Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1239 - The Story of Ling and Heng (502)

Chapter 1239: The Story of Ling and Heng (502)

“You can eat it even if it’s ruined.” The man did not mind at all, but he did let go of her.

Even if the smoke needed to be fanned out, it was fine to smell it once or twice. However, after a long period of time, even if there was no smoke or poison, it would still harm the body.

Feng Ling even knew to fan the smoke out, which meant that she had been living alone for the past few months. At the very least, she knew how to take care of herself.

With both her hands empty, she quickly squatted down to fan the fire. She placed the washed wild vegetables and the various eggs she had picked up in the jungle into the pot to cook. She also added some seasoning. In less than two minutes, the pot of noodles emitted a unique fragrance.

Even if noodles are all the same, the noodles made from wild vegetables and bird eggs would definitely taste different from the usual ones. The taste would be even more delicious.

She asked Li Nanheng to eat noodles and roasted earthworms. Seeing that he didn’t mind at all, he ate a lot of the roasted earthworms she had hidden away. He also finished the noodles in her bowl.

Feng Ling fell into deep thought.

If this man only missed her and wanted to stay at her place for a day or two, then so be it. But if he really planned to stay with her here, how many earthworms and bird eggs did she have to dig to raise him? Was he really going to force her to climb up a tree to dig out bird nests?

Feng Ling went to the stream to wash the cutlery and pot and brought some water back. The clear stream in the jungle was very clean, but the water flow was a bit rapid. Every time, her pants would get wet.

When she returned to the cave, she suddenly saw the man holding her two fans by the fire. She didn’t know what he was thinking, but she glanced at him and saw that he was probably tired, so she didn’t ask further. She turned around and continued to pack her things. When she turned back, she saw the man tying the two fans together, rubbing them back and forth in his palm, fanning them with this method.

Seeing that the fans were moving back and forth, the new smoke floating above the fire spread out even faster. Feng Ling said, “I heard from K and the others that men are naturally interested in manual work. Are you trying to make me a manual drummer?”

Li Nanheng did not speak. He was still studying the two fans seriously. He was focused on the structure of the two fans. He no longer sat cross-legged like the high and mighty Boss Li in XI Base, nor was he Mr. Li of the Li Corporation. Instead, he was like a big boy who released his true nature after returning to the forest.

Feng Ling suddenly felt as though something soft had been injected into her heart. After packing up her things, she leaned against the side to watch him. She watched as the man used the ropes, wooden sticks, and the two daggers she usually sharpened. He tossed and turned to study them.

After more than an hour, the first “drummer” in the cave succeeded. The man turned the handle made of the same wooden stick behind the little thing he had built with a wooden stick. With a few casual turns, the two fixed fans inside began to move in the direction of the fire rhythmically. He did not waste much strength in his hands, and the fan’s speed was several times faster than a manual fan. The smoke in the fan soon dissipated.

Seeing that he was doing well, Feng Ling didn’t know what he was thinking. She just leaned on the side to watch his silhouette. She felt that this place, which belonged to her when she was young, was suddenly occupied by this man. She picked up a wild fruit and wiped it clean, walked over, and brought it to the man’s mouth.

The man was still playing with the little “drummer.” He opened his mouth and took a bite of her hand. Then he frowned and looked at her, only to see Feng Ling smiling.

“Are you sour?” she asked. She did not continue letting him eat. She picked up the wild fruit he had just taken a bite of and placed it by her mouth to take a bite.

Even when she was eating such sour fruits, she was still smiling as if she was in a good mood.

Li Nanheng swallowed the mouthful of fruit in his mouth. He raised his sore brows, put down the things in his hand, and glanced at her loose cotton trousers. “Why are you wet?”

“Ah, it’s all right. When I go to the clear stream, I always get splashed with water. It’ll dry up by the fire in a while.” Feng Ling didn’t mind. After finishing the fruit, she clapped her hands and squatted down to pick up the things he had just made. She shook the simple handle behind and found that it was really useful. “Not bad, Boss Li. Your hands are really strong.”

Before she could finish speaking, she felt a grip around her waist. The man pulled her into his arms. Feng Ling lost her balance and fell onto his lap. The man held her shoulder and lowered his head to kiss her ear. He whispered meaningfully into her ear: “In addition to my strong hands, I am also very good in other aspects. Don’t you know that?”

Feng Ling: “… ”

In this jungle, this sort of silent and ambiguous atmosphere that caused one’s heart to tremble really caused one to become sensitive.

She quickly got up from his arms, crouched down next to him, and calmly played with the newly-made “handheld drummer.”

Seeing her deadpan expression, Li Nanheng smiled and raised his hand. His long fingers brushed against the hair by her cheek. He watched her hair, which had grown so long that it was almost touching her neck, and asked with a smile, “Are you shy again?”

Feng Ling’s face was slightly itchy from his touch. She raised her hand and slapped his hand away. “Stop it.”

Feng Ling, who dared to live alone in the jungle for several months and dared to be associated with snakes, insects, and beasts, would only show such a shy side in front of him. Li Nanheng smiled because of her “stop it.” He raised his hand to press against her soft hair as if coaxing a child. “XI Base’s war goddess, Feng Ling, is so thin-skinned. Who would believe it?”

Feng Ling raised her hand to push his hand away. She quickly brushed her hair back, picked up the wooden stick on the ground, and poked at the fire in front of her. She was still wondering when this man was going to leave. If he really wound’t leave, she would go find something to eat while the rain stopped.

“When are you leaving?” Thinking of this, she directly asked. The crackling of the fire could be heard.

Li Nanheng watched as she subconsciously poked her hand back and forth. His lips curved slightly as he reached out to hold her hand that was still holding the stick. “You want to drive me away? Do you think my skin is as thin as yours? Since I’ve come here, how can I leave? Unless you go back, your cave will be surnamed Li from today onwards.”

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