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Chapter 1197 - The Story of Ling and Heng (460)

Chapter 1197: The Story of Ling and Heng (460)

Although Li Nanheng kept a straight face, he was in a good mood. Thinking of how Feng Ling defended him in front of these brats, he secretly smiled.

He knew the physical condition of these newbies. Although he just served as their deputy drillmaster temporarily, he still checked their information. All of them were very healthy and could stand the harsh training. Just like an arrow, the more polished it was, the brighter it got. The devil training would only do them good.

But some of them didn’t understand his good intentions.

In the evening, the members could finally go back to rest. Tomorrow will be the weekend. Li Nanheng planned to put his job aside and take Feng Ling out for a vacation. However, Wan Ke kept following Feng Ling and asked her if she had the time to have dinner with him this weekend. He said that he was new in Los Angeles, and hoped Feng Ling could show him around.

And Feng Ling agreed.

The base hall was close to the place where the newbie lived. Wan Ke and Feng Ling walked side by side. Although he was only 19 years old, he was almost six feet in height. Walking next to Feng Ling, he didn’t look like a boy at all. On the contrary, Feng Ling who had fair skin and bright eyes looked like a high school student.

Knowing that Feng Ling took these newbies very seriously, Li Nanheng resisted the urge to throw a tantrum, and at this time, Han Jin and Xiao Xu had something to report to him, so he went to the conference room first.

When he returned to the base hall, he saw Wan Ke still with Feng Ling, and neither of them seemed to be in a hurry to return to their respective residences.

The two were sitting on a bench near the base hall. Feng Ling was holding a document and speaking to Wan Ke, and the latter sat next to her, nodding his head while listening carefully and his eyes were almost glued to her.

Feng Ling treated Wan Ke gently because she thought that as his drillmaster, she should be patient with her trainee in spare time, although she was strict with him on the training ground.

She didn’t notice that Wan Ke often looked at her with admiration and love. Now she looked at the document in her hand and said patiently, “For every batch of newbies, only one-fifth of them can stay in the end. Many people can’t even pass the basic physical test. If you want to stay on the base, you should train harder. In addition to training on the training field, you can do more balance training after you return to your dormitory. It won’t take you much time. You can do the exercise before going to bed every day…”

As she was talking, suddenly someone stood in front of her and Wan Ke, blocking the light.

Feng Ling paused and raised her eyes, only to see Li Nanheng. It was already night and after the lights were blocked by him, she couldn’t see anything.

She couldn’t see his expression, but she could sense that he was angry. She glanced at Wan Ke, who was sitting close to her, suddenly realized something, and hurriedly moved further from Wan Ke.

Wan Ke also looked up at this time. When he saw Li Nanheng, he wondered why this deputy drillmaster suddenly popped out from nowhere.

“Deputy Drillmaster, why haven’t you gone to rest yet?” Although he couldn’t see his expression clearly, he still felt the pressure from Li Nanheng, so he asked him with a smile.

Feng Ling put the file on her lap, and before Li Nanheng said anything, she said, “Wan Ke, go back to sleep. It’s really late. If you still have any questions, ask me tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Wan Ke nodded, took out his cell phone, took a look at the time, and then suddenly said, “Drillmaster Feng, although this is a military base, you are still a girl. It’s cold and you should wear more clothes.”

Feng Ling: “…well, I think I’ve worn enough clothes”

She was wearing thermal underwear, so she was not cold at all.

However, Wan Ke suddenly took off his jacket and handed it to Feng Ling. “Tomorrow will be the weekend. I heard that we don’t have to train on weekends. Just wear this jacket. Don’t catch a cold.”

Feng Ling hesitated and didn’t take it. For some reason, she had a bad hunch…

Sure enough, Li Nanheng’s cold voice immediately sounded. “Oh, this little brother seems to be on very good terms with Drillmaster Feng.”

The man’s voice sounded flat, but only Feng Ling could tell the chill in it.

Wan Ke smiled. “Do you think so? It may be because Drillmaster Feng is really nice, and we are similar in many ways. We have almost the same experience.”

We are similar in many ways, we are similar in many ways, we are similar in many ways…

Who the f*ck is similar to you in many ways?

The barrier in Li Naheng’s heart that stopped him from throwing a tantrum finally shattered with a crack.

The smile on Li Nanheng’s face disappeared and he loosened his neckline and nodded lightly. “Very good.”

Hearing his cold words, Feng Ling clenched the document and looked up at the man standing against the light. Not taking the jacket from Wan Ke, she quickly stood up. “Okay, it’s time to go to sleep. I’m leaving…”

Li Nanheng pulled Feng Ling over expressionlessly and suddenly pulled her into his arms.

Feng Ling: “…!!!” Before she finished speaking, she was dragged into the man’s arms.

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