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Chapter 1240 - The Story of Ling and Heng (503)

Chapter 1240: The Story of Ling and Heng (503)

As he spoke, the man added, “Like you, change your surname to Li.”

Feng Ling: “… When did I take your surname? ”

Li Nanheng chuckled. “The traditional virtue of the Chinese. After the woman marries the man, the surname on the front is the surname of the husband’s family. Even in this era, there is no need to write anything about the Li Feng Corporation. Even in the Chinese, the blood of the ancestors still flows. These are all things left behind by the ancestors. Isn’t it only a matter of time before your surname is Li? All you need is a formal proposal and marriage. If you want, come back to the Li family with me now. I’ll satisfy you with everything.”

There were a lot of Chinese people in the base, and the Li family and the Feng family were all Chinese. Although they were in Los Angeles, they usually interacted with Chinese people. Feng Ling didn’t know much about this, but she knew what he meant.

Grandfather Li had personally invited her to visit the Li family and had obviously accepted her. She didn’t know how long Li Nanheng lobbied those old men when he came home. That was why such a stubborn old man would go to the base and treat her so well.

In addition, she later learned about the cenotaph. It was really a coincidence.

It was such a coincidence that they were fated to be together. Besides, she was willing to marry him.

She could not shake off the man’s hand, so she could only put down the stick in his hand and turn to look at him. “Did Elder Li accept me because he knew I was the second daughter of the Feng family? He knew I was the cenotaph you married?”

Seeing that she had something to say, Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

“Then if I refuse to return to the Feng family and refuse to accept the identity of the second daughter, will Elder Li have any objections?”

“No.” Li Nanheng raised his hand and stroked her cheek with a smile. At the same time, he brushed her hair behind her ear. He looked at her white ears and touched the soft flesh under her ear. “The Li family doesn’t have such complicated thoughts. As long as you break their stubbornness, they won’t mind these small details. As long as you give birth to a great-grandchild for them, you’ll definitely become the new baby of the Li family. If anyone dares to touch you, the four old men will definitely rush out to protect you.”

Feng Ling almost collapsed. “Who wants to give you a baby…”

After speaking, she abruptly stood up without listening to the man’s words. “The rain has stopped. I’ll go get some wild vegetables and mushrooms and bring some food back. Stay here and don’t run around. If you walk around outside, you’ll get lost easily.”

Li Nanheng glanced at her. “I’ll get lost? Do you think I’m a three-year-old kid?”

“Comparing a three-year-old child to you is really wrong. When I was three years old, I wouldn’t have lost my way here,” Feng Ling mumbled. Then she realized that she was too embarrassed. When she saw the man sitting on the ground and looking at her with a faint smile, she didn’t speak and turned to walk out.

The jungle, which had just rained, was very fresh. Occasionally, some rain would fall from above the dense jungle. It was all raindrops that had accumulated on the leaves, but because the jungle was too dense, there was not much rain.

Feng Ling often came out to pick wild vegetables and find wild fruits. This was the lifestyle she had to do every day. However, because Li Nanheng was here, she deliberately picked more.

When she walked back with a basket of vegetables and fruits and several bird eggs, she vaguely heard some movement in the cave. She subconsciously rushed back, but as soon as she approached, she saw that Li Nanheng had cleaned up a large patch of grass on the ground outside the cave. He had even flattened the ground and used a flat stone to cushion the ground. The ground was large and square, looking like the kind of ground often seen in the city. It was neat and tidy.

At the same time, she saw that the man had cut down a withered old tree not far away.

It had only been two hours, but he had actually broken that dead tree?

Feng Ling looked in surprise at the neatly cut area under the old tree. She then saw that the man had used some unknown method to smooth out the wooden boards. Seeing that he had piled the wooden boards aside and was busy folding the stones by the side, she seemed to understand something and hurried over. “You… are you going to help me build a house?”

The man was busy for a long time. His black T-shirt was soaked in sweat. When he heard that she had returned, he glanced at the things in her basket and then at her. “Building a cabin in such a place isn’t a big project.”


He really wanted to build a house for her.

Looking at the large stones embedded deep into the ground around her, she finally understood that this was a simple foundation. This place was leaning against the mountain wall, and there was usually no wind, so as long as the foundation was sturdy, it was fine. This kind of place did not lack soil, stones, and wood.

However, Feng Ling was curious about how Li Nanheng broke the tree so quickly. She didn’t hear the sound of the tree being cut, and it seemed that he had made a lot of wooden boards. Although the wooden boards were not enough in such a short time, they were already very fast.

She seemed to have thought of something. She stepped over the pebbles on the ground and walked into the cave. As expected, the black travel bag he had brought had been opened. There were all kinds of tools inside. There were even very strong and sharp whetstones used to sharpen stones. Of course, because this place did not have electricity, most of the tools were manual or charged. The tools he used to cut trees and cut wood were thrown aside.

So these were the tools he was talking about.

He actually brought a bunch of tools to help her build a house in the jungle.

Although this place was only a cave, everyone was deeply attached to their childhood experiences. Even though the cave was already a pile of weathered wolf bones, she could not bear to throw them out.

Li Nanheng intentionally hid here because he could tell that she needed to calm down, so he did not plan to take her back immediately. Instead, he prepared everything and came to the place where she grew up to build a home that could shelter her from the wind and rain.

Feng Ling really felt the feeling of being understood, seen through by others, and loved and doted on with passion and patience.

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