Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1168 - The Story of Ling and Heng (431)

Chapter 1168: The Story of Ling and Heng (431)

As insisted by Ji Nuan, the helicopter landed again and landed at a safe point in the middle of the jungle.

Seeing Ji Nuan was exhausted, Feng Ling asked her to take a rest in the cabin. Ji Nuan soon fell asleep and Feng Ling guarded her by the side.

The sky was getting dark and Mr. Mo finally came over. Seeing that Ji Nuan was also awake at this time, Feng Ling walked out, leaving the space to the two of them.

Having a narrow escape, they must have a lot to speak to each other. She’d better not stay here now.

After exiting the cabin, Feng Ling had been guarding the helicopter. From time to time, she looked at the flames and flashlights near the wooden houses not far away. Whenever she heard any strange sound, she would hold the gun and stare around coldly.

After confirming that it was safe here, she loosened her grip on the gun, but her fingers still twitched. She felt that there was always a strange feeling in her palm since she woke up this morning. The feeling was very… well, strange.

She lowered her head and looked at her hand but didn’t feel anything wrong. She touched it and it was not hot.

There were insects and birds chirping in the jungle. Feng Ling put down her hands again and quietly guarded outside the helicopter.

Not long after, Officer Entes suddenly sent someone over. Feng Ling returned to the cabin. When she was about to walk in, she suddenly saw Mr. Mo had taken off his blood-stained shirt. With a quick glance, Feng Ling immediately took a step back and did not go in but stood outside and said, “Mr. Mo, Officer Entes is looking for you.”

“Got it,” Mo Jingshen replied.

After only a while, Mr. Mo had put on the blood-stained black shirt again, but Ji Nuan should have treated his wound. Although he was a bit pale, the injury should not be serious, but Mo Jingshen and Li Nanheng were actually the same kinds of people. Both had super-high restraint and endurance. No matter how seriously they were wounded, they wouldn’t even blink. He walked out deadpan as if he was not injured at all.

Ji Nuan was worried about him and was about to come out. Seeing that, Feng Ling hurriedly came over and blocked the door of the cabin. “Mrs. Mo, rest inside. Don’t come out.”

Ji Nuan had to withdraw her head.

After explaining a few words to the two police officers outside, Feng Ling reentered the helicopter.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Seeing Ji Nuan sitting there, she asked.

“No.” Ji Nuan leaned against the cabin wall. “Feng Ling, I feel like I was watching a movie these days…”

Feng Ling smiled. “Watching a movie won’t get you hurt.”

“At least I survived, didn’t I? At least Mo Jingshen is safe too.”

“That’s true,” Feng Ling said lightly. “In the last few years, I have seen too many deaths on missions. Life is really more important than anything else.”

Ji Nuan smiled and didn’t want to talk about such a heavy topic. Knowing that Li Nanheng and Feng Ling had come to rescue them together, she suddenly teased Feng Ling about Li Nanheng.

Then Ji Nuan accidentally mentioned the contraceptive pill thing.

Feng Ling thought of the scene where Li Nanheng pressed her against the door so violently that day because of the contraceptive pill, and said, “Don’t mention it anymore.”

Ji Nuan laughed. “I’m really curious about the relationship between you two. You used to be brothers. What’s your relationship now?”

Feng Ling was expressionless. “We are still brothers in arms.”

“Really?” Ji Nuan smiled. “But I feel that you treat him as your brother, but he treats you as his woman?”

Feng Ling coughed and awkwardly turned away from the subject. “Mrs. Mo, did your hand get wet just now?”


“May I disinfect your wounds once more?”

“…Forget it, it hurts.” Ji Nuan put her hand behind her back.

But Ji Nuan clearly felt that Li Nanheng was very special to Feng Ling. Indifferent as Feng Ling was, whenever she mentioned Li Nanheng in front of her, she became irritable.

Except for Li Nanheng, there seemed to be no second person who could make Feng Ling irritable.

The rescue operation came to an end. On the return trip, Ji Nuan and Mr. Mo were both in this helicopter. Feng Ling had planned to stay in this helicopter to guard Ji Nuan. After all, she had been used to seeing Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen playing lovey-dovey in front of her.

However, just before the helicopter was about to take off, she heard Li Nanheng’s voice coming from the earphone. “Feng Ling, come to No. 1 Helicopter.”

Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen didn’t wear headphones, so they didn’t hear it.

Feng Ling looked at the young couple who were sitting holding hands and whispering and then at the pilot. Before she spoke, she heard Li Nanheng’s voice rang in the earphone again. “Don’t dawdle. You have only one minute to come here.”

She didn’t know why he suddenly called her over, but Ji Nuan should be safe now, so she simply put down the earphone and got off the helicopter.

She quickly walked to the No. 1 Helicopter , and as soon as she walked over, the cabin door suddenly opened. Looking at the open door, she stepped up.

It was obviously livelier in this helicopter cabin than the others behind. Li Nanheng, K, and some other brothers were all here, including the rescue commander from China and Officer Entes. This helicopter was very big and could accommodate at least seventeen or eighteen people. Now there were seven or eight people in it and didn’t look crowded at all.

Feng Ling didn’t understand why she was suddenly called here. After she entered, someone came to help her close the cabin door behind her.

Li Nanheng was talking to Officer Entes. Hearing her coming, he glanced at her, and when he saw that she was standing still, he asked, “What are you doing there? The helicopter is going to take off. Aren’t you afraid of falling? Come and sit down,” he said, and casually patted the seat beside him.

Feng Ling looked at the others, walked over, sat down in the seat next to him, and turned her eyes to Li Nanheng who noticed her gaze and looked at her too.

Looking at him, Feng Ling didn’t speak but was asking him with her eyes. “Why did you call me here?”

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