Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1167 - The Story of Ling and Heng (430)

Chapter 1167: The Story of Ling and Heng (430)

Although Dali, Aqib, and their gang had been prepared early and kept shooting to the sky, the members of XI Base had carefully designed a flight path and avoided all attacks. Landing smoothly, all the members got off the plane with guns and a fierce battle started in this jungle.

Feng Ling was fighting and was suddenly dragged aside by Tam, who winked at her. “Come on, go find Mrs. Mo and Mr. Mo. Leave here to us.”

Mr. Mo should be safe but they were really worried about Mrs. Mo.

Feng Ling nodded and stopped fighting. She boarded a helicopter and began to search around while being accompanied by two other helicopters.

After searching for a long while, she remembered the location signals that Mr. Mo had agreed with XI Base. They should be in the west but she didn’t know if Mrs. Mo was with Mr. Mo. She asked the two other helicopters to head to the west.

Sure enough, in an area close to a minefield in the west, she vaguely saw Ji Nuan standing behind a tree.

“Stop, just land here!” Feng Ling yelled.

When the helicopter landed smoothly, the people on the two other helicopters got off the helicopters first and Feng Ling quickly got off too and ran straight to Ji Nuan.

“Mrs. Mo!”

It sounded like Ji Nuan was explaining her identity to two people who came to save her and Feng Ling walked forward and proved her identity.

The two people nodded and walked away.

Feng Ling ran forward quickly and grabbed Ji Nuan’s hand. “How are you? Sorry, we are late. We have been waiting for our reinforcements. After all, there is an ambush in the jungle. If we aren’t prepared well enough, the rescue operation is likely to fail, so we were delayed for two days. You must have suffered the last few days…”

Before Feng Ling finished, she glimpsed Ji Nuan’s pale face and the corner of her mouth with blood on it. She must have experienced something thrilling! Feng Ling lowered her head and when she saw the back of Ji Nuan’s hand, her heart trembled. What happened to her hand? Was this a burn?

Having no time to ask her, Feng Ling pulled Ji Nuan to the helicopter. After boarding the helicopter, she made sure that it was safe and asked, “What’s wrong with your hand? There is a medicine kit on the helicopter. Let me help you dress your wound!”

“I’m okay.” Being taken into the helicopter, she finally relaxed a bit, but she was still nervous. She looked out of the cabin in the direction to which Mo Jingshen left just now, asking, “Where is Mo Jingshen?”

Feng Ling had been observing the situation on the ground when she flew over just now and saw Mr. Mo passing by who seemed safe and sound and had already joined another group of XI Base members.

“Mr. Mo went to the meeting place with Boss and other brothers. Don’t worry. Their helicopter is ahead. The situation in front has been under control. They are likely to detonate the minefields in the jungle. You’d better not smell gunpowder since you’re pregnant. Let’s leave here first.”

Although she was reluctant to be separated from Mo Jingshen, considering her baby, Ji Nuan finally obediently sat in the helicopter.

Seeing Ji Nuan bruised all over, Feng Ling wanted to ask her what she had experienced here these days, but she looked tired, so Feng Ling didn’t disturb her. Anyway, she was safe now.

The helicopter took off fast, so Ji Nua,n who was pregnant, ran into the bathroom in the cabin and vomited for a long time.

In the end, Ji Nuan was weakly helped out of the bathroom by Feng Ling and sat in the cabin. Feng Ling took a soft cushion and placed it behind her. “Can you hold out? This helicopter is here to pick you up, so we will send you to the camp now. You will be much better when the helicopter lands. Relax.”

“It’s okay. It’s just morning sickness. I’m not sick,” Ji Nuan said weakly. “You don’t have to send me back to the camp first. I’ll wait for them here with you.”

Feng Ling looked at her without speaking and then helped her treat the injury on the back of her hand. Although she knew that Ji Nuan was very tired, the burn on her hand was really serious, so she couldn’t help asking, “Is this a burn? What happened to you?”

“I burned it myself. They made me bring food to him and set a trap for him. To help him out, I spilled boiling soup on my hand.”

Feng Ling’s hand paused and she frowned. She had been in the base for a long time and people around her were all male. Later in the years of living outside, most of the women she had met were ordinary women who didn’t have any self-defense ability.

But she had never seen a woman like Ji Nuan. She was physically weak and even pregnant, but her yearning for life and the belief in life were shining. She was strong and warm like sunshine.

“Perhaps you should let Mr. Mo make his own choice. He must have a way to protect himself without affecting you,” Feng Ling said.

Ji Nuan was silent for a moment. “Indeed, if I left this problem to him, he might handle it very well, but I didn’t think that much, so I used the most stupid method…”

“You’re not stupid. You just love him too much. You’d rather hurt yourself than let him suffer. Mrs. Mo, you’re very brave.”

While speaking, Feng Ling wrapped the gauze on Ji Nuan’s hand and suddenly remembered that Li Nanheng was almost killed in the Boston jungle at that time.

But he was still holding a gun and shielding her behind him like a god. He stood there drenched in blood, keeping her safe and sound.

Feng Ling had been wondering how Li Nanheng could still stand up in that situation. How did he manage to do it?

But now hearing her own words, she fell into a trance although she was still wrapping gauze on Ji Nuan’s wound.

Something flashed through her mind.

So did Li Nanheng like her?

Or… to be exact, he loved her?

When she thought of this word, her heart skipped a beat.

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