Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 13 - There’s A Way To Make Her Suffer

Chapter 13: There’s A Way To Make Her Suffer

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Chengye was stunned. Jiang Xun hadn’t said anything about this at all.

When he brought her back, she had a bad temper and kept threatening him, but she never once complained about what she’d gone through.

She was just…fighting for her interests in her own way.

Obviously, crying and complaining would make it easier, but she hadn’t done it.

Her headstrong expression suddenly flashed across his mind.

At this moment, Nianzhen and Yuexi’s voices suddenly came from outside his room.

” Jixuan! What happened?! Who hit you?!” Nianzhen’s voice was so shrill that it could shatter glass.

” Jixuan, what did Jiang Xun do to you?” Yuexi looked at Jiang Xun unkindly.

Although Jiang Xun and Jixuan were vastly different in size, there was no way Jiang Xun could’ve beaten Jixuan up so badly with her diminutive size.

However, Jixuan had gone out to wait for Jiang Xun, and when the both of them returned, he was the one who was beaten up, yet Jiang Xun was completely fine.

She absolutely, positively had something to do with this!

Chengye hung up the phone and went out, wanting to see what the ruckus was about. When he arrived at the living room, he saw that Jixuan’s face was bruised and swollen, with a large red mark on his right cheek.

There was also a mark that looked like someone had pressed his face into gravel. It looked very much like a stone pancake.

Chengye was shocked, but he couldn’t help but feel that the mark on Jixuan’s face was rather familiar, but he simply couldn’t remember what it was.

“What happened to you?” he asked in shock.

Jixuan was in so much pain that his face was twisted into a grimace.

He was just about to open his mouth to tell Chengye what had happened when Jiang Xun beat him to it. “He threatened me to give the sub-card you gave me to Yuexi and to sit at the end of the table for meals in the future. If I didn’t agree, he said he would hit me.”

He glared at her fiercely. She actually accused him first!

“Nonsense. If that’s the case, how come Jixuan’s face is bruised and swollen, but you’re fine?” Nianzhen held onto Jixuan, her heart aching.

“Naturally, this means that he couldn’t beat me.” Jiang Xun looked at Nianzhen as if she was a fool.

Nianzhen choked in response. Jixuan was a head and a half taller than Jiang Xun! To think that he couldn’t beat her?

What a joke!

With a pale face, she cried to Chengye, “Chengye, even if Jiang Xun isn’t my child, I still want to be good to her. Even if she doesn’t acknowledge me and calls me Ah Feng, I won’t care. But she can’t beat Jixuan up like this! It’s only her first day back, and she’s caused such a mess. Will there be more trouble in the future?”

“He made the first move. Are you saying that I can’t fight back?” Jiang Xun crossed her arms and said disdainfully, “He started it, yet he couldn’t finish it. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he still had enough face to come here and kick up a fuss. If you want to fight someone, yet get your rear handed to you instead, don’t you deserve it?”

“We’ve lived with Jixuan for 17 years, so we know him very well. He has always been gentle and polite. He wouldn’t hit anyone!” Yuexi frowned. “You can’t just hit someone for no reason and then slander them like this!”

Jiang Xun had never paid attention to this kind of nonsense. She jerked her head at Chengye, then said, “He’s the one who gave me the supplementary card. If he wants to take it, then say so.”

“Are you going to give me something that my siblings want to take away? We are both children of the Jiang family. Do you really not want me to have anything? Even when it comes to the dining room, it’s so full of hatred and you don’t want to let me sit at a proper place. If you hate me so much, why bother bringing me back?”

“What are you talking about?!” Chengye had never felt so tired before.

There was no end to the commotion.

“We don’t dare to admit what you said,” Yuexi sniffed. “Although I don’t have the supplementary card, ever since I was young, Father has never been short of anything since. The pocket money he gives me amounts to tens of thousands each month. The supplementary card isn’t something that I need. Jixuan didn’t need to ask you for the card on my behalf.” Yuexi stared at Jiang Xun’s face.

Jiang Xun had been living in a village for 11 years, only living via pickled vegetables. Wouldn’t she go crazy after hearing what kind of pocket money Yuexi had been getting every month? Let her, then; the crazier she got, the better! Chengye wouldn’t be able to tolerate her, then!

Jiang Xun curled her lips coldly. Suddenly, she reached out and pulled Jixuan from Nianzhen’s grasp.

The older woman was stunned—she couldn’t fight back against Jiang Xun’s strength.

“Why don’t you tell us what you told me when you blocked me at the door?” Jiang Xun looked at Jixuan coldly, her eyes shining with a deadly light. “If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll beat you up after every meal.”

Jixuan definitely couldn’t tell the truth.If he did, then his family’s standing in Jiang Chengye’s eyes would be ruined!

However, under Jiang Xun’s killer gaze, Jixuan realized that he actually didn’t have the guts to lie. He felt that if he dared, Jiang Xun would actually carry out her threat!

And he really couldn’t win against her!

Jixuan’s lips trembled, but he couldn’t say anything.

“Enough!” Nianzhen came over and hugged Jixuan. “Jiang Xun, can’t we get along as a family? How much do you want to bully your younger brother and sister?”

Jiang Xun sneered and let go of Jixuan.

But even so, she didn’t say anything about her experiences in the countryside.

Thinking of this, Chengye frowned and said, “That’s enough.”

“Go back to your bedroom. It’s time for the college entrance exam. During this period of time, study hard and don’t cause trouble,” he said to Jiang Xun.

Then, he turned to Yuexi and Jixuan. “The seating arrangements have been decided. It will be the same from now on. As for Yuexi’s subcard…I originally planned to give it to her as a gift on her birthday. Yuexi, just wait for another two months. I’ll give you one then.”

“I won’t pursue who lied about this matter.” After saying that, he gave it a bit of thought before saying to Jiang Xun, “Before you came back, this family was always been very harmonious. “I know that you always felt that it was unfair to be placed in the countryside, but this was also something we had no choice but to do. I also remember the contributions you made to this family when you went there, so as long as you don’t cause trouble, you won’t lose any of your benefits.”

Jiang Xun headed back to his room as soon as he said his piece.

Yuexi and Nianzhen looked at each other, horror clouding their faces. Chengye hadn’t immediately put the blame on Jiang Xun. Did this mean that he believed what she’d said?

After a moment, Nianzhen gave Yuexi a comforting look.

This matter couldn’t be rushed. As long as Jiang Xun was still in the Jiang family, she had a way to make her suffer!

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