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Chapter 1251- Mid Grade God Divinity

Chapter 1251- Mid Grade God Divinity

Xue Sha roared and flames gathered at the tip of his spear. He attacked right after and the flames spread out on my armor. A scorching feeling swallowed my body and dealt 800 thousand damage. My heart felt cold. Actually, I tried my best to dodge but this Flame Spear Explosion skill was one I still failed to dodge. The skill was too fast and it dealt extra damage. Just reaction alone was impossible and I had to predict it.

My health dropped and I felt anxious. I was also thinking of an idea of how to counter the damage or I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. This God King could kill me with two attacks so I couldn’t continue like this.


I used Seven Star Teleportation to change my position. A few seconds later, flames surged on Xue Sha’s spear once more. This was it!

When Xue Sha used it, I used Blade Rush to glide past the spear light. I turned around and sent three swords at him. I dodged his attack perfectly and was filled with glee, success.

Return Stream Movement was something Q-Sword created a month ago. I saw some videos online and from this, I could tell that Blade Rush could be used as a flash. Moreover, the direction guidance of Blade Rush could cause one’s movement to be more precise!

Using mechanics to destroy a boss, that was a true expert!

Xue Sha’s attack missed and he roared in rage. He condensed the lightning field to attack once more but my Star Shield blocked it. When he used Flame Spear Explosion again, I predicted it and used Blade Rush to dodge it. After a few times, I got used to it. Apart from failing twice, I succeeded the rest of the time. Moreover, my level 20 Blade Rush had 11 seconds CD so I could deal with each Flame Spear Explosion he threw at me.


“You have to die today!”

Xue Sha raged and the lightning field got stronger and stronger. Outside of the platform, the king and prince looked at us nervously. They didn’t expect me to have the strength to challenge Xue Sha. Naturally, they both hoped that I could kill him or everything would be for nothing.

Xue Sha’s attacks got sharper and sharper. Not only did he have Flame Spear Explosion, he also had FLame Spear Thrust which was a 20 meter ranged attack. He also summoned lightning to strike me. Anytime there would be streaks of lightning that landed on my head such that I had to move to dodge. If not, in just 10 seconds my million health would be used up.

“Peng peng peng…”

Xue Sha’s lightning and flame attacks intersected with my sword energy and caused the stone ground to shatter. In just 20 minutes, the battlefield was a mess. One could see that the ground and the poles were destroyed. The soldiers beside all dodged and were afraid that they would get killed by our attacks.

“Kong kong!”

Blood light started to appear around Xue Sha. When his health was below 50%, he obtained a buff and his attacks started to hurt even more. Each strike could deal 300 thousand damage. Even normal attacks were the same which caused my health to drop dramatically. Sometimes if he crit then I nearly died.

Pain spread from my shoulder and I was hit by a Spear Thrust. My health was down to 20%. Not good, I had to use a special skill!

My boots slid in the stone ground and I used the Ring of Law and Order and used Eternal Realm. My defence increased by 150% and attack increased by 50%. Each second I would heal 20% for 10 minutes. So within these 10 minutes, I wouldn’t get killed.

Now that my defence had increased by so much, I could go all out!

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I stood still and used Azure Dragon Crossbow. I slashed right at him face-on and went all out. Apart from using my movement to drop his Fame Spear Explosion, I tangled fully with him. His health dropped bit by bit. With this speed, after 10 minutes, he would have at least 10% health. I had to use King’s Domain’s 10 minute skill too!

I sucked in a deep breath and continued to fight but I was worried. One God King made me use two special skills then what about God Emperors? Moreover, Xue Sha wasn’t the strongest, there was also Dong Ming. Once Xue Sha died, Dong Ming wouldn’t let me off and there would definitely be a tough battle.


As I expected, Xue Sha got fiercer and fiercer as he fought and his attack stacked through battle. Luckily after Eternal Realm I used God Domain to raise my attack and resistance by 150% and health 10% each second so I could basically kill him.

