Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1185 - The Story of Ling and Heng (448)

Chapter 1185: The Story of Ling and Heng (448)

Not expecting that Feng Ling agreed so quickly this time, Ah Feng was very glad that his task was completed so easily. “OK, ok. If you want to be low-key, then let’s keep it low-key. As long as you come back, nothing can be a problem.”

Ah Feng was very serious in usual times. He was assigned to the base by the elders of the Li family to be in charge of the base and be their informant in the base.

However, he was a nice person. Feng Ling remembered that when she was kicked out of the base, Ah Feng looked quite sympathetic to her, but because of his duties and the rules of the base, he didn’t say anything back then.

Such an honest and serious person became so happy that even Feng Ling was affected by him and, at this moment, she decided to put down the past and move on.

It was not bad to go back to the base. If she served as a drillmaster for newcomers, those people wouldn’t be so jealous of her and wouldn’t keep picking on her, which would save her a lot of troubles.

On the day that Ji Nuan and Mr. Mo were discharged from the hospital, they went to XI Base first.

Mr. Mo had something to deal with at the base, and when he arrived, many people went to the conference room.

Feng Ling accompanied Ji Nuan around the base.

K would come over from time to time to introduce the facilities and places of the base to Ji Nuan.

When visiting the shooting range and the close-quarter combat training area, Ji Nuan looked at those members who were still training for a few hours in such cold weather and then looked at Feng Ling. ” Did you use to do this every day?”

Feng Ling looked on from the side and nodded.

“Mrs. Mo, although Feng Ling is small and thin, she is better than us every time she trains and is always the bravest one in fights. Eighty percent of the people in our base can’t beat her in terms of close-quarter combat, let alone sniping.”

K said and reached out to put his arm around Ling’s shoulders.

Feng Ling didn’t avoid him but said coolly, “I’m flattered.”

K smiled. “Why? Are you afraid that Mrs. Mo knows how important you are in our base and give you a salary increase? Haha, don’t worry. Mrs. Mo can afford it anyway…”

The members who were on good terms with Feng Ling had already known that she was coming back to the base and they were very happy to hear the news. They almost couldn’t wait to see her back.

“Get lost.” Feng Ling patted him away. “I’m accompanying Mrs. Mo to walk around the base. Go about your business”

“Are you two having a private conversation between women? Last time, you almost smashed my phone when I saw you with a facial mask.”

Before K finished, Feng Ling had kicked him and he quickly ran away.

Ji Nuan looked at the figures who were training. Maybe it was because she had a hero complex. Although she had never reached such training, she was very interested and asked Feng Ling to teach her to shoot.

Feng Ling was happy to teach her. It would be good if Ji Nuan could learn some simple self-defense skills and shooting skills to protect herself.

After all, although Ji Nuan fired a gun last time in Cambodia, she was not very good at shooting that time and almost got herself injured.

So she took the chance to teach Ji Nuan how to shoot.

In fact, if Ji Nuan asked her to stay by her side and teach her some self-defense skills, Feng Ling would have agreed. She actually didn’t want to be separated from Ji Nuan.

But everyone got their own way. Sooner or later, Ji Nuan would return to Hai City with Mr. Mo, and she did not belong to Hai City. Behind her was XI Base and her sweetheart… Li Nanheng.

She couldn’t part with him, she couldn’t.


The next day.

Mr. Mo and Ji Nuan returned to the Mo family in Los Angeles. Feng Ling didn’t need to follow them and had nothing to do.

However, Ah Feng didn’t think so. Seeing that Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo were gone, he quickly came to Feng Ling with the list of new members of the base for fear that she would go back on her words and run away.

“This is the list of rookie members of the team that you will be in charge of. These lads are a bit older than when you first joined the base, but they are all only eighteen or nineteen years old.”

Hearing his words, Feng Ling picked up the list and took a look at it. They were indeed all 18 or 19 years old. So they weren’t much younger than her.

At this time, she suddenly remembered what Mrs. Feng said the last time.

She confirmed that she was in her early twenties.

“However, newcomers at this age are easier to be trained. Although they are not very obedient, they know how to behave. Unlike little brats, they are too emotional sometimes, so you don’t need to take care of them. If they make a mistake, you can just punish them, and if they can’t hold on, you can just kick them out. In the base, psychological endurance is important.”

“Yeah.” Feng Ling nodded and asked while looking at the list, “Who has arranged this job for me?”

Not expecting this question from her, Ah Feng said what he had prepared before. “Of course it’s the base. Now we’re so short of manpower. You are one of the elites we lost by mistake. Now we finally have the opportunity to get you back. Of course, we’ll try our best to get you back.”

“Really?” Feng Ling had long known that it was actually Li Nanheng. He wished that she could stay in the base and stay beside him every day, but she didn’t expose Ah Feng’s lie but just smiled lightly. “Okay, I’ll take these people, but I haven’t trained for a long time and have to review the basic movements and postures. Give me three days. Three days later, I’ll go see them.”

“OK, three days are fine.”

After Ah Feng left, Feng Ling turned around and walked outside. Looking at the various training fields in the base and the assembly square in the center of the base, she could vaguely hear the uniform paces of the members in training.

Breathing the familiar air here, she smiled.

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