Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 20 - You Call Yourself A Young Master?

Chapter 20: You Call Yourself A Young Master?

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“What do you mean?!” The limited edition AJ man’s face contorted into one of rage.

“When I came here, I was wondering what kind of person would be willing to be friends with Yuexi, an illegitimate daughter born out of wedlock.” Jiang Xun said, looking as if she’d suddenly come to a realization. “So what if you come from the countryside? So what if anyone comes from the countryside? People like you have nothing on my classmates from the countryside when it comes to both ability and academic performance. Other than relying on your family’s prestige, what do you have to be proud of?”

“How many high-ranking officials and nobles are there among your ancestors? How many bumpkins are there?” Jiang Xun sneered. “How noble are your origins? Why are you calling them from the countryside?”

Her gaze was sharp as she said pointedly, “What are your entrance exam scores? If you only had your scores to rely on, what university could you possibly go to? Or do you not have the guts to even try the exam? Are you going to spend your parents’ money on an overseas degree instead?”

The crowd was stunned at her words. Their faces darkened.

She was right!

“Even though I do come from the countryside, I’m still the legitimate son of Jiang Chengye’s first wife. I come from an open and aboveboard background, so I’m not ashamed to meet anyone outside. I can openly say that I’m the eldest daughter of the Jiang Family!”

Jiang Xun’s eyes were filled with disdain as she glared at Yuexi out of the corner of her eyes. “Certainly not like a certain someone’s mother who hooked up with a married man whose wife was pregnant, and then proceeded to give birth to an illegitimate daughter! And certainly not like a certain someone’s mother who waited until the man’s first wife died of heartbreak before worming her way into the family!”

“So what if her status became official later? A mistress is still a mistress, and an illegitimate daughter is still an illegitimate daughter,” she chuckled darkly, her words dripping with venom.

“Jiang Xun!” Yuexi’s expression changed drastically, her act of being a good sister finally slipping. “Shut up!”

Jiang Xun sneered in response. Her cold and mocking gaze swept across the faces of Yuexi’s friends one by one, “You know what kind of background Yuexi has, but you guys are still close to her. Instead, you look down on me, the legitimate eldest daughter of the Jiang family.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “Is it because you have similar backgrounds and feel the same way as her? Otherwise, I really can’t think of any decent people who are shameless enough to be willing to be friends with an illegitimate daughter.”

She tilted her head. “Don’t you find it embarrassing?”

This time, the crowd didn’t misunderstand Jiang Xun’s gaze: she did indeed think that everyone in the room was trash!

The people sitting there were all shocked.

They really didn’t know that the Jiang family had such a past. Was Jiang Xun telling the truth?

Jiang Chengye, of course, would naturally hide this dark history. After all, it wasn’t something glorious, so no one really knew the truth that Yuexi was an illegitimate daughter who had become a legitimate one.

“Jiang Xun!” Yuexi screamed in anger and completely tore off her disguise, livid at having been exposed in front of her friends. She was so angry that she lunged at Jiang Xun’s face.

However, she would never lay a finger on Jiang Xun.

She grabbed Yuexi’s wrist before anything could happen. Yuexi only met Jiang Xun’s gaze for a brief second before she felt a cold chill run up her body, and she didn’t dare to move again.

Her sixth sense told her that if she moved again, she would be at a severe disadvantage.

Yuexi hurriedly told her friends, “Don’t believe her nonsense! She’s just jealous of me! She’s purposely trying to dirty my reputation!”

Just now, her friends were also accused of being illegitimate children. How could they take this lying down?

The boy wearing the limited edition AJ suddenly picked up a bottle of beer on the table and smashed it against the table, breaking it into two halves with jagged edges.

The beer spilled all over the table and onto the floor. Fortunately, there was no one around, so it did not spill on anyone else.

He had a fierce expression on his face. “No one dares accuse me of crap like that! It’s all because of Yuexi that I was willing to let you come here today. Don’t be ungrateful!”

The girl with the blue-gray pretty eyes crossed her arms with an arrogant look on her face. “If you kneel down now and wipe the beer off Master Shao’s shoes, we won’t fight with you anymore.”

“Master Shao has a bad temper. If you don’t lower your head and admit your mistake today, Master Shao will teach you a lesson. If he gets angry, none of us will be able to help you,” The girl in the one-piece dress said proudly. Jiang Xun did not know why she was so proud to begin with.

She blinked in confusion. “‘Master’? All of you are his followers?”

Why would they call him that otherwise?

The system blinked at her. “…Host, why do I suspect that you did it on purpose.”

The boy in the branded clothes was so embarrassed that he flew into a rage. “His surname is Shao, so we call him Master Shao!”

Jiang Xun snickered. “It’s a funny way of addressing him, isn’t it?”

When “Master Shao” heard that Jiang Xun did not take him seriously, he immediately wanted to teach her a lesson. However, before he could move, he heard her say, “Tell me, how are you going to fight with me?”

She looked over with a mocking expression. “How are you going to teach me a lesson, Master Shao?”

“Master Shao” had never been mocked in public like this before. He only felt a surge of blood rushing to his head and lost his rationality, then threw the remaining half of the wine bottle in his hand at Jiang Xun.

Jiang Xun did not move, however. She tilted her head slightly and easily dodged the bottle.

When she looked at “Master Shao”again, Jiang Xun’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

She strode forward and kicked “Master Shao” into the chair. Before he could react, she kicked him and the chair down again.

When she stepped on Master Shao’s chest, he looked much like a turtle that had been turned over. No matter how much he flailed his limbs, he couldn’t flip himself back over..

“What are you doing? Let him go!” The others quickly said.

“Why don’t you all come at me, then?” Jiang Xun sent them a chilling glare, her gaze so cold that it was almost enough to freeze the blood in their veins. No one dared to come forward.

“First you disrespect someone, then you try to hit them. You’re acting like a hooligan. Is this what they teach you in your so-called ‘upper society’?” Jiang Xun stepped down hard. “When you go out in the future, don’t look down on me!”

“Master Shao” felt pain in his chest from being stepped on, but because Jiang Xun was blocking his chest, he couldn’t cough.

“Let me go… cough cough… let… let go…”

He was getting more and more confused.

What were those people standing there for? There were so many of them, and they were actually afraid of just one girl alone?

Jiang Xun didn’t say anything to make him apologize, however. “Master Shao” and the others, including Yuexi, were in a different situation than the others.

Even if she did ask them to apologize, it would be difficult for them to be sincere, so Jiang Xun really didn’t feel like asking.


“You’re still trying to escape!” Jiang Xun exerted more force on his chest. “It seems like I haven’t beaten you into submission yet.”

As soon as she raised her hand, “Master Shao” realized that she was actually going to beat him up without even bothering to threaten him. He hurriedly said, “Stop! Stop stepping on me! I… I was wrong!”

He immediately admitted his mistake.

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