continued to master its skills.

Pleasure points: 93%

An increase of one percent.

Pleasure points: 94%

An increase of one percent.

Pleasure points: 95%

An increase of one percent.

The little guy trained until the special training class ended.

“Instructor Bai, earlier you said that if we performed well in this class, you’ll teach my Moonlight Elf a skill more powerful than Light Spike. You see…”

Jiang He did not forget his initial objective. So, he thickened his skin and directly confronted Bai Shan.

His performance was not great, but Ziyue was rather impressive. It was one of the familiars that had trained the longest and was most focused.

“Your performance was not bad at all. Take it!”

As she said this, Bai Shan took out a Jade Gouyu from her pocket.

Jiang He was stunned. For a moment, he dared not receive it.

He thought Bai Shan would only tell him the name of the new skill and some extra information. At most, she would give him a few pointers.

This situation was completely unexpected.

Subdued beasts could master a move in many ways.

Innate skills were skills learned at birth. For example, Ziyue’s Moonlight and Moonblade were both innate skills. They were similar to a form of instinct.

Another way to learn skills was through comprehension and special training, just like how Ziyue learned Flash and Godly Speed.

The fastest and most efficient method was to use a Jade Gouyu.

Jade Gouyu was a unique jade found in the New World. It could completely release one of the subdued beast’s skills.

This allowed the subdued beast to quickly master a skill.

“What’s wrong? You dare to go to the Rose Forest alone but not take this Jade Gouyu? Am I even scarier than the Rose Forest?”

Bai Shan teased.

“Instructor Bai, you knew?”

Jiang He felt a little embarrassed.

“Ranger Liu Tiejun was once my subordinate. He told me about this matter after he found out that you were attending Haiping City High School.”

Jiang He was immediately dumbfounded.

That square-faced uncle was actually Bai Shan’s subordinate.

Instructor Bai looked so young and beautiful.

“Anyway, the skill sealed in the Jade Gouyu is called Wrong Light Claw. It’s very suitable for your Moonlight Elf. Practice well.”

“Thank you, teacher.”


Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf bowed in gratitude at the same time. They were becoming more and more in sync.

After Bai Shan left, Jiang He found a quiet room. He was very eager to let Ziyue use the Jade Gouyu.


The Moonlight Elf grabbed the Jade Gouyu using its chubby paws. Then, it carefully used the moonlight energy in its body to create stimulation.


The Moonlight Elf’s brain began buzzing instantly and it felt like it was flying!

It felt a pair of wings grow on its back and the energy within its body began boiling!

Its vision also extended from the ground to the sky.

The Moonlight Elf lowered its head and noticed that its claws had somehow become steel claws. Its pure white fur had completely disappeared. Instead, it turned into cold hard metal.

Moreover, its body had transformed into a giant steel bird with wings that were over thirty feet long.

The beast that sealed the Wrong Light Claw in the Jade Gouyu was currently teaching Ziyue from a first person’s perspective!

Before Ziyue could even react, the light energy in the Giant Steel Bird’s body began to surge toward its iron claw. The process was very slow. It was like a movie that was being played in slow motion.

As the Moonlight Elf calmed down, it could feel the flow of light energy in its body.

The light energy gathered and the Giant Steel Bird’s iron claw continued to emit a dazzling light, producing an illusory image.


After a long time, the Moonlight Elf finally opened its eyes. The entire process that had taken place was still replaying in its mind.

Ziyue mobilized the moonlight energy in its body and condensed it on its claws. It was trying to release the skill according to its memory.

Its claws suddenly lit up with a dazzling light. Then, the light was condensed into an illusory Shadow Claw.

The Shadow Claw hit the ground. For a moment, nothing happened.

Shortly after, dust flew everywhere and there was an ear-piercing sound.

“Did it work?”


Pleasure points: 98%

An increase of three percent.

The Moonlight Elf was extremely excited. It had successfully cast the Wrong Light Claw on its first try and even comprehended the essence of this skill!

The most crucial part was to make use of the deviation of the light. Enemies might be mistaken about where the attack was coming from!

In a way, it was like camouflage but much more sophisticated.

Even if the enemy knew it was fake, they would flinch.

Jiang He glanced at the book of contacts. The little fellow’s interface had changed a bit.

[ Subdued beast ] : Moonlight Elf

[ Race ] : Cat Beast

[ Age ] : One year and four months old

[ Spirit affinity ] : 86

[ Spirit energy ] : 508

[ Physique ] : 154

[ Rank ] : Tier 5 servant

[ Evolution path ] : Moonlight Elf – Three-tailed Civet – Nine-tailed Cat Emperor

[ Moonlight Elf – ??? – Shadow Path ]

[ Skill ] : Moonblade (proficient), Moonlight (proficient), Moon Prayer (proficient), Wrong Light (proficient), Godly Speed (beginner), Flash (beginner)

“Oh right, did you feel anything special after using the Jade Gouyu?”

When the Moonlight Elf held the Jade Gouyu earlier, Jiang He saw its fur stand. He was quite worried.


Through telepathy, the Moonlight Elf roughly described its experience to Jiang He.

“Giant Steel Bird…”

Jiang He went to the forums to find more information about it.

[ Name ] : Rainbow Feather

[ Attributes ] : Light/machinery

“Huh? That’s it?”

Jiang He could only find the beast’s name, attributes, and picture. There was no other information.

Usually, a lot of information could be found on the forums. Some of them were even very detailed.

So, why was there barely any data about this Rainbow Feather?!

Then, Jiang He decided to type in “Wrong Light Claw”. The result was even more unexpected.

Apparently, there was no such skill.

In other words, this was an original skill.

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