Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 14 - If He Doesn't Apologize, I'll Beat Him Up

Chapter 14: If He Doesn’t Apologize, I’ll Beat Him Up

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The next day, Jiang Xun happily went out with Jiang Chengye’s card in hand. Now was a great time to explore this new and prosperous world without zombies.

She was so excited that she didn’t bother taking a car; instead, she ran all the way to a place called Qinyang Department Store.

The first thing she did was buy three sets of sportswear and two pairs of sports shoes for daily exercise, then she went on to look for some everyday clothes she might need.

Yesterday, Jiang Xun had told Nianzhen and the others about luxury brands, but it was just a casual remark. In reality, she hadn’t really studied up on these brands.

She bought whatever she liked, such as skirts and pants for different occasions, with absolutely no intention of leaving behind any money for Chengye.

She had all her purchases shipped back to the house before heading to the supermarket on the first floor.

As Jiang Xun looked at the shelves full of snacks—all of which she had never been able to access during the apocalypse—her eyes lit up.

She promptly swept everything on the shelves into her shopping cart. Potato chips, biscuits, dried meat, spicy strips, instant noodles…she took everything that had a long shelf life. It’s what she specialized in, after all.

Watching her actions, the system said, “Host, the food you bought is enough to last you for a year. Why are you buying so much?”

The Jiang family wasn’t lacking in food at all, and it was easy to buy takeout in this world. If Jiang Xun ever wanted to have a midnight snack, she could get someone to deliver food to her at any time.

“How can a self-heating hotpot taste better than a fresh hotpot?” the system asked, curious.

“I’m stocking up on food, just in case. What if there’s a virus outbreak in this world? Even if it’s not a zombification virus, there are other kinds of viruses out there, now? These foods can all potentially save someone’s life.” Jiang Xun said as she went to the dessert counter, plopping a few freshly made cupcakes into her shopping cart.

“In my past world, when the apocalypse first happened, everyone was completely unprepared. Supermarkets were all ransacked for supplies, and killing people over food became the norm in the end. So I have to make sure that my rations are sufficient, just in case.”

At the same time, Chengye was in his office, working, when a text message suddenly appeared on his phone.

It was a text message notification from his supplementary card, indicating that he had spent 35,800 yuan, but he did not take it seriously. Jiang Xun did not have a single piece of clothing, so it was only natural that she would have to buy a lot of them in one go today. This amount was nothing to him.

After half an hour, another text message popped up on his phone. The cost this time was 5,698.65 yuan.


Which store did these clothes come from? Did they even come with a full price?

Chengye curiously looked at the bill and frowned when he realized that the bill had come from a supermarket.

What…What was Jiang Xun buying in a supermarket?

Immediately after, text messages started flooding his inbox.

What on earth was that girl buying?!

By now, Jiang Xun finally had enough rations. She went to a restaurant in the mall and ordered a set meal for three people. When she finished eating, she took the rations that she’d bought and went home.

When they saw Jiang Xun walk in with five big bags of food on her back, Nianzhen and Yuexi were shocked and speechless.

It was not until Jiang Xun returned to her bedroom that Yuexi finally managed to stammer, “What…What is she doing?”

Nianzhen forced herself to remain calm. She cleared her throat. “It’s probably her first time in the city, so she wants to buy everything she sees.”

“What a sheltered country bumpkin,” Yuexi muttered.

The department store had already sent over all the clothes that Jiang Xun had bought. She promptly hung them all up and stored her rations under her bed. She heaved a sigh of relief when everything was done, and it was then that the thought of earning more Merit Points popped up.

“I only have 7 MP now. I have to hurry up and earn more, or I won’t be able to start the second mission.” Jiang Xun racked her brain to think of a way to earn more MP as soon as possible.

After a little while, she flopped onto her bed, tired of thinking, and began to browse through social media. As she scrolled through the posts, she suddenly spotted a news article that was currently trending.

Apparently, there was a girl who had been held hostage by an old man on a bus, but she was luckily freed by a heroic passenger. The entire affair had been captured on video.

It was like a lightbulb had lit up in Jiang Xun’s head.

She bolted upright in bed. “I’m going to patrol the Subway!”

“Host, what do you have in mind?”

“During rush hour, the subway is crowded with people. It’s a good time for thieves to commit crimes,” Jiang Xun said as she searched up which subway stations would be the most crowded at peak hour. “From tomorrow…No, starting this afternoon, when I finish studying, I’ll patrol the subway at peak hour. When I manage to catch a thief, I’ll force them to apologize.”

“Wait, Host, even if you get the thief to apologize, shouldn’t he apologize to the victim? Why should he apologize to you?”

“That’s not important. If he doesn’t apologize, I’ll just beat him up once. If that’s not enough, I’ll beat him up again.”


With an idea in mind, Jiang Xun was full of energy.

At 4 pm, she went to the subway station. She took the subway back and forth and patrolled the stations one by one and made sure to loop back to the stations with a large amount of passengers.

Jiang Xun was riding the escalator with the crowded crowd when she saw a small, skinny man standing a little away from her.

He would’ve looked very inconspicuous were it not for the fact that his index and middle fingers were reaching into the pocket of the man’s pants in front of him, where the outline of a cell phone could be seen.

Just as the thief took out the man’s cell phone, his wrist was suddenly grabbed.

The thief trembled and turned his head stiffly at the person grabbing him and saw that it was a small girl. A look of contempt crossed his face.

It was already time to get off the escalator, so the thief used his strength and tried to break free, but found that he couldn’t.

The thief’s expression immediately changed into one of horror. “What are you doing? You thief, let go!” he cried, hoping to divert attention from him.

Without saying anything, Jiang Xun picked up the thief and threw him over her body.

With a bang, the thief was slammed to the ground. Before he could get up and escape, Jiang Xun pressed her foot onto his chest.

She then snatched away the phone he had stolen and stopped the person whom the thief had pickpocketed. “Excuse me, sir. This man stole your phone!” she said.

The man looked down at the phone in Jiang Xun’s hands and found that it did indeed look like his phone. When he checked his pants pocket, he found that his phone wasn’t there at all.

He quickly took the phone and thanked him. “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that my phone had been stolen.”

Jiang Xun waved her hand. “It’s fine,” she said, then turned her attention back to the thief on the floor. “You.” She stepped on the thief’s foot and exerted force. “Apologize!”

No matter how hard the thief twisted his body, he couldn’t shake off Jiang Xun’s foot. Instead, his chest was blocked by her foot and he couldn’t breathe.

“I… I’m sorry…”

The theft victim said to Jiang Xun, “We have to call the police. Let’s hand him over to them.”

Jiang Xun nodded and allowed him to call the police. She stared down at the thief and said, “I want you to apologize to me!”

Both the thief and victim could only stare at her silently.

The thief blinked. “Why should I apologize to you—ack!” he coughed as Jiang Xun pressed down on his chest harder.

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