Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1176 - The Story of Ling and Heng (439)

Chapter 1176: The Story of Ling and Heng (439)

Feng Ling saw that he was mindless of her warning and responded gloomily: “I’m not thirsty.”

“What a coincidence, I’m thirsty.” The man reached for the coffee cup before her and brought it up to his lips without any restrain.

Feng Ling: “…”

Under the table, she silently shifted her feet and kicked him. She then turned to give him a dark look.

Li Nanheng placed the cup down as though he hadn’t felt the force of her kick. He remained looking forward at Madam Feng, whose eyes seemed to conceal a smile: “Has the Feng family’s elders been healthy?”

“They are all doing well, but the previous incident really caused trouble for you, Nanheng. It’s all because Mingzhu is immature. At the time, my father and I were both away. If we were present, we would definitely have given a proper apology to the Li family’s four elders.” Qin Qiu recalled the incident where Feng Mingzhu had provoked Li Nanheng. After the event, Feng Mingzhu had trouble letting go of it and caused the family to revisit the unhappiness several times. She cried and lost her temper repeatedly, causing the family to be in disarray. It really left her heart exhausted with worry.

Recently, her antics finally eased. Madam Cen’s daughter had hauled Feng Mingzhu to Italy for a trip to leave her worries behind. Thanks to that, the Feng family was finally quieter, and they could all finally take a breather.

“It’s all in the past.” Towards that matter, Nanheng only responded with four mild words.

Madam Feng saw that he didn’t seem interested in bringing up the matter and naturally did not speak about it again. After all, Feng Mingzhu had really committed an unforgivable act. Her own family’s daughter had actually tried to drug someone, who would be willing to bring such an incident up?

Feng Mingzhu glanced at Feng Ling. If Feng Ling really was her daughter, then her mistakes Feng Mingzhu had committed would be much more than that one incident.

Feng Ling did not manage to understand the hidden meanings behind Li Nanheng and Madam Feng’s eyes. She saw that they did not intend to continue and did not ask. She only gave Li Nanheng a glance and saw that he had lifted her cup to his lips again.

“If you’re thirsty, order one for yourself.” Feng Ling watched his movements. Although she wasn’t thirsty, Madam Feng was watching them.

“Isn’t what’s yours mine? You’re not thirsty, were you planning to leave it here to cool?” The man lifted his brows mildly.

Feng Ling: “…”

Madam Feng suddenly chuckled: “The way you young people date is indeed very different from the way my generation did. Despite my age, I can feel the sweetness just by watching the two of you.”

Feng Ling turned to look at Madam Feng and saw that she was genuinely smiling. She clearly did not mind Li Nanheng having intimate relations with a woman that wasn’t Feng Mingzhu.

This meant that there really wasn’t anything between the two of them.

In that case, the Feng family’s daughter he had married…

Feng Ling’s mind was abruptly in disarray. As Li Nanheng continued chatting with Madam Feng, she picked up her fork and continued eating the blueberry cake. She sorted through her thoughts but after a long moment, she still could not understand anything. This wasn’t right. Even if she was truly Madam Feng’s daughter, she was currently assumed to be deceased. How could there possibly be news of her marriage? Who did Li Nanheng marry? A ghost?

She could not understand it no matter how she thought about it. Thus, she gave up considering the matter. Just as she lifted the fork for another bite, her other hand was suddenly held under the table.

She faltered in her movements and swerved her head to the side to look at the man who was politely chatting to Madam Feng on the surface but gripping onto her hand tightly under the table.

The two of them were discussing the matters between the Feng family’s and Li family’s elders, and politely inquiring after various issues related to their businesses and status. Feng Ling didn’t pay much attention to it. She couldn’t even if she tried. Her attention was entirely taken by the mischievous hand under the table.

Although the man only held her hand in the beginning, after a while, he tightly gripped her and forcefully pressed her hand against his thigh. Under the table, her hand was left on his thigh just like that. She tried to escape his grip but he did not let go. Hidden by a thin table, on the surface, the man maintained a polite and proper appearance as he chatted politely with someone who was considered an elder to him. Beneath the table however, the man was completely unrefined. After placing her hand on his thigh, he gradually moved it toward…

Feng Ling was exerting all of her force to resist being tugged forward. However, just by having her palm pressed against his thigh, she felt as though she was about to be burned alive!

Images from that night in Cambodia suddenly flashed past her mind. That night, when she woke up, her hands…

Could it be…

She had drank too much that night, and even now, she could not remember anything. Did he…

Feng Ling abruptly turned to stare at him. Li Nanheng originally planned on teasing her more. However, he saw what appeared to be a fierce glint flash past her eyes and immediately released her. Right as she tried to take her hand back, but he suddenly regretted his actions and held her back. This time, however, he did not go out of line and only kept her hand against his thigh. His palm covered the back of her hand, holding her there gently.

It wasn’t as if Qin Qiu was blind to the intimate interactions between them. It was clear to the whole world that the two were dating. However, she did not feel embarrassed and only smiled. She did not interrupt them. After taking a sip of her coffee, she spoke: “Nanheng, do you understand enough about Feng Ling?”

“More than enough,” the man answered firmly. At the same time, he tightened his grip against Feng Ling’s hand under the table and did not allow her to move away.

“Do you think…” Madam Feng directly met his eyes. Her tone was stern and serious in a way that only he could notice: “For you to be with her, is it suitable?”

“Extremely so.” Li Nanheng welcomed Madam Feng’s searching gaze and smiled mildly: “No one is more suitable than her.”

What on earth were these two going on about?

Feng Ling was immersed in the battle under the table. She lifted her head to look at Madam Feng and saw that all of a sudden, she was smiling again; it appeared like Madam Feng had finally arrived at a conclusion.

Madam Feng lifted her coffee cup with a smile but did not drink. She then placed the cup down. As she watched Feng Ling, it seemed like there were many things she wanted to say. However, she felt that the situation was right; everything wasn’t right. She could only hold everything in. She picked her cup up and placed it down repeatedly before abruptly saying: “The Feng and Li family have been friends for so many years. We can’t let the good relationship sour because of Mingzhu. Since we have so much fate between us… why don’t you bring Feng Ling to our house one day for a visit?”

“That will depend on her intentions.” Li Nanheng shifted his head and nudged his chin to indicate toward Feng Ling.

“What about my intentions?” Feng Ling barely understood what they were trying to say. However, at the thought that this man may have done something indecent with her hands that night, she immediately tried to tug it out with force. He refused to relent and she eventually had enough. She whispered: “Quickly let go.”

“I won’t.”

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