Zhan Long

Chapter 1252- Taking the chance

Chapter 1252- Taking the chance

I came to the Shattered Silence God World to get god divinities. He actually wanted my mid grade one, he was just dreaming! If he wanted my life, he could take it but if he wanted the god divinity, he could forget about it!


I held the god divinity in my hands and smiled, “To cultivators, this god divinity is a treasure, Grand Teacher knows that I won’t return it right?”


Dong Ming’s face turned cold and he said, “Then, you look out for yourself!”

He turned around and cupped his fists at the emperor, “Your Majesty, I feel slightly uncomfortable so I shall go and rest. I won’t join the promotion ceremony!”

The old king suppressed his joy and said, “Blades have no eyes, Li Xiao Yao killed Xue Sha by accident so my condolences. I will send people to bring gifts to Xue Sha’s family.”

“Thank you Your Majesty.”

Dong Ming bowed and waved his sleeves to leave with the bunch of maids. Lu Xiong waved his robe and said, “Let’s go!”

Seeing Lu Xiong lead the royal army and dozens of generals away, I heaved a sigh of relief. If Dong Ming and Lu Xiong fought me, I was dead. Not mentioning me beating two of them, I couldn’t even deal with one of them. After all, my Eternal Realm and God Domain were both on cooldown. If I fought a God King, I had to use these two skills to have a chance.

The prince laughed. He charged up and bowed, “Thank you Li Xiao Yao, because of you, we were able to get back the army!”

The guard held up the commander’s emblem and respectfully waited for me to take it. The seal was under Xue Sha so others didn’t dare to touch it. Now that he was killed, I became someone above a God King so naturally, they respected me.

The emperor walked down too and started to promote me. Anyways once I leave I would have to return this so I shall just take it for a short while!


After being promoted, I returned to the prince’s manor and this time the place I lived in was perfect. I held the god divinity and went offline to find Dong Cheng Yue. I told her not to use Chris’s flame divinity to ascend as it was a low grade one. After ascending the stats increase wasn’t high. This Xue Sha divinity was more suitable for her. Lightning and fire element, her main skills were fire and then Lightning Finger was lightning element. This divinity was pretty much custom made for her!

I went offline but then very quickly I was in a tough situation. Dong Cheng Yue was in the god world so how should I contact her? I couldn’t send a message so I could only talk to her in real life!

I came to her door and knocked on it but no one replied. She should be in game and didn’t have time to go offline. Maybe she was killing something.


I turned the handle but there was no use, what should I do?

Forget it!

I activated Blazing Sun power and my palm turned red. I held the handle and used strength and a few seconds later the lock was melted. I pushed the door and scattered the power. I noticed that she was laying on the bed with her helmet. She was in pajamas and although she was laying down, but her twin peaks were really huge. Her legs were exposed after she kicked the blanket away and her skirt was in a mess to reveal the white undergarment below.

My face flushed red and I felt like this wasn’t good. But I was afraid that she would ascend and waste Xue Sha’s divinity. Moreover, Zhan Long’s top mage had to use a mid grade god divinity to ascend!

I dove down and knocked her helmet and said towards her ear, “Dong Cheng don’t ascend! Don’t! I got a mid grade one you can use it to ascend. If you hear me then come offline!”

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No movement?

But when I looked closely, the signal on the right of the helmet was shining. She was coming offline!

“Wu…” She took off her helmet and sat up. She smiled at me, “You really got a mid grade god divinity?”

“En.” I nodded my head and smiled, “Of course. Who am I, I can definitely face God Kings.”

She was filled with delight and hugged me right away. She kissed my cheeks several times, “Fantastic, I love you so much!”

I was slightly awkward, “Guys and girls can’t behave like this, okay prepare to go online to get the divinity!”

“En, then what about the low grade one? I just go it and nearly ascended!”

I thought about it, “Give it to Eve’s father, the God Ancestor called Nike and tell him to refine it. Very quickly he would be at his full state and tell him to send you to Earth Realm. Remember, ask him to use his strength to send you through the magma layer or you will die. Apart from that then you can come over yourself. I am in the Capital Spirit Empire, I will wait for you here!”

“Okay, I will go online right away!”

“En, I will wait for you in Capital Spirit City.”

“Yi, my door is spoilt, what happened…”

“Cough cough, I burned it, it was urgent…”

She smiled and shifted her short skirt back and said, “If you really were that anxious you should have told me, I would have kept the door unlocked for you.”

I was shocked and my face turned green, “I am leaving!”


I returned to my room and calmed myself down. Dong Cheng Yue really was a fox. Go online, I couldn’t let her affect my cultivation!


I appeared in the prince’s manor and when I went online, a guard knocked on my door, “General, the 14 commanders of the army are in the meeting hall so please head over. They are waiting for you!”


It was obvious that the prince was wise and knew that he had to take this chance to draw the generals over to my side. Anyways to them, I could fight against the two God Kings but they didn’t know that I didn’t want to fight them as that would be me asking for death. Dong Ming and Lu Xiong didn’t know about my skills which were why they didn’t come together.

There was the commander’s rank on the table but I didn’t wear it. I still wore Tian Ling City’s The Executor rank as that was what I relied on most. This was Capital Spirit Empire and I was just a traveler that would leave sooner or later.

Outside the hall, thousands of troops were stationed there. The generals all held a large number of troops so naturally, they would bring people to the meeting.

When I pushed the door open, they cupped their fists, “Greetings commander!”

I even saw the king and prince. They had too high hopes for me and treated me as their savior.

I bowed towards them, “Please sit!”

After they sat down, the guard showed me the map of the various armies in the empire.


I noticed that out of the 14 armies, 7 of them were not far away from the capital. Moreover, the generals all stayed near Xue Sha. 4 of them were sent to the border and made everything really split. Those were the ones loyal to the king.

I understood everything and started to name names, “Red Sand Army, 3000 people defend the camp, 30 thousand to the border to switch with the 40 thousand of Blood Spear Army. They will return to defend the city. Build a General Manor in the Prince’s manor and the Blood Spear Army general will move in. Apart from that, Blazing Flame Army, Fire Fox Army, Iron Fist Army all move back to the city. These four armies have done well, all generals and deputies all get promoted and their salaries doubled. I hope all of you can stay loyal.”

The generals of the four armies were delighted and cupped their fists, “Thank you commander!”

Actually, I didn’t have the power to do all this as it was under Dong Ming and Xue Sha previously but with the emperor here, it made things easier.

Excitement appeared in the eyes of the prince, “I didn’t expect General Li to be a true commander. I thought you were just a strong cultivator, now it seems like you are a great commander!”

I smiled. Damn you brat, you don’t even know how amazing I am in Tian Ling City…


But naturally, I couldn’t say all that as it was just too arrogant.

I continued to make arrangements but as many of the border troops couldn’t come back quickly, I had to settle the generals of the armies near the city. I also took 30 thousand elite troops from the 40 thousand royal army and switch them all to people under the prince and the king. The Royal army was then handed to the prince. This meant that Dong Ming and Lu Xiong would find it hard to cause trouble.

Next was to wait for the two god kings to start a coup!

Anyways I had to wait for Dong Cheng Yue to come. Slowly, I had a chance to kill either of them and get one for Wan Er if she needed it.

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