Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1175 - : The Story of Ling and Heng (438)

Chapter 1175: The Story of Ling and Heng (438)

Feng Ling continued supporting Madam Feng across the bridge. Even though her feet were uninjured and her steps were firm, Feng Ling continued holding her.

Madam Feng also did not indicate for Feng Ling to move her hand away. As she walked, she seemed to be occupied with her thoughts. Right before they entered the cafe, her eyes suddenly curved in a smile. She gently held Feng Ling’s hand and spoke warmly: “Let’s find a seat next to the window. This way, it’ll be easier for Nanheng to find you later.”

“All right.”

The whole time, Feng Ling had agreed to all of her suggestions. Madam Feng smiled at her and led her into the cafe.

After they sat down, Madam Feng ordered two cups of coffee from the waiter; one latte and one Americano. The latte was naturally meant for Feng Ling, as she had guessed that Feng Ling rarely drank much coffee in the base and would be unused to the bitter taste. A latte would be just right for her.

Indeed, Feng Ling did not understand coffee very well and could only stomach a latte. She was surprised that Madam Feng, who typically appeared gentle and soft-hearted, would be so considerate.

“Do you like sweets?” Qin Qiu asked.

“I’m all right, but I’ve already eaten and I’m not too hungry. There’s no need for sweets.”

However, before she could continue, Madam Feng called for the waiter to return. She ordered a chocolate fondant cake and after pausing to think for a moment, she ordered a blueberry cake.

The waiter quickly served up their food and drinks. Feng Ling had assumed Madam Feng would be eating the cakes. Instead, Madam Feng nudged the two plates toward her: “I’ve tried all of the cakes in this cafe. These two taste especially good. Take whichever you prefer. There’s no need to stand on ceremony with Auntie.”

Do women at Madam Feng’s age all come out frequently for sweets?

After recalling about Madam Cen, whom she had seen earlier, Feng Ling felt that if Madam Feng hadn’t lost a daughter, perhaps she would be a lively and joyful woman right now. Even the friends she kept by her side appeared optimistic despite their age.

“Thank you, Madam Feng.”

“Don’t keep addressing me as Madam Feng. It’s too distant.”

Feng Ling’s gaze was drawn toward the two little cakes placed before her. She habitually reached for the blueberry cake. As she lifted the little fork and picked up a blueberry stained with cream, she noticed that Madam Feng’s gaze was fixed right on her.

Feng Ling faltered in her movements. She lifted her head to look at her: “Madam Feng, are you not eating?”

“Do you like blueberries?”

Feng Ling: “…”

From her words, it seemed like Madam Feng had found another point of similarity and was clearly becoming emotional. Even if Feng Ling had struggled to fully understand the reason why the two pieces of jade could be pieced together, she now somewhat had an understanding of the situation.

If Madam Feng hadn’t restrained herself, what she would have asked was, “Do you like blueberries too?”

“En.” Feng Ling did not lie. She directly admitted to it and brought the blueberry cake closer to herself. She spoke openly: “I’m not especially fond of sweets, but I really enjoy blueberry flavoured sweets.”

Madam Feng watched her for a long moment. As she watched Feng Ling dig into her cake, her eyes seemed to tear up. She then abruptly chuckled, swallowing thickly to say: “It’s good that you like it. Eat as much as you like. Auntie will buy it all for you. Whatever you like, I’ll buy it all. In the future, will you come out often to sit with me… and chat with me…?”

Feng Ling’s hands paused. The sweetness in her mouth had yet to fade. She did not lift her head, fearful that the moment she met Madam Feng’s gaze, her heart would soften to the point where she would no longer be in control of her own feelings.

Madam Feng watched as she kept her head lowered silently and lifted her cup for a sip of coffee. The bitter taste helped her to ground herself. She placed the cup down and spoke softly: “What I meant was…”

“Sir, a table for how many?” all of a sudden, the cafe door swung open and the waiter’s voice could be heard.

“There’s no need. I’m looking for someone,” a man’s clear, indifferent voice immediately followed.

Feng Ling and Madam Feng turned toward the voice at the same time. Li Nanheng had already noticed them. He first glanced at Feng Ling before turning to give Madam Feng a polite nod. He then approached them.

Since returning from Cambodia, for the past two days, Feng Ling had yet to find any opportunities to sit down and chat with Li Nanheng. It was rare for them to meet when there were no other urgent matters to deal with. Feng Ling subconsciously pursed her lips. She wasn’t sure why her heartbeat seemed to accelerate for a few moments. As the man approached them, his gaze was fixed on her without averting even once.

“Nanheng, sit down.” Madam Feng’s mood appeared to brighten further at his appearance. She pointed at the seat next to Feng Ling: “You’re not an outsider. Sit over there.”

The phrase, ‘not an outsider’ seemed to contain a lot of meaning. Feng Ling did not pay much attention to it, but Li Nanheng paused to glance at Madam Feng. He did not say much and only lifted one corner of his lip. He directly followed her advice to sit down next to Feng Ling: “Indeed, I’m not an outsider.”

Feng Ling was unaware that Li Nanheng already knew the truth about her birth. She assumed that he had only said so because she lived in the XI Base for so many years.

“Do you want to drink coffee?” Feng Ling turned to ask him.

Li Nanheng carelessly tugged open the buttons on his coat. He sat down casually next to her and glanced over. All of a sudden, he made a ‘sss’ sound and leaned closer.

Feng Ling assumed he had gotten injured somewhere and was about to ask. However, the man had moved faster. He lifted his hand and wiped the corner of her lip.

“You were able to get cream on your face just by eating a cake. You sure are outstanding.”

Feng Ling: “…”

It was likely because Madam Feng was watching them right across the table, but Feng Ling, who was typically quite used to Li Nanheng’s passionate attitude, suddenly felt her cheeks burning. She rubbed her lips roughly but the cream had already been wiped off. She could only put her hand down, but she wasn’t quite sure where to leave it.

Even if he wanted to show off their affections, he needed to choose the right place, didn’t he?

Madam Feng was still here, and the food and drinks had been paid for by her.

Feng Ling darkly sent him a look, indicating for him not to sit so close, to move further away and to restrain himself.

However, the man appeared not to have understood her gaze. After politely asking Madam Feng a few questions, he cleared his throat. He then turned to look at her: “Why didn’t you drink your coffee?”

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