Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1166 - The Story of Ling and Heng (429)

Chapter 1166: The Story of Ling and Heng (429)

Li Nanheng went crazy and frantically pulled her hand down. When Feng Ling instinctively retracted her hand as if being burned, he panted and said, “You started it! If you don’t get the fire out of my body, you can’t sleep tonight!”

With that, he bowed his head and kissed her fiercely.

Then his desire was completely out of control.

Maybe it was Feng Ling who took the initiative, or maybe it was Li Nanheng who led her, when Feng Ling was helping him without his instructions… he tightly embraced the woman in his arms, hugging,and kissing her.

His reason had been completely exhausted. If it wasn’t for the piece of stuff he touched when he stretched his hand down, he might have become a beast.

Suddenly, the man groaned, stopped kissing her, and asked huskily, “Why did you bite me?”

Feng Ling’s answer to him was to keep moving her hand and biting on his chin again.

Li Nanheng could no longer bear it. He pulled her hand away, bit her lip fiercely, and was kissing her hard. As they kissed, ambiguous sounds came from between their lips.

Vaguely, it could be heard that “Wait… three days and three nights… can’t get out of bed… you little enchantress… Oh, you’re killing me…”


Feng Ling woke up in a hasty alarming sound. When she woke up, she was at a loss where she was.

When she finally saw that she was in her own room in the camp, she sat up abruptly. The hasty alarming sound was reminding her that something big was about to happen, she quickly got up to change clothes and go out.

However, when she was about to get out of bed, she paused and looked down at her clothes. She was still wearing the loose T-shirt. But why didn’t she remember how she came back last night?

She remembered K asked her to have a drink with him and then…

She was about to reach for her cell phone to see what time it was, but the moment her hand touched the phone, it felt so sore. Not only her hand, but her wrist was also sore. It felt like when she was still at the base, was dragged out by Li Nanheng to do devil training at night, and practiced shooting on the gun range for the whole night. Her fingers were so sour that they couldn’t even move.

She clenched her fist, not remembering what happened last night, but she seemed to have really held a gun in her dream last night, and then the handle of the gun seemed to have a problem and became extremely hot but she still held it for a long time…

Was it a dream? How could her hands become so sore?

The alarm outside sounded again and again, and she didn’t have time to think much. She picked up the phone, took a look, then grabbed the black uniform, quickly put it on her body, and rushed out.

When she rushed out of the room, she saw that many people were ready to go. It seemed that something happened in the jungle. In addition, their reinforcements had arrived in advance, so in order to rescue Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen as soon as possible, they would go into the jungle for rescue right away.

They planned to take action at noon and it was almost nine in the morning. She didn’t expect that she would wake up so late. It must be because she drank too much last night, but she didn’t know if she was in a drunken fit in front of K, which would be embarrassing.

K came over and stood in a row with her. When the sniper team drillmaster was assigning weapons, he threw a new sniper rifle to Feng Ling and gave her an approving look. He believed that although she had not returned to the team for training for several years, she would still perform well in long-range sniping.

Feng Ling held the gun steadily, nodded to the drillmaster, and adjusted the gun, and after checking the bullet inside, she put the gun on her back and looked down at her hand again.

Why did she still feel sore… in her wrists and hands?



“Boss Li!”

When Li Nanheng’s figure appeared in everyone’s field of vision, Feng Ling also turned her head and took a look, but her eyes were emotionless. She glanced at the man, retracted her gaze, and lowered her head to tighten her belt with a straight face.

Li Nanheng’s eyes glanced at Feng Ling seemingly inadvertently, who was lowering her head and adjusting her belt instead of looking at him, but the man’s gaze flitted in her direction somewhat recklessly, and before others noticed his gaze, he withdrew his gaze in time and solemnly ordered everyone to prepare to board the helicopters and go for the rescue.

Feng Ling walked towards the helicopters with others. They had been stationed here for a few days. Now that they started the rescue operation, they must have been well-prepared.

She was in the same helicopter with K, and Li Nanheng was in the helicopter in the front.

But everyone could hear each other via earphones. She could speak too but she remained silent, only listening to Li Nanheng commanding with his cold and serious voice.

After successfully flying into the center of the jungle, everyone turned their eyes to a fixed electronic device in the cabin, which showed the possible positions of the buried mines, and the part in the middle circled in bright yellow was the area where Aqib and Dali were.

After making sure the respective positions of the helicopters, everyone said into the headset. “Received.”

Feng Ling said it too. Her voice was very light but Li Nanheng on the plane in front easily recognized her voice, although there were nearly 100 people here.

Although her voice sounded cold and unapproachable, it was highly distinctive among the men’s voices.

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