Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1188 - The Story of Ling and Heng (451)

Chapter 1188: The Story of Ling and Heng (451)

Seeing her take her stuff out of the suitcases, Li Nanheng found that it was mostly her personal belongings.

As she was busy cleaning up, he turned around and went into the bathroom with a cigarette that hadn’t been lit in his mouth. He checked if the water, electricity, faucets, and water heater were working and walked out after making sure that everything was OK.

When he came out, Feng Ling had already hung her clothes into the small cloakroom.

Although the cloakroom was not large, it was much larger than an ordinary wardrobe.

Feng Ling didn’t have many clothes and the uniforms she left here couldn’t be worn anymore. The base would change the style of uniforms every year, and hers needed to be re-ordered now. The rest was her own clothes that were mostly sportswear, as well as loose-fitting short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts, casual pants, jeans, sports pants, flat shoes, sneakers, or boots.

But there were no skirts or high heels.

Everyone had been used to her dressing style. If one day, she came out wearing a skirt and high heels, it would scare many people even if she looked beautiful.

When he saw that she even brought back the cheap red scarf that he bought for her in the Food Court, Li Nanheng’s unhappiness arising from the fact that she couldn’t live next door to him was gone in an instant.

The man took the cigarette from his mouth, clamped it on his fingertips, and walked over. “If you need anything, just tell Ah Feng. As he said, he is in charge of all specific affairs of the base, so don’t be afraid to work him to death. Tell him if you lack anything.”

Feng Ling just took out the red scarf from the suitcase, folded it carefully, put it in the small cabinet in the cloakroom, and then looked back at the man who still looked unhappy.

She walked back. “Why don’t you smoke the cigarette?”

“I want to quit smoking, but haven’t,” the man said while looking at her. “You’re going to live here. I don’t want to smoke here to make you subject to passive smoking.”

Feng Ling: “Why did you suddenly become so polite? You smoked a lot in front of me.”

The man sneered suddenly as if he was amused by what she said.

When Feng Ling was about to take the remaining things from the suitcases, he suddenly reached out and hugged her into his arms from her back. She froze and before she spoke, the man kept her in his arms and kissed her ears, saying hoarsely, “Do you mean that I don’t need to be ‘polite’ to you anymore and I can do whatever I want to you? You’re mine from body to heart, from top to bottom, and from inside out?”

Having her sensitive ear being kissed by him, Feng Ling couldn’t help but shrink her neck. She was trying her best to act as his girlfriend, but she didn’t expect he would suddenly kiss her while she was sorting out her luggage. She hurriedly shrank her neck to escape from the hot breath from his lips, saying, “S… stop it. I’m busy.”

“What are you busy at? Why did you bring the old stuff over?” The man still hugged her and whispered to her ear. “I didn’t know you are so nostalgic.”

“Why can’t I be nostalgic?” Seeing that she couldn’t break free, Feng Ling simply gave up struggling and just let the man hold her from behind. Then she turned her eyes to the outside of the terrace, worrying if anyone could see what they were doing from outside.

This was in the base.

She never actively responded to his love when she was in the base before, and at that time her gender hadn’t been exposed, and everything was in a blur.

Now it was all in the open now. Being so intimate with him, although she actually liked it, her face blushed.

Feng Ling had never thought that she would blush, but she found that she really couldn’t handle it when she was titillated by Li Nanheng.

“It’s good to be nostalgic.” The man pulled her closer, turned her body around, and gazed at her with blazing eyes. “I’ll take you to finish the follow-up training of the sniper team that you lacked. You have mastered the basic essentials, but you should make up for what you haven’t learned and leave no regret.”

Feng Ling didn’t expect that she would still have the opportunity to finish the follow-up training, and her eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Have I ever lied to you?” Seeing her eyes were bright, the man smiled and hugged her tightly again. “Do you think we got you back just to act as a drillmaster for the newbies? There are a lot of good things awaiting you.”

“What else?”

“Kiss me and I’ll tell you.” The man put his mouth close to hers.

Seeing his movement and noticing the triumphant smile in the man’s eyes, Feng Ling instinctively retracted her head. Seeing her shrink, Li Nanheng frowned unhappily. “Didn’t you say you wanted to date me and be my woman? Why did you shrink?”

Feng Ling: “…”

She was a little embarrassed, but she knew that Li Nanheng wouldn’t harm her. She just needed to wait and do as he arranged.

But looking at the bluish stubbles on the man’s chin that he didn’t shave because he was too busy these days, she blinked, looked at his expression, and carefully leaned forward to kiss his chin. The next moment, the man suddenly hugged her tightly, bowed his head, and rubbed his chin on her face.

Feng Ling moaned and hurriedly struggled. The moment she was finally pushed onto the sofa by the man, Feng Ling pushed him hard. “Don’t, don’t… get up. It hurts…”

Hearing her moan, he almost lost control of himself. He took a deep breath, resisting the impulse to kiss her, and looked down at her. “Where does it hurt?”

Feng Ling looked at the stubble on his chin speechlessly. “Your stubble… very scratchy…”

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