Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 19 - Something Must Be Wrong If You Want Me To Go That Badly

Chapter 19: Something Must Be Wrong If You Want Me To Go That Badly

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“What is it?” Jiang Xun raised her eyebrows.

“Isn’t the college entrance examination over? I’ve already filled out my application. I’m just waiting for the acceptance letter,” Yuexi said with a smile. “It’s just that tomorrow, I’m getting together with a few friends to celebrate our high school graduation. We’re about to enter university and enter a new phase in our lives, so it’s our time for relaxation after a year of intensive studying.”

“I wanted to invite you along,” she said. “I noticed that you’ve been in the capital for quite some time, but you don’t seem to have many friends. , so I wanted to introduce my friends to you. From now on, my friends are your friends. You can ask them for help whenever you encounter any difficulties.”

Yuexi took Jiang Xun’s hand. “Sister, don’t worry. They’re all very nice people. I mentioned you to them, and they all said that they’re willing to be friends with you.”

Hearing Yuexi’s words, Nianzhen added, “Yes, you’ve been in the capital for so long. Doesn’t it get boring being alone every day? Why don’t you go with Yuexi and get to know more people?”

“You’re right.” Chengye nodded. “Yuexi has always been obedient, and her friends aren’t bad people, either. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Her friends are all like her: sensible and polite.”

With a look of adoration on his face, he said, “Yuexi speaks sense.”

Chengye felt that his heart, which had been angered by Jiang Xun, had been healed by Yuexi.

Jiang Xun, however, felt that something was up. If Feng Nianzhen and Yuexi were trying so hard to make her go, there had to be something bad going on behind the scenes.

She wanted to see what the two of them were up to, though. Perhaps she could even get some Merit Points out of the deal.

Recently, the security in the imperial city has been surprisingly good for some unknown reason. No matter how much she patrolled, she simply couldn’t find even a hint of crime.

As a result, her MP gain lately was extremely lacking.

At the thought of being able to earn more Merit Points, Jiang Xun’s eyes lit up. “Okay,” she agreed happily.

And so, the next day, at around 5 pm, Yuexi and Jiang Xun set off to the gathering place, which was a restaurant that only provided private rooms, not a lobby. This was also the restaurant’s main draw.

The restaurant had changed the position of the lobbies, which were usually found in restaurants, into private rooms. It had all kinds of rooms, from a private room for two, to a room that could accommodate a large gathering of 40 people.

One had no need to worry about being overheard by a stranger when in one of these rooms.

But even so, they had to make an appointment in advance to avoid the awkward situation of not having a room.

Yuexi’s friend had done exactly that and booked a room for six people.

Yuexi’s friend group consisted of five people, including her. With Jiang Xun along for the ride, there were now a total of six people.

When Yuexi and Jiang Xun entered the room, they found that everyone else had already arrived.

Yuexi smiled and apologized, “I’m really sorry for being late.”

“You’re not late,” a girl wearing a very ladylike dress said with a smile. Her gaze fell on Jiang Xun, and she raised her eyebrows slightly, not hiding the disdain in her expression. “Is this the sister that you just brought home?”

Jiang Xun thought to herself that if the original Host had also experienced this, she would definitely feel extremely uncomfortable.

The original Host was originally the legitimate eldest daughter of the family. Now that she was being mentioned by other people in such a manner, it was as if she was an illegitimate daughter who had been away for many years.

Jiang Xun curled the corners of her mouth up. So the story was that Yuexi had just brought her here?

“I heard that your sister used to live in the countryside and came to the capital only recently?” There was another boy who was also dressed in branded clothes. He seemed rather judgemental as he sized Jiang Xun up from head to toe, but he froze for a moment.

No matter how he looked at it, he could not see the typical hints of a country bumpkin on Jiang Xun.

Although Jiang Xun ate a lot at every meal now, she also exercised a lot. Why walk when she could run, and why sit when she could stand?

Transportation? Her legs were the best form of transportation!

And this was why no matter how much she ate, she wasn’t gaining weight.

On the contrary, she’d developed healthy and firm muscles even though she was thin.

She had a swan-like neck, tough shoulders, and a beautiful waistline hidden under her clothes. Her legs were thin and straight, her rear was curvy, and her figure beautiful. It was as if Wonder Woman herself was standing in front of her.

Because she had been well-nourished, her complexion had completely improved. She had completely lost her slightly sallow and thin appearance from before. Now, her small face was pink, fair and tender, and her pair of eyes seemed crystal clear.

Anyone who saw her would feel their heart skip a beat.

The boy had thought that he would see a tanned and thin girl with no class at all. He’d thought that she would look like a typical village child in movies and television dramas.

He had not expected Jiang Xun to be so good-looking.

Her entire body was brimming with pride and confidence. Her eyes gave off a look that made it seem as if everyone present was trash, which stunned everyone present.

They did not know if it was their imagination, but this was the feeling she gave off.

The boy who spoke frowned and composed himself. How could he think that this girl from the countryside wasn’t half bad?

He put on a contemptuous expression and said, “As expected of someone who came from the countryside, she has the unrefined aura of a small family.”

A girl wearing blue-gray contact lenses next to him looked at Jiang Xun critically, then said, “Yuexi, this is the sister you told us about? We originally thought that if she was half as good as you, we wouldn’t mind being friends with her. But now, the gap between us is too big. She doesn’t belong to our circle at all. Even if she forced herself into it, we won’t be comfortable with each other.”

When she heard that, Yuexi had to try hard to suppress the proud smile threatening to break out. “Everyone, for my sake, let’s give my sister a chance.”

A boy who was wearing a limited edition AJ crossed his legs as he sat next to the blue-gray beauty-eyed girl. He sneered. “For Yuexi’s sake, it’s not impossible for Jiang Xun to join us. She can follow us and listen to our orders, and she can also learn how to behave in upper society from us. If she passes the test at the end, she can join our small group.”

In response, however, Jiang Xun’s eyes were slightly raised, staring at the girl in the dress with a look of contempt.

Compared to Jiang Xun, the girl’s expression just now was more akin to a baby trying to copy its mother’s facial expression.

“Is this your family’s upbringing and manners? Criticizing others in front of people and calling them country bumpkins. Is this what you call manners?”Jiang Xun said, disdainful. “If it is, then no wonder you and Yuexi are good friends.”

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