Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1186 - The Story of Ling and Heng (449)

Chapter 1186: The Story of Ling and Heng (449)

Although Feng Ling was back, she was no longer a member of the sniper team.

This time she came back with a new identity and new responsibilities, and he would have to arrange a suitable residence for her.

The members of the sniper team had moved out of the dormitory building and only Li Nanheng lived in that building now. As for the room next to him…

Since Feng Ling would come back as a woman, she couldn’t live next door to Li Nanheng anymore. Although most of the people in the base knew the real relationship between Feng Ling and Boss, it was still improper for Feng Ling to live next door to Boss.

Two days later, there was only one day before Feng Ling officially took over the newcomers.

Li Nanheng happened to have finished his work and returned to the base, but he still had something to deal with in the base hall. On the way back, he knew that Feng Ling had settled down in the base in the past two days, and she did not intend to leave this time, which made him quite relieved. Although he missed her very much, he still went to the base hall first.

However, when he parked his car in front of the base hall and was about to enter the base hall, he suddenly heard something.

He turned his head, only to see that Feng Ling was walking toward him, carrying two oversized suitcases and pulling them towards the door of the base hall, panting hard.

The suitcases looked quite heavy.

Li Nanheng walked up and took the suitcases from her hand. “What are these?”

Feng Ling didn’t expect that he would come back suddenly and was a bit surprised to see him. Seeing him carry the suitcases without any difficulty, she couldn’t help exclaiming in her heart that men and women were really different.

No matter how good she was at martial skills, in terms of strength, if the full score was 100, Li Nanheng could score 150 points, while she could only get seventy to eighty points.

The biggest difference between men and women was in strength.

“Ah Feng arranged a room on the corner of the second floor of the base hall for me. I’m moving into it,” Feng Ling said as she reached out to help him with the suitcases.

As soon as Li Nanheng heard this, he put the suitcases on the ground and asked crossly, “He asked you to live in the base hall?”

“Yes, any problem?” Feng Ling glanced at the suitcase he “threw away” and then looked at him. “Since I am a drillmaster for newcomers, I should live in the nearest place to those newcomers, but because of my gender, it’s not convenient for me to live in the same building with them, and the base hall is the closest place to the training site for the newcomers. If I don’t live there, where else can I live?”

Li Nanheng glanced at her indifferently. “Can’t you live next door to me?”

Feng Ling: “…”

Ah Feng heard the sound of the car just now and knew that Boss Li had been back, but when he came out, he suddenly heard these words.

Ah Feng cleared his throat, coughed and said, “Boss, although this base belongs to you, at least 95% of the brothers in our base are single, and the remaining five percent who have girlfriends can only see their girlfriends every several months, so you’d better hold back a bit…. Isn’t it a bit too much to have Feng Ling live with you?”

Li Nanheng glanced at him coldly. “I said living next door to me. What’s the hell in your mind?”

“That’s not acceptable either! You two are only separated by a wall, and now you live alone in that building.” Ah Feng laughed and said, “Before brothers thought Feng Ling was a man and you were gay, but now… living in the same building? Isn’t it just like living in the same bed?”

Feng Ling: “…”

“You are the boss here, but even if you have the final say on everything here, you still have to take into account the others’ feelings. In private, you and Feng Ling can do whatever you want, but don’t go too far on the surface.”

After Ah Feng finished speaking, he looked at Feng Ling as if hoping her to understand him. “Now you just live here temporarily. Don’t be picky, OK?”

Feng Ling: “…I have no problem with it. It’s fine to live in the base hall. It’s the best location in the base both in view and environment. How could I be picky?”

Li Nanheng’s face went dark.

Of course, the base hall was good.

Both its view and environment.

However, if he wanted to come to find Feng Ling at night, he would have to walk under the surveillance cameras at the main entrance of the base hall which had the most surveillance cameras in the base. There were surveillance cameras even in the passages and corridors and so many people came and went.

What did he work so hard to coax Feng Ling back to the base for?

Just to look at her?

So it turned out that he couldn’t even touch Feng Ling now?!

As the boss of the base, Li Nanheng was the person in charge here. He paid the members with subsidies and bonuses after each mission. Although he was very generous in paying the members, the base was full of single men and Feng Ling was indeed the only woman here. If he broke the rules of the base, it would put Feng Ling in an awkward situation.

“If you don’t want to live next door to me, change to another placem” Li Nanheng said coldly. “Isn’t there a newly built building next to the newcomer’s dormitory building?”

Ah Feng curled his lips. “That building has only been built a few months ago and hasn’t been decorated yet, including water, electricity, bedding facilities and daily necessities. I was busy with something else these months and forgot to have it decorated. Even if Feng Ling is going to live there, she can only move in at least three months later, and before that, she’ll have to live here.”

Hearing this, Feng Ling didn’t want to delay any more time, saying, “It’s okay. I’ll live here. It’s good.”

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