Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1184 - : The Story of Ling and Heng (447)

Chapter 1184: The Story of Ling and Heng (447)

Feng Ling froze because of his sudden “enthusiasm.” He must have restrained his desire very hard yesterday, so he was so horny now and there was no one else here, so she didn’t struggle at all.

Letting the man hug her and kiss her for a long while, Feng Ling tried to respond carefully. She was not very good at responding, so she just moved her lips and sucked his tongue as he did to her. As if being given an electric shock, the man suddenly hugged her tightly in his arms and kissed her lips frantically.

Feng Ling felt that, if it weren’t for the fact that he still had business to handle, he would have taken her to bed once again.

From this kiss full of burning lust, she could feel how hard he tried to restrain his desire.

In the end, he managed to restrain, but he still put his arms around her waist and said while kissing her auricle, “Don’t put all your attention on Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen all day long. Mo Jingshen’s employment contract with you is going to expire. In a few days, you will be my subordinate again. Take a rest and don’t make yourself too tired.”

Going to expire?

Feng Ling had thought that after this incident, she would continue to accompany Ji Nuan back to Hai City.

She didn’t know why Mr. Mo hired her. All she knew was that Dr. Qin recommended her, then Xiao Xu took her to the Yu Garden to see Ji Nuan, but she didn’t pay much attention to the contract. She only knew that it was not a life-long contract. As Xiao Xu told her, she just needed to stay in Hai City for a few months as a rest.

A few months.

And the contract expired so soon.

But it didn’t matter. Even if she was no longer Ji Nuan’s bodyguard, they were still good friends. In fact, she had taken Ji Nuan as her good friend in her heart because Ji Nuan was so kind to her.

“What are you going to do after the contract expires?” The man suddenly asked.

Feng Ling: “I haven’t thought about this issue.”

“How about staying with me?”


If it were in the past, she would have run as far as she could.

But now, she had decided to admit her real feelings. She couldn’t just wait for Li Nanheng to show his love to her. She wanted to respond to his love and be frank.

She pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t have any plans for the time being, so I’ll just stay with Ji Nuan. Even if there is only one day left, I am still her bodyguard.”

“Okay.” Knowing how stubborn she could be, Li Nanheng didn’t ask anymore, smiled, and touched the little bun on her head.

She was no longer escaping from him. Even if she took the initiative to take half a step towards him, that was enough for him.

Feng Ling lifted her hand and was about to untie the bun on her head, but the man seemed to like it very much, patted her hand away, and kept stroking the bun. At this time, his cellphone rang.

The man raised his eyebrows, picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID, then turned to walk out. “Okay, I’m going back to the Li family.”

Feng Ling nodded. After the man left, she turned and looked at the small mirror on the wall for a while again and touched the little bun on her head. Thinking of how Li Nanheng kept stroking it, she felt her face was getting hotter and hotter. Being a bit shy, she quickly untied it.

Then she looked at the small black rubber band in her hand and put it into the drawer beside the bed.


In the past few days when Feng Ling was in the hospital, Li Nanheng was very busy, so the two of them hadn’t got a chance to be together for about a week, and every time they met, they only had the time to give a quick glance to each other.

In the end, Li Nanheng couldn’t bear it anymore. He entrusted many of his jobs to Ah Feng who certainly didn’t dare to refuse him.

Feng Ling had just accompanied Ji Nuan to change the dressing on her wound and went back to her room, and she received an express delivery.

She opened it and it turned out to be an offer letter from XI Base, which specified her new job in the base.

It has been almost three years since XI Base had recruited any new staff. Some old members who passed the assessment were arranged to work in the military, the police, or the security department of the United Nations in batches. The remaining ones performed their own functions in the base. Veteran drillmasters like Han Jin no longer instructed newcomers. Most of them were working in the base hall like Ah Feng.

There was a shortage of drillmasters in the base now, especially those who were responsible for training newcomers.

The base had recruited two teams of newcomers recently, each with 20 people, one of them was under the supervision of an excellent member of the previous Team Two, and as for the other team, they planned to let Feng Ling lead them.

They made this decision because Feng Ling used to be a newcomer herself. Being offered such a job, she might be more willing to accept it.

As they expected, after reading the letter, Feng Ling hesitated rather than refused.

Should she go back to the base?

She knew the current conditions in the base. The base did lack suitable drillmasters for newcomers and it was really not easy to find qualified ones from the old members. Feng Ling was confident she could be qualified for this job.

Since the contract with Mr. Mo was going to expire soon since she had nowhere to go now, and since she had already chosen Li Nanheng…

Feng Ling looked at the letter in her hand for a while and called the base hall. The call was answered by Ah Feng. She came straight to the point. “I agree to serve as a drillmaster for the newcomers of the base, but I want to keep a low profile in case the people of Team Three will make trouble. After all, I’ve been away for so long, and I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

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