Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1238 - The Story of Ling and Heng (501)

Chapter 1238: The Story of Ling and Heng (501)

“Take care of yourself first.” Li Nanheng didn’t say much but only reminded her. Feng Ling paused and then saw that her hand almost touched the pot of boiling water. She quickly raised her hand, thought for a moment, and then turned to continue with her work.

However, she really did not expect that Ji Nuan would go to England. When she was still in contact with Ji Nuan, she only knew that Ji Nuan had returned to China with Mr. Mo, but she didn’t know what happened to Mr. Mo after he woke up in the hospital. It seemed that he mentioned divorce. At that time, Ji Nuan was haggard. Feng Ling originally planned to go to Hai City to accompany her, but Xiao Ba and Xia Tian said it was fine. They would accompany Ji Nuan and let Feng Ling do whatever she needed in America. There was no need to go to Hai City.

After confirming that Ji Nuan was fine, Feng Ling returned to the jungle.

After living here for several months, she didn’t expect Ji Nuan to go to England.

It seemed like she should still charge her phone when she had the time. She should ask what happened.

She was busy preparing food for Li Nanheng. After sitting by the fire for a while, the man stood up, took a few steps into her cave, walked to her stone bed, and touched the thin and simple quilt on it.

The height of this cave was not suitable for him. In the past, when the wolves lived here, no matter how tall the wolves were, they wouldn’t be as tall as Li Nanheng.

Although the space was large enough, compared to the houses in the city, this cave was at least sixty square meters in size. However, the height was slightly lower, so when the man stood up and walked in, he needed to lower his head slightly.

Seeing that Li Nanheng was only sizing up everything in the cave, Feng Ling didn’t say much. Anyway, she didn’t have anything else. There was also a luggage bag close to the inner side of the bed. It was hers, and there were only a few clothes inside.

Recently, she had washed her clothes in a clear stream in the nearby jungle. Usually, she would wash up and shower there. After all, there was no one here and she was not afraid of being seen. She had been there when she was young. Now, she would occasionally wash clothes and throw stones near the stream. It felt quite interesting.

However, Li Nanheng could not understand such an interesting trick. After all, it was a trick she had played before she was five years old. It was very childish.

After she finished preparing the roasted earthworms, she turned to see that the man was already sitting on her stone bed and looking at her. She turned to look at him. “If you’re tired, take a nap. I don’t have any staple food here. If you need it, I’ll think of a way.”

“No, it’s all the same.”

“No, I ate these things when I was young, so I’m used to eating them now,” Feng Ling said as she went to a small bag by the side and took out a bag of noodles. This kind of noodles could be stored for a long time, so it usually wouldn’t spoil. After boiling it with water, it would soften. She took it out and put it in the pot to boil as she said, “Thankfully, when I left, I brought some seasoning with salt and flavor. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to eat it.”

Li Nanheng watched her cooking seriously and chuckled. “If you can eat it, I can.”

Feng Ling glanced at him. “Before I was five, I could still eat those tasteless things, but after so many years outside, my taste buds are already normal, so I brought some seasoning when I came back. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be used to it.”

Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and didn’t say more. He just looked at her with a smile. He hadn’t seen her for several months, and now he finally saw her again. It was as if he didn’t need her to do anything at all. He could watch as she hugged her knees and squatted there for several hundred hours.

Feng Ling could feel Li Nanheng’s gaze on her. She turned her face away slightly, picked up the small wooden stick, and poked it lightly in the fire.

Typically, in domestic martial arts movies, the main character would fall into a big pit or be trapped in a cave. It was common to set a fire in a cave, but in fact, when cooking on a fire, the smoke would be very large and fill the entire cave.

Fearing that she would choke Li Nanheng, Feng Ling quickly picked up her fan and kept fanning at the fire.

Looking at her delicate movements, Li Nanheng watched for a while and walked over. While Feng Ling was still fanning, he suddenly hugged her from behind.

Feng Ling was startled by the man who suddenly hugged her from behind. She almost lost her grip on the fan in her hand. When the man held her, his breath brushed against the sensitive part of her neck. She subconsciously shrank her neck, looked at the fire under her feet, and quickly said, “I’ll fan it. Otherwise, the cave will be filled with smoke.”

“You’re quite comfortable here.” The man held her in his arms. He knew that she wouldn’t be used to his passion after not seeing him for several months, so he restrained his desire to strip her naked. He held her in a proper manner and placed his chin on her shoulder. “Do you know how I spent the past few months in the base?”

Feng Ling didn’t speak. She looked at the fan in her hand, pursed her lips, and said, “I said I would go back.”

This seemed to be a promise. Earlier, she had said it once, and now she said it again. In fact, she just wanted to say that she wouldn’t be here for too long. She still had a lot of things to worry about in XI Base. Her biggest concern was naturally Li Nanheng. She just wanted to give herself some time.

However, it seemed that this period of time was too long. A few months had passed in the blink of an eye. She enjoyed the peace. Every day, she watched the sun rise and set, but she neglected that Li Nanheng was waiting. No matter how patient he was with her, if she did not go back, his patience would run out.

“En, I know.” The man did not say much because of her words. He continued to hold her like this.

She had already said what she needed to say. Feng Ling knew what he meant. She didn’t turn around to push him away. Instead, she stood there and gently fanned the fan in her hand. After a long while, she asked, “Well, don’t you think the smoke is too thick?”


“…Your adaptability is really good. Or did you lose your sense of taste? Even I find it suffocating,” she said as she shook the fan hard.

The man pressed against her neck and chuckled softly. “It’s not too thick. I can still smell the fragrance on you.”

Feng Ling: “…”

She suddenly turned around in his arms, raised the fan in her hand, and patted his head. “Let go of me. The noodles are about to be cooked!”

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