Zhan Long

Chapter 1250- Challenging God King

Chapter 1250- Challenging God King

A lightning glow shone and lit up the area around. Even the prince’s eyes reflected the lightning glow from Ming Chuan, “What a Ming Chuan, as expected from a genius!”

Claps and cheers spread from off the platform. Maybe because the three god kings had ruled for too long, everyone was frustrated. Seeing that Ming Chuan killed Xue Long with one fist, everyone actually cheered.



Xue Long’s body fell to the ground and dust billowed. A few lieutenants walked forwards to drag his body down. They also brought the mace with them. Finally, the murderer was killed.

Ming Chuan stood there and waved his fist. Blood and lightning disappeared. He pointed and said, “Xue Sha, you have taken the empire’s army for too long, come, fight me!”

Xue Sha stood up and laughed coldly, “You are asking for death!”

Dong Ming said, “Xue Sha be careful, the competition today isn’t so simple.”

Xue Sha laughed coldly, “Does Grand Teacher want to test him?”

Dong Ming laughed, “You go. Ming Chuan is fighting to be the general, if you lose, you might even lose your god divinity.”

Xue Sha laughed, “That is the biggest joke I have heard.”



In a blink, Xue Sha stood on the fighting platform beside Ming Chuan and smiled, “Shocking Lightning Fist, interesting, but… Who knows if your lightning element laws are above mine?”

Xue Sha shouted and it felt as if the space around was condensing. A pressure was spreading and stone shrapnel flew up along with a lightning glow. Dark clouds formed around and suddenly Xue Shao formed a lightning forcefield around him. Not only that, flame laws formed on his spear and hands. As expected, God Kings were stronger than God Ancestors. He actually had fire and lightning laws. Tsk tsk, this god divinity was worth money!

Ming Chuan was shown to be much weaker already, his shocking lightning fist was like a kid compared to Xue Sha.

“Huh?” Ming Chuan was shocked.

But that short moment was what he took to attack. Xue Sha raised his left hand and lightning shot out at him.

Ming Chuan raised his fists and shouted, “Lightning Shield!”

The shining lightning formed into a giant shield that clashed with Xue Sha. Lightning exploded and what was surprising was that he was actually able to stop his attacks.

“Ah ah ah…”

Armor started to shatter. Ming Chuan was able to block but he was in a bad situation. The skin on his arms started to burn. What was worse was that this wasn’t it from Xue Sha. He sent his spear forwards and a dragon attacked Ming Chuan’s back.


The sound of spear piercing body was really clear. A spear shot forth. Ming Chuan looked at his chest and there was a huge hole.


There was an explosion as the flame power exploded, turning him into a pile of meat paste. He died just like that.

“Ding!” A god divinity fell to the ground and it shone purple. That was Ming Chuan’s one but it was just a shattered piece. It wasn’t complete. Ming Chuan was just scattered spirit and he wasn’t a God Ancestor if not he would have a low grade god divinity.



Xue Sha walked forwards and picked up Ming Chuan’s god divinity piece. He shattered it right away and the shrapnel turned into lightning that was absorbed by him. He relaxed and after five deep breaths, the energy was sucked dry. Xue Sha’s expression turned much better. This was a game of gods consuming one another.

“Thank you right minister!”

Xue Sha looked at the right minister and laughed, “Thank you for sending Ming Chuan to die. Such pure lightning god power, it is such a good gift for me. Also, commander in chief, do you have anyone stronger to send? I am in a good mood so I will stand here. Whoever defeats me can take my god divinity and position!”

The right minister and commander shivered in rage. But they were being suppressed so what could they say. They could only stare in anger. If they sent anyone they would just be sending people to die. Moreover, the empire had few cultivators, there were only some with scattered spirit strength. As for God Ancestors, that was even fewer. Once one had god ancestor strength, the three god kings would hunt them down.


It was totally silent and no one dared to challenge the god king.

