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Chapter 1241 - The Story of Ling and Heng (504)

Chapter 1241: The Story of Ling and Heng (504)

It seemed that God was not particularly cruel to her.

Even if she fell into the ocean when she was one year old, even if she had to pretend to be a man and survive outside, even if her life was tough, her fate had given her Li Nanheng. A Li Nanheng who could smooth out all of her past experiences.

She looked at the tools on the ground and listened to the man patiently working outside. She threw down the basket in her hand, turned around, and quickly walked out. She rushed towards the man and suddenly hugged him from behind.

The man paused and looked back at her. “Why?”

Feng Ling buried her face in his back. She had never been good at expressing herself with words, especially when it came to feelings. When she knew that she really liked him, she would choose not to be so passive and respond to him. She would try her best to cooperate and not hurt his heart.

At this moment, she was overwhelmed with emotions. She did not know what to say, so she hugged his waist tightly, unable to speak.

After being held so tightly by her for a while, Li Nanheng suddenly chuckled. He did not push her away but bent down to pick up the polished stones and turned to look for a suitable place to place them. At the same time, he said, “It’s nothing. Don’t be too moved. This place is very important to you. I won’t destroy it. It’s just connected to a cabin outside the cave. At least, it’s like a home. Even if when we leave, we can still come back and live in a decent place.”

Feng Ling nodded and leaned against his back. After a while, she said, “Do you need my help?”

Li Nanheng suddenly reached under his clothes and decisively took off his sweat-soaked T-shirt. Seeing the man suddenly bare his upper body, Feng Ling’s face turned red. She didn’t understand what he was going to do in broad daylight, but the man casually threw the shirt into her hand. “Help me wash my clothes and cook. I don’t need you for anything else.”

Feng Ling: “… You really treat me as a woman.”

Li Nanheng glanced at her. “Aren’t you a woman?”

“… ”

In this jungle, guns, sticks, and agility were all useless. If they were to talk about building a house, Feng Ling didn’t seem to be able to help much. Earlier, she had already seen the man’s physical and structural skills. Right now, she could only wash the clothes and cook.

Why did she suddenly feel as though someone was saying that she would do anything for him…

When Feng Ling lived here, she was very self-sufficient and thought that she was quite capable. Now, she suddenly changed from an instructor to a woman who washed clothes and cooked. This change in identity left her a little helpless. However, when she saw the man’s bare upper body and his sweaty back, she was even more helpless. She simply carried his clothes away and quickly washed them for him.

The man’s sweat smell was not bad at all. The clothes carried his unique refreshing scent and a faint smell of tobacco. However, Feng Ling knew that Li Nanheng was a neat freak, so she carefully washed his clothes and hung them on the clothes drying rack in the cave.

After all, a house was a big project. No matter how fast it was with the help of tools, it could not be built in a day. After the stones and foundation were built around the cave, the sky had already turned dark.

Li Nanheng went to the stream to take a shower. After showering, he came back feeling refreshed and relaxed. He was wearing the clothes in his travel bag. They were all simple and loose clothes. If Feng Ling didn’t see the tools, she would have thought he was here for a vacation.

She had already taken a shower and was sitting in the cave, preparing food. In the past, when she was outside, she didn’t have many opportunities to cook, so she didn’t know how to cook much. She only knew a few simple dishes, but in this jungle, she could only rely on herself for three meals a day. She couldn’t eat takeout here, so she was used to this.

However, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was as though the peaceful life she had been living for the past few months had gained something different, causing her heart to skip a beat.

She was just very happy.

She could clearly feel her own good mood.

Also, when she saw that Li Nanheng had come back safely after taking a shower and was sure that he could not get lost, she smiled and looked at the refreshing man. She placed the dinner she had prepared on the small stone table. “Boss, let’s eat.”

Li Nanheng had already walked over and sat by her side. He took the bowl, picked up the chopsticks, and took a bite. His posture was natural and casual, as if he had not just come from a big city like Los Angeles. It was as if he had already lived with her for many years.

“This kind of place is indeed suitable for eating and sleeping. It’s really quiet.” As Li Nanheng spoke, he glanced at the foundation of stones made outside the cave. “Let’s continue tomorrow morning. There isn’t enough wood for a tree. Are there any other dead trees nearby?”

“Yes, there are two more trees about two hundred meters away on the other side. There are also other trees nearby.” Feng Ling put down the bowl in her hand and looked at him. “It’s enough that you want to help me build a house. I appreciate it. There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

Li Nanheng sneered at her polite words and continued eating. After eating, he put down the cutlery and glanced at her as she ate.

The light of the fire illuminated Feng Ling’s face, making her skin appear healthy and rosy.

Initially, he just wanted to take the opportunity to take a good look at her while he was resting.

However, as he watched her, and watched her snow-white neck swallow, his gaze gradually became hot.

Feng Ling turned to look at him, only to meet his darkening gaze. She slowly shifted her gaze away and lowered her head to continue eating as if she hadn’t seen anything. Earlier, she had been eating at a normal speed, but compared to the man next to her, she was a bit slower. Now, she really slowed down.

After a while, she finished eating and put down the cutlery. There was nothing left in her hands. She was silent for two seconds before saying, “I’ll go wash the dishes.”

With that, she was about to put away the cutlery and go out to the stream.

She had just stood up by the fire and was about to take the cutlery out when she suddenly heard the man sitting by the side sigh and say with a smile, “It’s already dark outside. Put it in the water first. It won’t be too late to wash it tomorrow morning.”

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