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Chapter 1195 - The Story of Ling and Heng (458)

Chapter 1195: The Story of Ling and Heng (458)

Regarding why Li Nanheng would mind that Wan Ke so much, at noon, Feng Ling found the answer.

The newbies almost collapsed after running for so long. At noon, they could finally go to the base canteen to rest for a while. They went to the canteen in groups, talking and laughing.

Being exhausted, they were very dissatisfied with the deputy drillmaster for today’s devil training.

“I don’t know what the leadership of the base thinks. Why do they assign such a cold-blooded devil as our deputy drillmaster? If I were to run another 200 meters just now, I think I could vomit blood and die on the spot…”

“Yes, he must be an old pervert. I guess he must still be single and psychologically depressed and distorted, and torture others to vent.”

Hearing what they said, Feng Ling sitting next to them choked with water.

Li Nanheng was only twenty-seven years old. Old pervert?

She raised her eyes to look at Li Nanheng who was sitting diagonally opposite. The man put down his chopsticks at this moment, without any expression, and obviously, he was listening to them.

“Yes, Drillmaster Feng seems to be quite young. Why did the base assign such an old assistant to her? Shame on him. He is so old but is only a deputy drillmaster… Tsk tsk…”

Feng Ling: “…”

She looked at Li Nanheng again who didn’t look angry and was even smiling.

But his smile was very cold.

Looking at his smile, she felt a child own her spine.

But was a twenty-seven-year-old old in these brats’ eyes?

At this time, she noticed that Li Nanheng was about to get up, and she hurriedly picked up a chicken leg from her dinner plate and put it onto his dinner plate.

Seeing her move, he paused and glanced at her.

Feng Ling tried to calm him down. After all, those newbies were her team members and she didn’t want to see them tortured by Li Nanheng, but she didn’t want to piss off Li Nanheng either, so she tried to please him with the chicken leg and forced an awkward smile. “Boss, eat this chicken leg.”

Li Nanheng looked at the chicken legs that suddenly appeared on his dinner plate and then at Feng Ling’s flattering smile and the corners of his eyes twitched.

On the dining table not far away, these newbies who didn’t know that Feng Ling had lost a chicken leg because of their words were still whispering to each other.

Their topic had shifted from the new deputy drillmaster to the ‘hierarchy’ in the base. They thought the drillmasters for newbies were at the lowest level among drillmasters of the base, and deputy drillmasters for newbies were even worse. Li Nanheng was really a loser to get this job at such an “old” age…

Then they began to discuss Ah Feng’s status in the base and dared not to show any disrespect to him. Then someone suddenly asked about the legendary Boss Li.

Another newbie hushed that guy and said in a lowered voice, “Boss Li is the boss of the base, okay? Keep your voice down. Even talking about him is an affront to him. I don’t dare to talk about him… ”

Boss Li, who they were talking about, sat at the dining table expressionlessly and listened to these fools, and Feng Ling could only smile at him awkwardly.

In the end, Wan Ke and another newbie finally saw them. They hurriedly coughed and reminded these gossiping fools. Those people turned around, saw Feng Ling’s expression, finally realized that they were “whispering” too loudly, and immediately shut up.

But it was too late.

When Feng Ling put a glass of juice in front of him with a fawning smile, Li Nanheng smiled faintly and pushed the juice back to her.

In the afternoon, the devil training continued.

If he was too gentle to this group of newbies who were still wet behind their ears, they wouldn’t know who they faced.

That afternoon, Li Nanheng reminded Feng Ling of the devil training that she used to suffer… well, even worse than that.

That afternoon, all the newbies collapsed to the ground after the four-hour-long training.

In the end, someone couldn’t stand it anymore. When Li Nanheng answered a call and left the training field, the newbies sat in exhaustion on the ground and complained, “Does the deputy drillmaster have such great power? How could he do this to us? Drillmasters Feng, he was despising your authority! He definitely has a psychological problem to torture us like this!”

The others weakly echoed, “Is he trying to kill us?”

Another newbie said desperately, “I’m afraid that if he keeps training us like this, we will die on the training ground before the screening assessment begins!”

Wan Ke said with worry, “Since we have entered the base, we will receive this kind of devil training sooner or later. It can help us break our physical limits. It’s okay and we just need to take a good rest. What I am worried about is that the deputy drillmaster wants to bully Drillmaster Feng because she is too young. You’ve already worked out a training plan for us, but he just ignored your plan and you seem to be dissatisfied with his behavior… Drillmaster Feng, is he trying to squeeze you out?”

Feng Ling didn’t expect a 19-year-old boy to say that she was too young and worried that she would be bullied by Li Nanheng.

Feng Ling faintly smiled. “It’s not as complicated as you think. This kind of training beyond the physical limit has no harm except making you tired. I also experienced this when I just entered the base. As you said, the training can help you break your physical limit. Maybe our team can only have five members to pass the assessment, but after the devil training, we may have ten of us pass the assessment. It will do you no harm.”

The member who spoke first wiped his sweat and said angrily, “Drillmaster Feng, did he threaten you? How can you speak well of him?…”

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