Butterfly was covered in God King blood and his armor was sliced into pieces. Dong Ming and Lu Xiong got more and more nervous and even Lu Xiong was pressing onto his sword but Dong Ming stopped him. Dong Ming probably felt that he had to follow the agreement. This was the reason why I said all that. I was confident in fighting one God King but not two.

“Ah ah ah…”

Xue Sha’s face was covered in blood and he roared like a crazy lion but it was useless. He couldn’t injure me in the god Domain and he couldn’t kill me at all. What made him angry was me using my movement to dodge his attacks. He thought that he could rely on the skill to insta kill me but he missed and he had no chance at all.


His spear stabbed into the ground and it still didn’t touch my body. This time he was totally enraged and he was down to 2% health. He roared and wanted to turn me into dust but his God King journey came to an end.

My swords were covered in golden light and I used Wind Carrying Slash. 15 strikes pierced his body and fresh blood splattered. I then used Strength of a Thousand Men, Sword Tempest and Trampling Thunder. I also spread one hand and used Thundering Heavens. Lightning smashed into the area and I had to use Star Shield to block Xue Sha’s lightning field too. The entire area was shaking from my attacks and outsiders couldn’t even see what was happening within.


Dust settled and when the smoke disappeared, everyone sucked in a deep cold breath.

Xue Sha, this Capital Empire general knelt on the ground with his spear beside him. He had lost all his strength and just sat there. He was at the end of his life.

“Li Xiao Yao!”

God King lu Xiong stood up and shouted, “You dare to kill a God King?”

Dong Ming shouted, “Li Xiao Yao show mercy! Or I won’t let you off!”

The three God Kings were on the same side so I didn’t expect them to let me off. All that I had to do was to deal with Xue Sha. If I dind’t kill him, he would take revenge. I didn’t want to get hunted down by a god king.

My boots flew across and I was now in front of Xue Sha. I held Butterfly with both hands and slashed.


Sword light flashed across and blood splattered. Xue Sha’s head left his neck. The simplest way to kill a god was to slice off his head or destroy his god divinity. I wanted the god divinity so I could only slice his head off.

He didn’t even have time to cry out and he was head. His head rolled on the ground and his body fell. His muscles and skin turned into dust and he died in a tragic state. The moment his body broke down, there was a “ding” and a god divinity fell to the ground.

I picked it up and the core shone a lighting glow. Around it was also a warm flame light and that was the power of the fire laws. Mid Grade god divinities had two powers and I could sense the god power when I held it.

Ascend or not?

I stood there and hesitated. I placed it into my bag. No! I wanted to challenge a God Emperor and get a high grade one!


The moment Xue Sha was killed, the three armies were shaking. Xue Sha was a God King and was a god to the army but now he was beheaded. Many of his generals were at a loss and were even crying.

“Li Xiao Yao!”

Lu Xiong was furious. He pulled his sword out and slashed from above.

I saw that. Naturally, I couldn’t back down. I pulled out my swords and slashed. I scattered his sword energy and raised my left hand to raise the Star Shield. I used the shield to block Lu Xiong’s strike.


Star fragments scattered but Lu Xiong’s body also shook from getting hit. Butterfly hit his armor and I used Seven Star Fragment slash to pierce through his body and deal 4 times damage. Close to a million damage was done to him.

“Hua la!”

Lu Xiong stumbled but his cultivation was high and he stopped himself from falling.

I held my swords and said calmly, “He dared to gamble. He is weaker and was killed so are all of you planning to bully me?”

Lu Xiong was frightened by my aura. He stared at me and didn’t say a word.

Dong Ming held his fan and stood up slowly, “Xue Sha was weaker and after his death, the general’s power will be headed over to him, but… Xue Sha’s god divinity, I hope you can return it to us. We will bury it along with him so that his body and soul won’t separate.”

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