Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1179 - The Story of Ling and Heng (442)

Chapter 1179: The Story of Ling and Heng (442)

Li Nanheng clearly did not wish to answer the phone.

That he was unwilling to answer the phone meant that there was definitely something urgent he needed to deal with.

The man tugged her across the bridge. Right as they were about to head to the hotel next to the departmental store, his phone rang again.

This time, Feng Ling halted in her steps and reached into his coat pocket to retrieve his phone. She lowered her head to see that it was a call from the base’s control center. She immediately rolled her eyes at Li Nanheng: “It’s from the base’s control center.”

If the base’s control center was making calls to Li Nanheng’s private phone number, there was surely a 99 percent chance that there was something urgent they needed him to deal with. Typically, Li Nanheng’s attitude in front of her was different from when he dealt with XI Base’s matters. XI Base was the responsibility he had shouldered. It was rare for him to neglect calls from the base.

Just from this alone, it was clear that he really had enough of tolerating…

Li Nanheng glanced at her serious appearance and released a long sigh. He received the phone and answered it with a poor expression. After listening to the other end for a moment, he replied mildly: “I understand.”

With those two words, the man directly ended the call.

“What happened? Did Ah Feng make the call? This phone should be connected to your personal phone number. There must be something urgent,” Feng Ling said.

“The American military has learned about what happened in Cambodia and wants to find trouble about the kids who innocently lost their lives in that mindfield. For so many years, they’ve never been able to successfully stir up any trouble. What do you think they want to do? They’re trying to grab hold of any opportunity to step on us. Even if at the end of the day, they’ll discover that they’re only stepping on air, they won’t let go of this opportunity easily.” Li Nanheng sneered coldly: “When the American Police Force sent out support, I didn’t see the military doing anything. Now that we came back alive, they picked the moment when I’m absent to find trouble.”


“They’re all at the base. Ah Feng has stabilized the problem for now. He’s waiting for me to go back and resolve it personally.”

Hearing this, Feng Ling’s rationality returned. The two of them stood by the road. Every so often, cars would speed by. After a long moment, Feng Ling tugged her hand out from his grip: “You head back first. I’ll go back to the hospital. Mrs. Mo is still waiting for me.”

The man glanced at him: “Is Mrs. Mo more important or am I more important?”

“…You’re jealous of Ji Nuan? Are you serious?”

“Extremely serious,” he spoke firmly. Given the people and cars passing by, he did not forcefully haul her close to him. However, Feng Ling could see the dark fire hidden in his gaze.

However, this wasn’t the appropriate time for it.

Furthermore, the base was still waiting for him to come resolve the issue. If this was only a small matter, Ah Feng would have resolved it on his own without calling Li Nanheng back. Furthermore, Ah Feng had made several calls in succession. This meant that it was a serious issue. Without Boss Li appearing personally, they likely wouldn’t be able to resolve it.

His appearance was gloomy. He looked just like a big, wild wolf who had successfully stolen a bone only to realize there wasn’t any meat on it, and was now lowering his ears unhappily.

Feng Ling’s heart had been trembling earlier from the shame, but as she gradually calmed down, she discovered that she was somewhat relieved. She wasn’t sure what was going through her mind, but she didn’t like Li Nanheng displaying such an obviously disappointed and unhappy appearance. She suddenly took the initiative to lean into his embrace and press a kiss on his chin. She whispered: “I’ll pay you back when you return.”

The man’s eyes seemed to light up. He immediately held her waist tightly and lowered his head to look at her: “You’ll pay me back?”


His eyes immediately curved into a satisfied smile. He was about to give her a deep kiss when he realized that, with his current state, it hadn’t been easy for the news of those bastards in the military to wake him up like a basin of cold water. If he kissed her now, even if the King of Hell was here to blow up the XI Base, he would definitely still drag her to the hotel. Fuck everything else.

Instead, Li Nanheng rubbed her soft hair: “All right. I’ll lend you to Ji Nuan for a few days. When everything settles, you should return. Hai City isn’t a place for long-term stay.”

What he meant was that Hai City was too far away; China was too far away. It was best to stay in Los Angeles; best to stay by his side.

Feng Ling knew that he was currently in pain and did not provoke or refute him. She pressed another kiss against his chin: “Go on.”

Li Nanheng’s gaze darkened from the kiss. However, his phone immediately rang again. He lifted his head and rolled his eyes toward the sky. He took his phone out to see that it was a call from Ah Feng again. He immediately turned to head toward his car with a cold expression.

Li Nanheng drove Feng Ling back to the hospital. When she alighted the car, the man had already become much more composed. Earlier, she had listened to his conversation with those people in the base. From his tone, she could tell that those military officers causing trouble in the base right now were likely about to lose their jobs.

After alighting, she turned back to look at the black Hummer speeding away. She felt that Li Nanheng had even managed to drive a car while emitting murderous intent.


Mr. Mo’s condition had stabilized, but he still needed to rest and take his medicine everyday.

Before Feng Ling left the hospital, Mr. Mo had been resting. She returned to see that Ji Nuan was inside his room and decided to sit outside to wait for her.

Now that she was able to sit in silence, she carefully recalled the conversation Li Nanheng had with Madam Feng.

After running through the conversation repeatedly, she still could not figure out what she had missed. When Madam Feng had spoken to Li Nanheng, she had clearly been somewhat stern and serious. Li Nanheng had also responded in a similar manner.

But this only confused her further…

Did Madam Feng not mind her relationship with Li Nanheng at all?

After seeing Madam Feng’s emotional state today, even if she did not wish to look into her own birth, she vaguely sensed that things were moving beyond her control.

For example, Madam Feng’s reaction to learning about their relationship…

She was deep in her thoughts when the hospital doors opened. Ji Nuan stepped out.

Ji Nuan saw that Feng Ling was sitting outside and asked: “You weren’t in the hospital earlier. Where did you go?”

Feng Ling was in the midst of considering Madam Feng’s matters. Upon receiving Ji Nuan’s question, she paused and answered simply: “I went to settle some personal matters.”

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