Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1242 - The Story of Ling and Heng (505)

Chapter 1242: The Story of Ling and Heng (505)

It was not only dark, but it also sounded like it was raining outside the cave.

“It’s raining. Will there be any problems if the wooden boards are wet?”

“It’s not a problem. At most, there’s some moisture in the wooden boards. After the house is built, it will be left to dry for two days before it can be used. It’s not a big problem.”

Hearing this, Feng Ling didn’t ask anymore. She placed the cutlery in another basin with clear water on the side, washed it, and put it aside. She planned to take it to the stream tomorrow morning to wash it.

In the end, when she wiped her hands simply, she turned back to see that Li Nanheng was still sitting there with his legs crossed. It seemed that he hadn’t moved for a long time. He just looked at her like this, his eyes never leaving her.

Feng Ling had seen many aspects of Li Nanheng.

She had also seen many different looks.

However, it seemed that every time she saw his gaze, her body would soften and she would put away her armor. She wanted to take the initiative to approach him and hug him with passion, but she was not good at expressing herself, so every time she almost collapsed under his gaze, she would subconsciously shift her attention.

However, the man finally managed to arrange the time and everything. He entered the jungle and found her to accompany her. In this place where he couldn’t use his phone to kill time, he naturally wouldn’t give her a chance to shift her attention. Just as Feng Ling wiped her hands and walked over, he reached out to hold her hand and pulled her.

Feng Ling was still on guard and was standing steadily. She subconsciously tried to break free, but the man only held her and raised his handsome brows at her with a faint smile in his eyes. She paused and loosened her grip. However, in this moment of hesitation, the man’s strength increased and she fell into his arms.

Feng Ling bumped into him and sat on his lap. The man’s lips brushed against her hair as he whispered in her ear, “Why are you hiding?”

Feng Ling: “… I am not hiding. ”

At the same time, she turned to look at him. At this moment, the man placed a kiss between her brows and then slowly moved down, landing on her eyelids. ” I barely survived these past few months. You, on the other hand, are enjoying a peaceful and happy life outside. You said you would return soon, but in the end, you disappeared for four months. I, your father, turned from the boss of an impressive XI Base, into a wife-saving stone.”

“… ”

“If it weren’t for the fact that I’m too pitiful, do you think Ah Feng and the others would let me leave the base to find you?”

“… ”

Feng Ling thought about it and felt that Li Nanheng’s excuse of allowing her to take a vacation was a bit fake. How could Ah Feng, who always did everything for the Li family and the base, give up so easily?

He must have used some other method.

But no matter what, he had found this place.

She leaned against his chest and gently rubbed her head against his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I’ve been living here for several months and almost forgot the time. I had only realized that I’ve been gone for so long.”

“Your apology is too insincere. I won’t accept it.” The man’s tone was mild, but he did not let go of her hand.

Feng Ling realized that this man was actually being arrogant. She immediately raised her eyes to glance at him, only to see that he was looking down at her.

Knowing that he was digging a pit for her, Feng Ling pretended to be dumb. “Then what do you want?”

“What do I want?” The man held her waist tightly and pressed her hard in his arms as if hinting at something. At the same time, he lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. His warm breath pressed against her lips. “I want everything. Are you willing? When have you ever cooperated obediently?”

Feng Ling blinked and did not speak. The man raised his hand to touch the back of her head and looked deeply into her clear eyes. He was about to kiss her when she subconsciously shrunk her neck back. He did not give her a chance to escape. He decisively pressed against the back of her head, and Feng Ling’s lips slammed against his. The man accepted it with a smile and directly sucked on her soft lips.

His kiss was still calm. It was not the kind of kiss that was impatient to press her down on the ground and strip her naked. Instead, he kissed her patiently and then kissed the corner of her lips. He stroked her slightly longer hair and said hoarsely, “Just like this, take more initiative. When can you learn?”

Initially, Feng Ling felt a little embarrassed because she had not seen him for several months. Being held in his arms and being kissed like this, her feelings for him were stirred. She looked at him and felt that he seemed to understand her very well and was patiently trying to get into her heart. Even though he had a physical reaction, he always respected her when he needed to.

For example, right now, although his eyes clearly expressed his desire, he only hugged her, gently kissed her, looked at her patiently, and talked to her.

Seeing that she had been leaning in his arms without saying a word or moving, Li Nanheng stroked her head comfortingly. “I walked for a long time in the jungle and was busy with the wood and stones in the afternoon. I’m really tired. Let’s sleep, but it’s really difficult for two people to sleep on this stone bed. When the house is built, I’ll think of a way to get a bed.”

With that, he signaled her to lie down on the stone bed with his eyes. “You sleep on the bed. I’ll lay some hay on the ground and sleep for the night. I see that you have hay here. It should work. Tomorrow…”

Before he could finish, Feng Ling, who had been lying obediently in his arms, suddenly raised her eyes to look at him. Her eyes were bright and shiny, and no one knew what she was thinking about. Just as Li Nanheng paused for a second because of her gaze, she suddenly raised her hands to wrap around his neck and kissed him.

She first kissed the man’s handsome chin, then moved up and kissed his face. Then, she moved toward his lips and kissed him without hesitation.

After all, she had been kissed by him so many times and had learned some tricks. She carefully used the tip of her tongue to pry open his lips. When she felt the man’s body shake and his eyes darken, she held his neck tightly and refused to let go. As though she had experienced something new, she carefully licked his soft lips twice.

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