Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1180 - The Story of Ling and Heng (443)

Chapter 1180: The Story of Ling and Heng (443)

That night, likely because the trouble at the base could not be quickly resolved, Li Nanheng did not return to the hospital.

After buying dinner for Ji Nuan, Feng Ling sat down alone in the resting room in the hospital.

There were several unopened messages in her phone. She opened to see that there were all sent from the people in Boston.

Since she left Boston, she barely contacted the people at the martial arts club. She wasn’t being too cold; this was simply how she had always been. Since she had left, that was it. She did not place too much importance on herself, she did not think very highly of herself, and she did not expect anyone to miss her.

Coach Wang asked about her days. He asked why there wasn’t any news of her, and why she wasn’t responding to messages from their boss. Even when she responded, she would only do so simply with, “I’m doing fine.”

Chen Beiqing also called her several times, but she did not answer. Afterward, he began to leave her voice messages.

Thinking back, Chen Beiqing would leave her a voice message every two to three days. He wasn’t especially clingy and he didn’t say much. At most, he would ask about how she was doing and talk about coming to see her in Los Angeles when he was free.

As she looked through the messages they had sent, she recalled everything Li Nanheng had done for her over the years.

Perhaps because she had just witnessed the moving love between Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo in Cambodia, and perhaps because she had just seen the way the people around her had learnt to treasure each other after overcoming adversity, she suddenly thought about the way she had always treated people.

Perhaps there was no need for her to hide in that enormous, protective shell. Perhaps it was time for her to treasure the people who treated her well, and to attempt to carry some kindness in her acts, rather than to treat people carefully and to draw distance between them.

Feng Ling reached for a pillow on the bed to hug in her arms. She was about to give the people in Boston a call, and to make plans to return and gather with them. After all, they had worked and lived together for a whole year. She still had an untouched, brand new condo there. Eventually, she would have to return to that place. She couldn’t just abandon these friends.

Her finger moved against the screen as she looked for their numbers. All of a sudden, her phone vibrated.

Li Nanheng had sent her a message.

She tightened her grip around the pillow and opened the message.

Li Nanheng: [There are quite some matters to deal with at the base. I have to return to the Li family later and head to the Los Angeles’ military base office tomorrow morning. I’ll probably only be able to return to the hospital tomorrow afternoon.]

He then sent another message.

Li Nanheng: [After the drillmaster incident back then, the military has never dared to provoke us again. This time, they’ve suddenly lost awareness of what it means to seek death. They’re borrowing the Cambodia incident as an excuse. All of those that need to be dealt with will be dealt with. Is there anyone you’re unhappy with? Give me their names. I’ll take care of them at the same time.]

Feng Ling read his messages and immediately responded.

Feng Ling: [There’s no one I’m unhappy with. Remember to stay safe.]

Li Nanheng: [What is it? Early in the day, you said you would pay me back. It’s only been a few hours, why are you so distant again?]

Feng Ling: [I’m not. I’ve never interacted much with the military. The incident with the drillmaster is also in the past. Even if that man has been reincarnated, he has likely already learned how to say the alphabets. I don’t particularly mind those people.]

After sending that message, she paused to think and sent him another message: [What time will you be back tomorrow afternoon?]

Li Nanheng: [I can’t confirm. Rest early. If there are any problems, look for K. I’ll drive by the hospital on my way back to the Li family tonight. If your room is still lit, I won’t return to the Li family. I’ll directly go look for you.]

Feng Ling: [I’ll definitely sleep early. Don’t delay important matters for me.]

Li Nanheng: [You’re the only important matter.]

Feng Ling: “…”

She paused: [Let’s talk tomorrow afternoon. Go busy yourself with whatever needs to be done.]

Li Nanheng: [It’s fine. I’m still in the base going in circles with those bastards from the military. I’m sitting down drinking tea. Let them say whatever they want to say. I’ve nothing important to deal with right now.]

Li Nanheng: [Are you planning to sleep early so that you’ll have sufficient energy to fully make it up to me?]

Li Nanheng: [You finally realize how much you owe me. Back in T City, we were forced due to circumstances, but both times, I was the one taking the initiative. Are you finally willing to do it?]

Feng Ling: “…”

She gloomily sent a short message: [Change a topic.]

Li Nanheng: [Right now, my mind is filled with our initial plan to head to the hotel today. Do you think I have the ability to change the topic?]

Feng Ling did not respond.

Moments later, Li Nanheng sent: [Miss me?]

With regards to the hotel matter, she didn’t know how to reply. She was also too embarrassed to reply. However, as for this, she looked at the message for five minute and replied.

Feng Ling: [En…]

From her response, it could be considered that she was finally willing to openly admit her feelings.

Even if she wanted to take things step by step, she couldn’t keep waiting for him to take the initiative.

She also needed to learn to treasure him.

Li Nanheng: [Forget it. I’m not returning to the Li family tonight. You go ahead and sleep first. If you’re still awake tonight, I’ll go find you. Otherwise, I’ll go look for Mo Jingshen.]

Feng Ling: [Go work on what you need to do. I’ll definitely sleep. There’s no need to come to the hospital.]

Li Nanheng: [I can’t bear to. I miss you. I won’t sleep well even if I return to the Li family.]

He sure was honest…

Feng Ling could not resist the smile gradually forming on her lips: [Elder Li definitely has something important to look for you to discuss. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have agreed to return. It’s not too late to come tomorrow.]

Li Nanheng: [Then you sleep early. I allow you to miss me.]

Feng Ling: [All right.]

Li Nanheng: [Remember what you said today, you’ll pay me back.]

Feng Ling: [I’m sleeping!]

Feng Ling placed her phone down and suddenly felt some sweetness in her heart.

She naturally wished Li Nanheng would return immediately. However, they needed him both at the base and at the Li family. It was fine to wait a day.

She tossed her phone on the bed and picked up a clean set of clothes to head to the public toilet on this floor to shower. This floor only contained hospital rooms for VIP guests. However, most of the hospital rooms were filled. The remaining two with private toilets and the best environments were left for Mr. Mo, who was seriously injured, and Mrs. Mo. Feng Ling wasn’t injured and only needed to stay here to take care of them. Her room was already considered the best among all of the resting rooms. She only lacked a private toilet and needed to leave her room to shower.

Thankfully, the hospital’s conditions were good. It had a good environment and was clean. The bathroom was also empty right now. After taking a shower, she went to look for Ji Nuan. They chatted for a while before she returned to her room to sleep.

Even though she intended to sleep, she still picked up her phone after laying down.

Li Nanheng did not send her any message. She held the phone before her and re-read their conversation over and over again.

When she finally realized how much time had passed by, she immediately closed her phone screen. She kept her eyes open in the dark room and pressed her phone against her chest.

This was likely… what it felt to be in love…

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