Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1187 - The Story of Ling and Heng (450)

Chapter 1187: The Story of Ling and Heng (450)


Li Nanheng cursed in his heart, but on the surface, he asked expressionlessly, “Are you sure you want to live here?”

“Yeah.” Feng Ling nodded.

In the next moment, she suddenly received a cold glance from Li Nanheng. Ah Feng stood straight in front of the base hall, saying in a businesslike manner, “Although you are the boss, I’m in charge of the specific affairs. Boss, no matter how unhappy you are, you have to accept it.”

Then, in order to live more comfortably in the base and not to be picked on by the Boss in the future, Ah Feng quickly added, “But if you really can’t help but want to do something with Feng Ling, you can take her out of the base and do whatever you want… but don’t be too crazy to make Feng Ling look too listless when she trains the newbies the next day.”

Feng Ling: “…”

She couldn’t bear it anymore!

She gritted her teeth, stepped forward, and picked up the suitcases by herself. “I’m going into the room. I packed a lot of things in my old residence in these two suitcases. It’ll take me quite a while to clean up.”

No wonder there seemed to be so many things in the two suitcases, more than when she left the base.

Li Nanheng cursed in his heart and looked very unhappy, but at least Feng Ling agreed to stay in the base, which was her biggest concession in recent times.

In order to avoid her being drowned in gossip in the base, he’d better hold back.

Feng Ling was about to lift the suitcases, and the next moment, Li Nanheng took the suitcases from her with a dark face and walked towards the stairs. When he passed by Ah Feng, he said coldly, “Lead the way.”

Ah Feng knew that it was not the time to provoke Boss. Fortunately, Boss wouldn’t throw his tantrum in front of Feng Ling, so he quickly stepped forward to lead the way.

Walking behind, Feng Ling saw the two men walking in tandem. She looked at Li Nanheng who was carrying the suitcases for her and walking stably and could vaguely see the muscle lines on the man’s arm under his black sleeves.

So, was this her boyfriend?

At this moment, she only felt that her heart… was so full of warmth…

She went upstairs and walked to the room on the second floor of the base hall where she would live in the future.

After entering the room, Feng Ling found that it turned out to be a well-decorated business suite. It had new sheets and quilts, a new carpet, and even the curtains were all new. It was clean and looked a bit like the room where Li Nanheng lived.

After all, the base was a military training base, so even the best rooms here were simply-decorated.

Feng Ling was really satisfied to have such a room of about 70 or 80 square meters, which would belong to her alone.

And no matter the separate bathroom, study, or bedroom, the designs were very ingenious.

Seeing the facilities in this room were very good compared to the other rooms in the base, Li Nanheng was not as angry as just now, but his eyes were still cold.

“Feng Ling, you will live here for now. As for the newcomers’ dormitory building, if you want to move in, you can do it after I have someone to decorate a room for you.”

“No, it doesn’t matter where I live. It’s fine if I have a bed to sleep on and a wall to block the wind. I’m not a little princess. I even lived with brothers in muddy trenches before, so this room is very good,” Feng Ling said as she looked out the window.” And this room also has a terrace, where I can see the newcomers training and many places of the base. The view is really good, and the room is big enough. If it’s convenient, I’d like to live here forever.”

“Just one bed?” The expressionless Boss Li had checked around the room and found that although the room was large enough, there was only one bed in the bedroom, and the other bedroom was apparently to be used as a utility room for Feng Ling.

Ah Feng: “…”

Feng Ling: “…”

The two of them were still politely discussing where Feng Ling should live and Boss Li had finished studying the number of beds here.

Ah Feng turned around and said, “Shall I have one more bed moved in?”

Feng Ling wanted to say no. She lived here alone. Why did she need one more bed? And this was the base hall with so many people coming and going. Li Nanheng couldn’t come to her room every day.

However, Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows slightly. “No, one is good, very good.”

Ah Feng immediately understood what Boss meant. He coughed suddenly, and couldn’t help but remind him, “Boss, this is the base after all. Please don’t go too far…”

Li Nanheng glanced at him coldly.

Being coldly stared at by Li Nanheng, Ah Feng felt a chill down his spine and hurriedly said, “No, no, Boss, please feel free to… I’ve checked it out. The sound insulation of the room is very good. You can come when there aren’t many people around. There won’t be any problem…”

Li Nanheng didn’t speak anymore but took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. Although he didn’t say a word, his eyes and movements clearly hinted at Ah Feng that he should leave now.

Ah Feng instantly got what he meant and hurriedly walked out, and when he walked out of the door, he wanted to tell Boss that there wasn’t any condom here and he’d better take care… It was not appropriate to make Feng Ling pregnant at this time.

However, then he remembered how much Mr. Li hoped to have a great-grandchild, so he hesitated and shut up.

Ah Feng had just hesitated in front of the door for about ten seconds, and suddenly he felt a cold stare shooting at him. He shivered and closed the door quickly and decisively.

Before Li Nanheng withdrew his stare, Feng Ling went to open her suitcases and took out her stuff.

There were many things that she used in the base before but didn’t take away the last time.

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