Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1178 - The Story of Ling and Heng (441)

Chapter 1178: The Story of Ling and Heng (441)

Afterward, Feng Ling couldn’t remember much of what they talked about. She only remembered that Madam Feng repeatedly invited her to the Feng family home as a guest.

At the time, Feng Ling’s attention had been completely distracted from the conversation. This was because Li Nanheng had held onto her hand. Right before Madam Feng returned to her seat, he even whispered an indecent and explicit line into her ear. Feng Ling felt as though smoke had immediately escaped her brains.

If Madam Feng hadn’t been around, she would surely have committed murder!

In between, she glared harshly at the man several times. Li Nanheng maintained a smile throughout it all. Even though he had said something unbelievably shameless to her moments ago, he was actually able to maintain a light smile to continue chatting politely with Madam Feng.

Finally, despite Madam Feng’s unwillingness to part from her, she could not force the two of them to chat any longer with her. She reminded Feng Ling repeatedly to find more opportunities to come out and have meals with her. After receiving Feng Ling’s agreement, she finally begrudgingly left the cafe.

After confirming that Madam Feng had left, Feng Ling immediately exploded in rage. She lowered her voice to scold: “You shameless bas… uu!”

In response, Li Nanheng held the back of her head and forced her to lean forward. The man pressed a precise and urgent kiss against her lips without concealing the heat in his eyes. It was as though, if they weren’t out in the public, in a cafe where waiters were walking about, he would have pressed her down on the floor.

Earlier, what did he whisper in her ears?

“That night, you were the one who seduced me, yet it turned out that you were on your period. In order to have me sleep by your side, you even took the initiative to help me solve the issue with your hands. Your hands were so soft and you refused to let me go. You wouldn’t stop wrapping your legs around my body. You say, would I have been able to refuse you?”

The man held onto her cheeks as he kissed her, refusing to let her back away. This cafe was a popular spot for couples to visit. Every so often, they would also have customers who would become too passionate. It was a common sight to see couples kissing here. However, Li Nanheng’s kiss was completely different from that of what a young couple would have done. In fact, his kiss seemed to conceal all of his desire. The burning heat left Feng Ling wondering if she would be brought away from this place, to be swallowed into his belly.

The waiters around them all averted their eyes as they passed by. In order not to disturb them, they intentionally avoided looking in their direction.

After being nibbled on for a while, Feng Ling tried to push him away but he would not budge. She could only pinch his fingers painfully. However, the man did not seem to feel the ache. Instead, he increased his force and held her hands, pressing it against his waist. He then buried his head in her neck and took a deep breath in. His long breath against her sensitive neck and ears left her body trembling.

“Li Nanheng.”


“Li Nanheng!” He wouldn’t budge from her neck, and his breaths were still teasing her neck. She raised her voice slightly.


“There are so many people here, don’t…”

Before she could finish speaking, the man abruptly tugged her hand down. He pressed her palm against ‘that area.’

Even with the fabric of his pants separating them, the warmth from her palm almost caused the man’s voice to escape.

Li Nanheng did not say anything, but his gaze was somewhat unrestrained. Since that night in Cambodia, when this woman confessed her genuine love for him, confided all of her feelings to him, and used her hands to help him, his desire had been indescribably overwhelming. However, since their return to Los Angeles, they had been obstructed by Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen’s hospitalization, the countless matters XI Base needed to resolve with the American Police Force, and Feng Ling’s constant need to be by Ji Nuan’s side. It had been days since they last met. Certain desires could no longer be contained and were about to escape.

Earlier, when he called her, he should have asked her to find a hotel room to wait for him instead of coming to accompany her to meet Madam Feng.

Madam Feng wouldn’t have hurt her, what did he have to worry about?

What kind of nonsense were those gentlemanly rules about taking things one step at a time? He was facing the woman he had loved for so long; the woman who reciprocate his feelings. Right now, there was only one thing he wanted to do.

To press her on the bed and do it for the entire day, to leave her breathless and her eyes reddened, to have her crying for mercy under him and to let her keep away the composed and apathetic attitude she always carefully held onto in front of everyone. He wanted to destroy her rationality, to make her cry out his name in a different tone. He wanted to leave her voice hoarse, begging for mercy, calling for his name…

The burning heat in Feng Ling’s cheeks left her feeling as though she would explode anytime. This place was filled with so many people. How could he…

Right now, the man could not pause to care about her embarrassment and shame. His muscles were tense as he held onto her tightly. He could not extinguish the heat in his body easily and the burning fire was frustrating his heart. The instincts and deep feelings urged him to press kisses against her heck. He caught her chin with one hand and began kissing her once more.

“Let’s go to the hotel… baby, I can’t wait anymore…”

Before his final strand of rationality snapped, Li Nanheng spoke hoarsely and stood up to tug her away with him.

Feng Ling could not escape the grip of his hand. Her cheeks were burning hot. She was supposed to warn him not to go out of line, but she discovered that in this moment, beneath the shame, she anticipated what was to come. This sort of sharp, burning hot and numb sensation was truly strange.

However, as the man hauled her out of the cafe, his phone rang.

Feng Ling felt the heavy grip against her palm. It was clear that, even if the sky were to collapse, it wouldn’t stop him from dragging her to a hotel. This place was close to the hospital and a business district. It would take too long to return to his accommodation. They didn’t have any choice beyond going to a hotel.

Feng Ling did not say anything. In fact, when the man brought her out of the cafe, her mind had already crashed. It was only when his phone rang again that she reminded him: “Could there be something urgent? Answer your phone first.”

“Urgent matter? What could possibly be more urgent than me?” The man could not even be bothered to bring out his phone.

“We’re in Los Angeles right now, and you’re the boss of XI Base. What if the police side or military side had something important to say? Answer the phone first. A short phone call won’t delay anything.”

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