Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 21 - He Didn't Expect To Meet Her Here

Chapter 21: He Didn’t Expect To Meet Her Here

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[Merit Points + 2]

Jiang Xun blinked and stepped on him again.

“I was wrong, I was wrong! I’m sorry! I won’t say that about you anymore!” “Master Shao” did not care about his image in front of his friends anymore.

He really did not know that Jiang Xun was so good at fighting. If he had known earlier, he would not have provoked her and lost so much face.

Because of this, he could not help but hold a grudge against Yuexi.

[Merit Points + 1]

Jiang Xun did some mental calculations. Just now, “Master Shao” had admitted he was wrong twice and had said “Sorry” once. In total, he had apologized three times, but it seemed that this only counted as one merit point.

It seemed that she could not get anything more out of him.

Jiang Xun glanced at him with disdain before finally removing her foot. After that, she turned and coldly glanced at the others. “You guys, will you still dare to look down on people like this in the future?”


The three people shook their heads in unison like well-trained pets. They were extremely obedient.

Jiang Xun glanced at the table full of dishes that had not been eaten yet. “I’m going to the washroom first. I’ll be back in a while. All of you, stay there obediently.”

Everyone hurriedly nodded. “Yes, we will.”

After Jiang Xun left, the faces of these people immediately changed.

“Master Shao” was still a little afraid. At this moment, his face suddenly darkened. He looked at Yuexi with an unfriendly expression. “Did you bring her here to cause trouble?”

She had caused him to lose so much face!

“That’s right,” the blue-gray beauty-eyed girl complained. “She’s so good at fighting. Why didn’t you tell us this earlier? She made us suffer so much, and we still treat you as a friend.”

Yuexi stomped her feet angrily. “I didn’t know either! She tricked me!”

She felt like her thoughts were all jumbled up. She hadn’t thought about the incident where Jixuan was beaten up, otherwise, she wouldn’t have provoked Jiang Xun today.

“I’m sorry, everyone,” Yuexi hurriedly said. “Master Shao, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that things would turn out like this. Today’s meal is on me. I know that you don’t care about the money, but I can’t express my apologies enough. In the future, if anyone needs anything, I’ll do my best. I’m really sorry for tonight.”

Since Yuexi was so sincere, the others couldn’t say anything.

“Master Shao”, however, was still depressed and couldn’t be bothered to talk to her.

With Jiang Xun’s words lingering in the air, however, they didn’t dare to move their chopsticks or leave.

They were afraid that Jiang Xun would beat them up. Thinking of this, Master Shao grimaced. When has he ever suffered such injustice!

In the meantime, Jiang Xun left the room and went to look for the exit of the restaurant. Was she going to leave? No, but she wanted those people to wait for a while.

No matter how much she liked to eat, she didn’t want to eat in front of a group of people she didn’t like. Her appetite would be greatly reduced.

Jiang Xun planned to go home and eat the snacks and fast food that she had stocked up; there were still a lot of things that she hadn’t eaten yet, after all.

However, as she walked through corridor after corridor, she still couldn’t find the elevator that would take her downstairs, let alone the exit of the restaurant.

As she walked, she muttered, “The corridors here are like a maze. Is the restaurant afraid that people will leave without paying or something?”

Just as she finished mumbling, the door of the room next to her suddenly opened.

A drunk man staggered out from inside.

Jiang Xun went on high alert almost instinctively, and she looked at the man’s face.

When the drunk man saw Jiang Xun, he was also stunned. Then, his drunken eyes lit up for a moment, and a greasy smile appeared on his face.

“Little girl.” The drunk man was intoxicated, so all his inhibitions had long abandoned him. When he saw Jiang Xun’s beautiful face, he couldn’t help but want to see how pure she was.

Seeing her clear eyes looking over him, he wanted to bully her a little.

The drunkard stretched out his metaphorical claws at Jiang Xun. “Come on, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

As he said that, the drunkard grabbed her arm. Now, with Jiang Xun’s skill, she could’ve easily evaded this man even in her sleep, but she didn’t want to beat up a good person by mistake.

“Treat me to a meal?” she asked, puzzled. “Why would you do that?”

At first glance, people would look at her face and think that she was a cute, pute, innocent girl. They wouldn’t be able to tell that she had fearsome skill in martial arts if they’d never seen her skills beforehand.

Especially when she looked over in confusion, her innocent expression would be enough to tickle one’s heart.

People with dirty thoughts would only become even worse when they looked at her.

“After you eat, Big Brother will dote on you.” The drunkard laughed, his breath stinking of alcohol.

Jiang Xun had an idea as to what this man was implying, but she decided to confirm it nonetheless. “You want to take advantage of me, right?”

The drunkard chuckled and said, “Why would I do that? Big brothers are supposed to dote on little girls and make you feel comfortable. Girliel, you must have never felt comfortable before, right? Trust me, I’m very good at my job. I will definitely make you…”


Before the drunkard could finish his sentence, Jiang Xun threw him over his shoulder and flung him to the ground. It turned out that her instincts weren’t wrong.

“Then I won’t hesitate.”

The drunkard was stunned by the throw. Although he was still drunk, his temper flared up immediately as he cussed her out. “You little b*tch! How dare you fight me! D*mn you, I’ll kill you—”

Before he could finish his sentence, a man’s leather shoe suddenly appeared on the drunkard’s mouth.

Jiang Xun silently retracted her own foot and looked up at the owner of the leather shoe. .

She didn’t expect someone to be one step faster than her. It seemed that she still needed to work hard to train.

But when she realized who she was looking at, she asked in surprise, “It’s you?”

Qin Mufeng, the man who’d donated a lot of money to her high school, nodded lightly at Jiang Xun and ordered his assistant Zhang Chengnan to call the police.

As soon as he came out of his own private room, he heard the drunkard’s dirty mouth.

When he looked at who he was harassing, it turned out to be Jiang Xun.

Previously, he had asked Chengnan to investigate Jiang Xun, which was when he came to know that she was Jiang Chengye’s daughter.

He didn’t expect to meet her here. It was likely that Jiang Chengye had brought her back from the village.

Chengnan was in the middle of calling the police when Jiang Xun said to Mufeng, “Let him go first.”

Mufeng curled the corners of his mouth up and let out a small snort.

She was indeed a little girl. She was being too soft-hearted to such a piece of scum.

However, since Jiang Xun, the victim, had spoken, Mufeng would not refuse her request. He moved his foot away from the drunkard’s mouth.

When Jiang Xun saw that the drunkard’s mouth was only slightly swollen from being stepped on and there was not even dust around him, she muttered softly, “The soles of the shoes are quite clean. There aren’t even any prints left behind.”

Mufeng could faintly hear her say something, but he wasn’t very sure. Just as he was about to ask what she was mumbling about, she saw Jiang Xun suddenly raise her leg and stomp down hard on the drunkard’s mouth again.

Both him and his assistant could only stare in silence.

…So, she wanted to do it herself.

Chengnan couldn’t help but touch his own mouth and let out a hiss of sympathy.

The drunkard was in so much pain that his face felt like it was going to break, but his mouth was blocked by Jiang Xun’s shoe, so he could only endure the pain silently.

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