Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1183 - The Story of Ling and Heng (446)

Chapter 1183: The Story of Ling and Heng (446)

But after all, this was a hospital where people came and went. Although they were on the corner of the corridor and avoided Ji Nuan and K’s sight, there were still doctors and nurses walking around.

Feng Ling covered his mouth to stop him from kissing her, and hinted at him to restrain himself with her eyes.

But the man still hugged her, tilted his head, and looked at her with a smile. He didn’t force to kiss her anymore but just kissed her gently in the palm of her hand.

Under the man’s sultry and meaningful eyes, Feng Ling felt that the place in the palm of her hand touched by his lips was horribly hot.

She quickly put her hands down and straightened up. At the same time, she looked in the other direction, only to see that Mr. Mo’s father had come out of another elevator with Secretary An and bumped into Ji Nuan.

Mr. Mo’s injury hadn’t been healed and Chairman Mo just brought An Shuyan over so blatantly. He just didn’t give a damn to Ji Nuan’s feelings.

“Chairman Mo is here. I’m going back to wash my face. Go help Mrs. Mo.” Feng Ling gave Li Nanheng a look, signaling him to give a hand to Ji Nuan if she was picked on by Chairman Mo.

“Me?” Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at the direction. “Do you think she is really a calm and meek little sheep like she looks? Ji Nuan is even more stubborn than you. She doesn’t need my help at all!”

“I don’t care. If you’re my man, you’ve gotta help my friend. Ji Nuan said I am her friend.”

Li Nanheng’s eyes immediately lit up, and he looked at Feng Ling who had just blurted out the words. “Your man?”


“Okay, I’ll help her.” The man cracked a smile.

Feng Ling: “…” She fled.

Seeing that Feng Ling went back to wash her face, Li Nanheng didn’t stop her anymore, took a cigarette, and put it in his mouth. He smiled when he recalled the expression Feng Ling had when she said he was her man. Then he looked back in Ji Nuan’s direction and walked over without lighting the cigarette in his mouth.

Since his little wife asked him to help Ji Nuan, he would help her.

Outside Mo Jingshen’s ward, An Shuyan who was carrying some nutrients and a fruit basket was about to enter the ward, only to be stopped by Li Nanheng.

He glanced at her coldly. “Miss An, are you here on behalf of Chairman Mo?”

Seeing that it was Li Nanheng, An Shuyan put away her arrogant look just now and nodded politely: “Yes, Chairman Mo asked me to take care of Jingshen.”

Li Nanheng smiled, but his smile was obviously cold. Still standing in front of the ward, he said coldly, “He is sleeping. You’d better not disturb him now. If you have any words to speak to him, tell Mrs. Mo and she will convey them to Mo Jingshen.”

Standing beside the elevator, Ji Nuan gave Li Nanheng a thumbs up in her heart when she heard what he said.

Unexpectedly, Nanheng, who would ridicule her every time he saw her, would come up to help her, which made her a bit moved.

“Mr. Li, Chairman Mo is right there. I think you should have heard what he just said,” An Shuyan emphasized.

Li Nanheng took the cigarette in his mouth and narrowed his eyes coldly. “I have been friends with Mo Jingshen for many years, but I have nothing to do with Shine Group. I think Chairman Mo should know what kind of person I am. If I say you can’t enter the ward now, then you can’t.”

When he said this, Li Nanheng glanced in Mo Shaoze’s direction with a cold smile.

When Mo Shaoze heard this, he looked obviously offended, but he had to admit that this hospital was surrounded by XI Base people. If he weren’t Mo Jingshen’s father, he wouldn’t have been able to get here.

“My own son is here in the hospital. As his father, I am not allowed to see him?!” Mo Shaoze asked in a cold voice, looking angry.

“If Chairman Mo wants to go in, of course, I won’t stop you.” Li Nanheng said coldly and leisurely. “But I’m afraid that Miss An can’t go in. Mrs. Mo is still watching and you want Miss An to enter the ward? Are you kidding me?”

Mo Shaoze frowned, but An Shuyan was slightly embarrassed by Li Nanheng’s words. After all, she was not that shameless, so she walked to Ji Nuan and handed her what she was holding. “Mrs. Mo, thank you.”

Seeing that Ji Nuan didn’t have to confront Mo Shaoze head-on now, Li Nanheng didn’t say anymore and left.

He had to go back to the Li family to handle those unsolved matters, but before going back, he could “drop in” and take a look at his little wife who had accidentally admitted that he was her man just now.

Feng Ling just washed her face in her room and was wiping the water stains on her face. She didn’t use skincare products. However, one of the creams that Ji Nuan bought yesterday smelled good. She really liked that light fragrance. Ji Nuan said it was very expensive and was very good for her skin, but it turned out to only have the most basic moisturizing effect.

Feng Ling took a look at the cream, dipped it a little with her finger, smeared it on her face, and then spread it on her face little by little.

She learned this from Ling Feifei when she was in T City, who would spend a long time applying skincare products in the dormitory after washing her face every morning and evening, so she learned how to use skincare products from her.

After applying a thin layer of cream on her face, she found that her skin that was fair but a bit dry looked hydrated and felt much smoother to the touch. No wonder women liked to use skincare products.

She gently patted her face while considering whether to buy a few bottles for herself. She didn’t want to use Ji Nuan’s, even if Ji Nuan would be happy to let her use it.

As she was thinking about it, the door of the room suddenly opened.

Knowing that she was living here alone, Li Nanheng didn’t knock when he entered the door. As soon as he came in, he saw that Feng Ling whose little bun was still on her head was standing in front of a small mirror on the wall… poking her own face with her finger.

Feng Ling, the best sniper of XI Base, was hiding in the room and appreciating her face like a little girl.

With just a glance, Li Nanheng felt his heart was about to melt. He walked over, grabbed Feng Ling’s wrist, decisively pulled her into his arms, and did what he wanted to do just now outside. He kissed her lips hard, swept across her lips with his tongue, and forcibly opened her mouth, and kissed her deeper.

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