Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 11 - Your Money Has Been Given To An Outsider

Chapter 11: Your Money Has Been Given To An Outsider

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“I was going to give it to Yuexi tonight,” Jiang Chengye said as he changed his clothes. “I had no choice but to give it to Jiang Xun first.”

When Feng Nianzhen heard this, she realized that the supplementary card was originally meant for Jiang Yuexi.

In other words, Jiang Xun had stolen something from her daughter!

Unable to hold herself back anymore, she couldn’t help but complain, “Damn it, Jiang Xun just came back, so why’s she already demanding things from you? Besides, you promised it to Yuexi, so what are you going to give her now?”

“Enough!”Jiang Chengye interrupted her impatiently. “If you had prepared clothes for her before, she wouldn’t have gotten an excuse to ask for my card!”

Feng Nianzhen was about to explain when he said, “Don’t say that you don’t know her size. Wouldn’t you ask if you don’t know? What’s the use in complaining now?”

She froze at his words, and her face reddened from distress. “I want to be good to her too!” she choked out. “Before she entered the room, I wanted to treat her as if she were Yuexi. I was the one who made all the decorations in her room. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be comfortable about me being her stepmother! I was being so careful, but look at what she said about me! Every word stabbed me in the heart. She even called me ‘Ah Feng’ and treated me like a servant. And now you’re blaming me for not doing well!”

Feng Nianzhen lowered her head and started sobbing until Jiang Chengye’s heart softened. “Alright, I won’t blame you. I’ll get Yuexi another card for her birthday.”

Feng Nianzhen felt really uncomfortable at his words. This felt like her daughter was taking the leftovers from Jiang Xun. Jiang Yuexi had been the little princess of the Jiang family since she was young. When had she ever had to use someone else’s leftovers? When had she ever been wronged like this?

But Feng Nianzhen couldn’t say anything.

After all, she couldn’t refuse that supplementary card.

While all this was going on, Jiang Xun made good use of her time alone in the bedroom to absorb knowledge.

Even though she had only added 4 Intelligence points, she had already made quite a leap in improvement. She could even brush through the exam questions extremely quickly.

A knock suddenly came from outside her door.

“Mistress Jiang, dinner is ready,” Aunt Zhang said from outside Jiang Xun’s door.

When she heard that, Jiang Xun put down the pen in her hand and went downstairs to the dining room. There was a boy sitting at the dining table along with her family members when she went down. He was quite good-looking, but the expression on his face looked like he was staring at trash.

Jiang Chengye briefly introduced, “This is your brother, Jiang Jixuan. Jixuan, this is your eldest sister, Jiang Xun. Sit down, and let’s eat.”

“Please sit down.” By now, Feng Nianzhen had managed to compose herself as she showed her a gentle smile.

Jiang Chengye sat at the head of the dining table, while Feng Nianzhen sat on his left. Jiang Yuexi was sitting on Jiang Chengye’s right, and Jiang Jixuan sitting on her right. There was one empty seat right at the edge of the table, which was clearly where Jiang Xin was supposed to sit.

Jiang Xun chuckled and raised her voice, “What’s with this seat? According to age, I’m the eldest daughter in the family. It’s not appropriate for me to sit right at the end, is it?”

“In terms of intimacy…” Jiang Xun’s face turned cold. “I’ve indeed been raised in the countryside for 11 years. I can’t compare to the intimacy between all of you. It makes me, the eldest daughter, look like an outsider.”

Jiang Chengye slammed his chopsticks onto the table. “It’s just a seat, so why are you making such a fuss! We’re a family, so what ‘priority’ is there?!” he spat. “You’ve only been back for a few hours. Can you please stop with your nonsense?!”

“Dad,” Jiang Yuexi said softly, “Sister has lived in the countryside for 11 years. It’s not surprising that she’s not used to our family’s life. It’s also possible that she’s still not very emotionally stable, which is why she’s being so sensitive over a seat.”

“Eat if you want, and starve if you don’t!!”Jiang Chengye said to Jiang Xun impatiently.

“Okay,” Jiang Xun said as she walked out. “I’ll just go door-to-door and ask if their seating arrangements for their meals are also the same.”

“Come back here!” Jiang Chengye immediately shouted.

Jiang Xun stopped and turned to him, raising her eyebrows. “Are you going to tell me what the seating arrangement is based on?”

Jiang Chengye gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, then said to Jiang Yuexi, “Yuexi, switch seats with Jiang Xun.”

Jiang Yuexi looked at him in disbelief. She had always sat here, so why should she give her seat up to Jiang Xun?

“Yuexi, you have always been sensible,” Jiang Chengye said. He frowned slightly when he realized Yuexi didn’t want to move.

If they were arranged according to age, Jiang Yuexi should indeed give up her seat to Jiang Xun, and so her eyes reddened with suppressed anger as stood up and sat down beside Feng Nianzhen.

Jiang Xun did not bother hiding the satisfaction on her face. In the eyes of Jiang Chengye and the others, she looked like a petty person who had achieved success.

“Are you alright? Can we eat now?” Jiang Chengye said in a sarcastic tone, which Jiang Xun completely ignored.

“Let’s eat, then.”

Jiang Chengye was speechless.

It was as if his family was waiting for Jiang Xun to speak before they could start eating.

Jiang Xun, for her part, didn’t care about how depressed the others were or whether they were hungry or not as she happily spooned a heaping helping of food onto her plate and ate happily.

Aunt Zhang’s cooking was much better than Lu Huixian’s, she thought.

By the time she finished her third bowl of rice, the dishes were almost all gone. Since there wasn’t much food left, she scooped more rice into the remaining gravy and mixed it together.

Jiang Jixuan sneered at her actions. “Have you never eaten delicious food in your life? You look like a dog who hasn’t eaten in a while.”

“How did you know that I’ve never eaten this before?” Jiang Xun stuffed another big mouthful of rice into her mouth. “I’ve never had a full meal in Luo Zhongren’s family. They didn’t even give me meat, only salted vegetables.”

Although she had taught them a lesson, the Luo family didn’t dare to provoke her again and let her have big fish and big meat for every meal.

However, it did not mean that the past could be written off just like that. She remembered all the things they’d done to the original Host.

However, there was no reason for her to hide this from her family.

As expected, Jiang Chengye’s brows knitted tightly together. “I also give them a lot of living expenses every month. Could it be that they can’t even afford to eat meat?”

“They can afford to eat.” As she spoke, Jiang Xun cleaned off her plate. “They spent all the living expenses you gave me on themselves.”

Jiang Xun looked at him mockingly. “Your money was all given away to outsiders.”

“Aren’t you quite capable? So why were you so cowardly at their place?”Jiang Chengye said angrily.

“I was young. What could I do if I’m not cowardly? I can’t beat them in a fight.” Jiang Xun curled her lips. This man couldn’t even understand such a simple reason.

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