Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 12 - You, An Outsider, Are Unworthy!

Chapter 12: You, An Outsider, Are Unworthy!

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“I will investigate this. If it’s true, I’ll have them cough up the money they took, no matter how large an amount it is!” Chengye promptly stood up and went to his study.

Jiang Xun had been waiting for this. It was exactly what she’d said to the Luo family previously: that Chengye might not treat her well, but he would definitely not let outsiders take advantage of him.

Chengye entered his study and closed the door, then called Min Zhengming and asked him to check on Jiang Xun’s living conditions in the Luo family for the past 11 years.

At the same time, Jiang Xun decided to take a walk. Before leaving, she called out, “Aunt Zhang, cook more food in the future. I didn’t have enough to eat.”

“Yes, of course,” Aunt Zhang quickly agreed. After hearing that, Jiang Xun headed out for a jog.

While Chengye was in the study, Yuexi went to her mother and brother to complain.

“Didn’t Dad say that he doesn’t care about Jiang Xun at all? Yet he asked me to give her my seat!” Yuexi cried, stomping her feet in anger, her facial features twisted.

“Didn’t you see how shameless she was? She’s not a lady from a rich family, she’s just a scoundrel!” Nianzhen scowled. He hadn’t expected Jiang Xun to be like that, either.

“We agreed before that we would be nice to her on the surface and scheme against her in the dark so that Dad will always be on our side, but Dad isn’t on our side at all!” Yuexi was so angry that tears were leaking from her eyes. “She even snatched away the supplementary card that Dad promised to give me.”

Jixuan stood up with a fierce expression on his face. “She really needs to be taught a lesson!”

“Where are you going?” Yuexi asked her brother, who was walking out of the room.

“Didn’t she go out? I’ll wait for her at the door,” he said fiercely.

“What are you doing? What if she comes back and complains to Dad?” Yuexi asked, worry creasing her brow.

“If she still wants to stay in this house safely, she won’t dare to complain.” Jixuan punched his left hand with his right. “Otherwise, don’t blame me for beating her up.”

After saying that, he left.

“Mom, is this okay?” Juexi asked her mother.

“It’s fine. Your father only has one son, after all.” Nianzhen was very confident about this. “In the future, the company will be for Jixuan to inherit. Even if he really beats up Jiang Xun, your father won’t blame him. Jiang Xun will always be the one at a disadvantage in front of your father.”

Yuexi smiled in relief upon hearing her mother’s words, waiting to see Jiang Xun’s misfortune.

The residential area was very large, and its roads were wide. The distance between each villa was also wide, fully preserving each owner’s privacy.

Therefore, Jiang Xun ran around the residential area quite happily, especially since there wasn’t any need to run around in small circles.

After she’d run her fill, she decided to head back to the Jiang family villa, though as she neared the villa, she could see Jixuan standing at the door and looking around.

She paid him no heed, however, and tried to enter through the door.

“Jiang Xun, didn’t you see me?” Jixuan was furious at being ignored by her.

Jiang Xun stopped in front of the door and asked with raised eyebrows, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m warning you, don’t take my sister’s things,” he said fiercely. “When you go back, return the supplementary card to my sister. From tomorrow onwards, you will sit at the end of the table! Don’t take my sister’s seat.”

“When you say sister, do you mean Jiang Yuexi?” Jiang Xun put on a surprised look.

“Do you still think it’s you?” Jixuan said, his tone dripping with disdain. “You are an outsider, how can you deserve it!”

“These are my things. The card was given to me by Jiang Chengye, and the seat is my seat as the eldest daughter.” Jiang Xun sneered. “Jiang Yuexi is not allowed to take these from me.”

“Dad originally wanted to give that secondary card to my sister!” Jixuan said angrily. “My sister has always sat where you eat.”

“Well, now that I’m back, you guys have to get used to it,” Jiang Xun said indifferently.

“Jiang Xun!” Jiang Jixuan said angrily, “If you want to stay in this house safely, you’d better listen to me.”

“Or what? Are you going to hit me?” Jiang Xun curled her lips up in a mocking smile.

“Do you think I wouldn’t dare to hit you?”

“You said it yourself. You want to hit me.” Jiang Xun’s expression turned cold, and her eyes suddenly shone with a menacing light.

Jiang Jixuan’s heart felt weak for no reason, and his imposing manner also faltered.

“You mean that you’ll hit me if I don’t give the card and the table seat to Jiang Yuexi?” Jiang Xun said coldly.

In response, Jixuan grabbed Jiang Xun’s collar without saying a word. He wanted to let Jiang Xun know how powerful he was, and teach her the true meaning of fear so that she wouldn’t dare compete with him and his sister anymore!

However, Jiang Xun grabbed his extended wrist with one hand and twisted his arm behind him in a flash. She grabbed his hair and slammed him against the wall.

Jixuan head was in so much pain that it felt numb. No matter how hard he tried, he found that he couldn’t shake her grip off. Why was she so strong?!

“Let go of me!”

“Apologize to me.”

“What did you say?” Jixuan asked in disbelief, thinking that he’d misheard her words.

“You tried to hit me. Apologize to me,” Jiang Xun said in a deep voice.

“You’re the one who attacked me!”

As if he would apologize!

“That’s because you can’t beat me, yet you tried to anyway.” Jiang Xun pressed down on his head harder.

“Ahh!” Jixuan was in so much pain that he thought his head was about to explode. “Let go of me!”

“If you sincerely apologize to me, I will let go of you.”

“I’m sorry!” Jixuan quickly said in a rough voice.

However, the system did not respond.

“What I want is a sincere apology,” Jiang Xun said calmly, then slapped him across the face so hard that his ears started ringing. “If you’re not sincere, I won’t let you go.”

“I was wrong!” Jixuan quickly said. This time, he sounded much more sincere, but Jiang Xun kicked him again. “Do you still want to get beaten up?”

“I was wrong. I was really wrong. I’m so sorry!” he cried miserably, his legs shaking from the pain.

[Merit Points + 1]

Jiang Xun curled his lips. “If you had been more sincere, you wouldn’t have to get beaten up.”

Jiang Xun grabbed his collar and entered the courtyard of the villa, much to his shock. He grabbed at her hands and tried to pull her off. “Let go of me! I’ve already apologized!”

In the study, Jiang Chengye heard Min Zhengming’s report and found that that Jiang Xun wasn’t lying.

All these years, the Luo family didn’t treat her well. They beat and scolded her at every turn and didn’t give her a proper meal.

When he heard this, Chengye’s didn’t feel too good. After all, Jiang Xun was his daughter.

“The information was easy to gather. Everyone in their village knew of her treatment,” Zhengming said. “Speaking of which, when I went to pick up Miss…Miss Jiang, she never complained to me. It seems that she didn’t complain to you about what she’s been through for the past 11 years.”

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