Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1177 - The Story of Ling and Heng (440)

Chapter 1177: The Story of Ling and Heng (440)

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“I won’t.” Li Nanheng did not lower his voice. He openly tightened his grip around her hand.

Feng Ling felt her anger form like a knot. She dearly wished she could smash that uneaten plate of chocolate cake on his face.

Madam Feng watched the way they were clearly flirting. She could not bear to leave them and really wanted to ask more. However, she could sense that she was somewhat of an eyesore for now. Thus, she stood up to say: “The two of you continue. I’ll go use the restroom.”

Feng Ling quickly turned to nod politely at Madam Feng.

After Madam Feng walked away, the man lifted her hand up and placed it on the table. He then continued pressing his palm on the back of her hand. She tried to move away but he easily gripped her wrist, preventing her from escaping.

“Wasn’t your attitude still all right previously?” The man sat closely by her side. He did not intentionally speak close to her ears, but it still sounded that way.

Feng Ling naturally wanted to maintain a good attitude to speak to him. However, from the man’s attitude earlier, it was clear it did not take anyone into account.

He was truly far too arrogant!

Arrogant to the point where… her heart would not stop beating frantically.

The man tugged her hand down and stubbornly placed it against his lap. It seemed like he enjoyed placing her hand on his lap in this manner, and having her lean her body slightly toward his chest in a relaxed, dependent posture.

“I thought that in days following our return to Cambodia, you would already have thought about how to treat me well. Who would have thought…”

Feng Ling faltered. She abruptly tugged her hand away and kept silent gloomily.

Madam Feng naturally did not leave to use the restroom. She had yet to return, likely because she did not wish to leave early, but also did not wish to interfere with their relationship. Thus, she excused herself for a while, so they could finally have some alone time.

Feng Ling took this moment to sort out her feelings silently.

The air between them suddenly turned quiet.

“What are you thinking of?” Li Nanheng did not touch her again. Instead, he lightly rubbed his thumb against the empty coffee cup on the table.

Feng Ling felt that this wasn’t the place to say what she had in mind. Madam Feng would also be returning anytime.

However, the words were right by her lips and the man was sitting by her side patiently. Earlier, even when he knew that the person across the table was Madam Feng, he did not make any attempt to conceal their relationship. He didn’t even leave any road for her to back away.

A moment later, Madam Feng still did not return. The man shifted his arm from the back of her seat to her shoulders.

She abruptly turned and looked directly into his eyes to say: “Li Nanheng, let’s find a suitable time to go for a date.”

Li Nanheng had just received a glass of lemon water from a waiter passing by. He drank a mouthful and almost spat it out. The water was caught in his throat and he was left coughing loudly. After finally catching his breath, he turned to look at her in disbelief: “What did you just say? A date?”

“I’ve thought about it. Since I can’t hide or escape from you, I’m fated to be intertwined with you for the rest of my life. In that case, I should properly recognize the position I hold in your heart…” Feng Ling tried her best to compose her voice. She needed to calm down, to calm down: “We’ve been intertwined since I entered the base. By now, it’s been several years. It’s time we talk about this seriously.”

Seeing that she wanted to face their relationship openly, Li Nanheng’s lips concealed a smile: “And so? Do you mean to say that, you’re finally officially willing to be my woman?”

“…” Originally, Feng Ling wanted to correct him. She wanted to say that it was, ‘girlfriend.’

However, as the word was caught in her throat, she felt that it wouldn’t make much difference. It was only five characters. At the end of the day, what was most important was this man.

Thus, the words in her mouth changed and directly became: “Let’s not talk about that for now. First, give me an honest explanation of what you did to me that night in Cambodia.”

Li Nanheng’s smile had been about to stretch to his ears only to tremble slightly at her question. From her expression, it was clear she had already guessed something…

He coughed, curling his hand into a fist to press lightly against his lips. He coughed several more times and did not answer.

“That night, what exactly did you do to me?”


What else could he possibly have done?

He brought her up by his side for so many years, daring only to look and not touch. He had restrained himself so many times, nearly giving in, only to pause in consideration for her age, and the various ridiculous circumstances that would show up to obstruct him.

It hadn’t been easy for him to finally start eating, and if it hadn’t been for the matters in Cambodia, he wouldn’t have been obstructed again for so long. During that period of time, he had truly lived like a poor monk in training.

Afterward, he finally got to hold her in his arms for a good night of sleep. Who would have thought her great-aunt would choose such a time to visit.

Despite all that had happened, he could only watch and not eat. That night, he had truly lost some control on his own sanity. If he hadn’t held onto the last strand of his mind, perhaps he would have done even more outrageous things.

He had only exhausted her for a night. Afterward, he secretly helped her soak her tired hands in warm water for a night. He only released her after making sure that her hands were clean. That night, his actions had been out of line. However, that was also because he had been pushed to his limits by this little vixen; he had no choice but to be out of line.

Considering his actions, it was unsurprising for her hands to still retain some discomfort the next day.

“How about, we continue discussing our date?”


“Weren’t you the one who brought it up earlier?”

Madam Feng finally then returned from the restroom. Feng Ling turned to see that, although she was smiling, her eyes were slightly red.

Did she cry alone in the restroom?

Why did she cry?

She felt that she didn’t display too much of her connection with the Feng family. Even if Madam Feng had her theories and suspicions, it wasn’t plausible for her to have confirmed it so quickly. However, it was obvious she had cried. Although she applied a bit of powder under her eyes to conceal the signs, her eyes were still clearly reddened.

This middle-aged woman, it seemed like all that could make her happy and all that could drive her to tears were related to Feng Ling.

Feng Ling did not know much about family. She wanted to say something to Madam Feng but because she could not be sure of her own birth, she chose to keep silent.

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