Xue Sha’s name was like a curse hanging over the head of the entire empire such that no one could breathe. The prince was furious. The king just sat there in despair. He had no idea and didn’t know who else could overturn their rule. If he invited other god kings over, he would just be inviting another wolf over and his life might be even tougher.

“Hu hu…”

The wind blew and the pieces of Ming Chuan were blown off the platform. The prince saw that and he was shocked. He said, “Even Ming Chuan died, Li Xiao Yao you… You shouldn’t go, we… We can think about it, once you become God King then challenge him…”

I smiled, “Your Highness, I don’t have that much time, I am going… If I win I will return the troops to you. If I lose then treat it like I have never been here.”

Actually, if I died here, I would just meet him in seven days.


I summoned the beautiful dragon and I entered Icy Wings right away. I pulled out my swords and both Butterfly and Gan Jiang were god weapons. Their shine was different from normal weapons. Moreover, my overlord gear all shone brightly and everyone could see it.

“Kid, you are?” Xue Sha looked at me.

I buffed myself with Wall of Douqi and Frost Armor and smiled, “I am his highness’s side general Li Xiao Yao.”

“So you are the kid!”

Xue Sha held his spear and laughed, “The one who injured my general was you? Good, today I will teach you a lesson on behalf of the royal army. No, I will turn you into ash!”

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He said towards the prince, “Your Highness, I didn’t expect you to start recruiting generals too. Today if I turn your general into meat paste you won’t be angry right?”

The prince’s face twitched, “Li Xiao Yao won’t lose, I trust him!”


Xue Sha laughed, “You can speak such words when I burn him into ash!”


Xue Sha was about to attack but I raised my sword and looked at everyone, “Your Majesty, Grand Teacher, front general, if I win I can become the commander?”

The king nodded and Dong Ming laughed coldly, ‘Win a God King, stop dreaming.”

I smiled, “I have a request.”


“Before an outcome is decided, no one is to interfere, okay?”


Dong Ming smiled, “The outcome is obvious, naturally, no one will interfere.”



What I was most worried about was a 1v2, for one person to challenge two of them, I would definitely get insta killed. If I soloed one, I might have a chance.

I looked at Xue Sha and raised my sword provocatively, “Come on God King!”

He raged and lightning flew around him. This meant that everytime I got close his lightning field would damage me. This was a problem.

I set up Azure Dragon Crosssbow+ Black Tortoise Realm+ God Army Formation. I used one card to raise my health by 30% and pushed my limit to 1 million. I was going all out. I drew a red Destiny Card and opened my hand, using Great Realm of Desolation to start the battle!



The damage was decent, I could fight.

Gan Jiang was tossed out and pierced Xue Sha’s body three times. I held Butterfly and moved about to avoid Xue Sha. I raised the sword and used Seven Star Fragment Slash to damage him!

Dust billowed and he was furious from being attacked. He spread his palm and roared, “Lightning will strike you, die you scum!”

This was a move that Ming Chuan couldn’t handle. Lightning intersected to form blades to fly over. If I was hit, I wouldn’t even know how I died.

“Sha sha…”

My boots stepped on the ground. I turned around and stars shone on my left hand to form the giant Star Shield. It wrapped my body perfectly.

“Peng peng peng…”

There were loud explosions and the lightning strikes were all blocked. However, the shield broke down too. At that moment, Xue Sha’s spear flew out and pierced my skin. Too painful!


Such a strong attack. The God King was naturally on a different level from a God Ancestor. Moreover, I knew if I got close, lightning would strike my body and deal continuous damage. It was at least 100 thousand a second and that was worse.

“You are strong but you have to die!”

Xue Sha’s face was filled with a cruel expression. His left fist was covered in flames and lightning as he struck!

I didn’t block him and used Blade Rush to leave. A large Miss appeared. Blade Rush was a good skill. I used Seven Star Teleportation to get behind him and while tanking the lightning, I used Wind Carrying Slash. 15 hits landed on his body and while dealing high damage, I healed a lot of health.

However, my chest was hit by his leg and it was another 300 thousand damage.

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