Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1196 - The Story of Ling and Heng (459)

Chapter 1196: The Story of Ling and Heng (459)

Did she speak well of Li Nanheng?

Feng Ling realized that she seemed to be defending Li Nanheng’s image.

But she was actually protecting them! Did they know Boss Li had heard what they said in the canteen? They had pissed off Boss Li although they hadn’t known that, so this afternoon, she didn’t stop Li Nanheng from torturing them to let Boss Li vent out his anger.

Anyway, he was the boss of the base and wouldn’t go too far.

She used to be trained like this by him too, but she wasn’t injured at all in the end. It was not bad for these newbies to experience it early. She was just telling the truth.

“We are all brothers. He doesn’t bully or threaten me. What are you thinking of? There is only brotherhood in XI Base, not any class suppressions,” Feng Ling said lightly.

“But Drillmaster, you are a woman. You treat them as brothers but they don’t necessarily treat you as a brother. I think Deputy Drillmaster is bullying you,” someone said.

Another person suddenly said, “Hey, does the deputy drillmaster fell for Drillmaster Feng?”

“Drillmaster Feng is so beautiful. There must be a lot of men who like her!”

“Yes, but Drillmaster Feng you’ve gotta be careful. Deputy Drillmaster is not suitable for you! He is cruel, grumpy, old, and such a loser!”

Ah Feng happened to come in at this moment. When he heard what they said, he almost burst into laughter. He walked to Feng Ling and cleared his throat, and seeing him, the newbies immediately shut up.

“Drillmaster Feng, the date for the first assessment of the youth training teams has been decided. These are the key training items. Take a look.” Ah Feng handed a document to her.

Feng Ling took the document and took a look. And Ah Feng suddenly said, “The deputy drillmaster you despised is actually very popular in the base and every member dreams of being trained by him. You should feel lucky, OK?”

“What? Are you talking about that devil-like deputy drillmaster?” Someone whispered an objection.

Ah Feng smiled. “Did any of you faint because of tiredness?”

The newbies thought about it and didn’t say anything.

“It’s not so easy to break through the physical limit. If you force it, you will suffer muscle strain or other physical damages. Your deputy drillmaster seems to be merciless to you, but does anyone have a muscle strain? Is anyone injured? The training is very scientific and will only do good to you.”

Everyone: “…”

“I’m afraid that if you learn about the real identity of this deputy drillmaster, you’ll be scared to death. How dare you be so disrespectful to him? Can’t you see that even Drillmaster Feng didn’t dare disobey him? Since you’re young, you should know your distance. Mind your tongues!”

Being scolded by Ah Feng, the newbies were a bit confused and remained silent, but they couldn’t help feeling worried, wondering the real identity of the deputy drillmaster.

At this time, Li Nanheng happened to come back and hear the conversation.

Feng Ling felt it was a pity that these newbies didn’t cherish such a good opportunity. It was rare for Li Nanheng to coach members himself. He was way better than the drillmasters no matter in ability or experience but he was too lazy to do that. Except for the sniper team, he seldom trained any members himself.

Feng Ling said, “Ah Feng is right. When I was a newbie, I was at the same stage as you guys, thinking that I would be exhausted to death on the training ground, but later I found out that the sooner I could surpass my physical limit, the sooner I could tap my potential. I bet you can get very good assessment results and stay in the base if you can stand the training of the deputy drillmaster.”

“Really?” The members were still sitting on the ground in exhaustion and didn’t even have the energy to speak. After a long while, they finally said reluctantly, “All right…”

But a member couldn’t help but say, “Drillmaster Feng, no matter what, you are our chief drillmaster. How can you just allow him to steal your thunder? What stops you from protesting him? Is it responsibility? Timidity? Or…”

Li Nanheng couldn’t listen anymore. He coughed and it immediately fell silent inside.

Then Li Nanheng entered the training camp as if he heard nothing. He glanced coldly at the members who were sitting on the ground.

Ah Feng fought back the impulse to laugh and whispered to Feng Ling. “It’s love.”

Feng Ling: “…”

Except for Boss Li, no one else in the base could make Feng Ling willingly surrender the leading post to him.

Although Feng Ling had her own ideas, she was trained by Boss Li. As for physical training, Li Nanheng was definitely her master.

“Why are you still sitting? Haven’t you had enough rest yet? Line up and go back to training in three minutes,” Li Nanheng said coldly.

Hearing his words, these newbies almost trembled. They were so tired that they couldn’t even stand up, but they didn’t dare to disobey him, so they just got up and continued to practice with a sad look.

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