Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1160 - The Story of Ling and Heng (423)

Chapter 1160: The Story of Ling and Heng (423)

Li Nanheng glanced at the smallest bulletproof shed of the camp and said in a voice that only K could hear, “When Tam and some others went to a nearby village to purchase food, they bought two jars of alcohol the local farmers brewed themselves.”

“…” K looked at the jars placed over there.

No wonder he suddenly asked him to get Feng Ling drunk.

It seemed that Boss had early planned this before, so he allowed Tam to buy alcohol. That was to say, now all he needed was a person to perform his “dirty plan.”

That person seemed to be him.

“But,” K clearly remembered that Boss Li and Feng Ling were intimate no long ago. “Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Li Nanheng glanced at him coldly. “Did you see her even look at me today?”

“…” Well, no, but everyone was busy and nobody paid attention to what happened between the two of them, but it was true that Feng Ling was with other brothers and had no contact with Boss Li for the most of the time.

K still wanted to ask, but Li Nanheng had already given him a warning stare. “Come on! Go!”



Feng Ling read about the minefield distribution and all other rescue preparations in the computer and had a general idea of the surroundings of the jungle.

Although she wouldn’t act impulsively, she was really restless. The reinforcement hadn’t come, which made her anxious, but no matter what, she couldn’t just throw her tantrum randomly. She did think about going out to explore the way at night when others were not paying attention, but she knew that if she acted rashly, she might only cause trouble for others, so she had been sitting and planning how to save Ji Nuan to kill time. Otherwise, she felt as if her heart was being roasted on fire.

“Okay, don’t stay here worrying alone.” Suddenly, K took two bowls over and put them in front of her.

Feng Ling looked away from the computer screen and looked at the bowls K put there, which were borrowed by Ji Nuan from a nearby farmhouse a few days ago. They looked very simple but were washed very clean. They used these bowls for meals these days.

K poured the liquor into the two bowls. “I heard Boss said that our reinforcements would arrive at noon tomorrow at the latest. If they still don’t arrive then, we’ll go in and save Mr. Mo and Ji Nuan by ourselves, so don’t worry. There is only less than twelve hours before noon tomorrow. Be patient. If those gangsters wanted to do something bad to Mrs. Mo, they would have done it yesterday. I believe that like Mr. Mo, she has enough wisdom to survive and will find ways to protect herself. Don’t be fidgeting like this.”

Feng Ling didn’t speak but silently looked at the liquor in the bowl. After a while of silence, she asked lightly, “Where did you get it?”

“Well, in the afternoon, Tam and some others wanted to drink some alcohol, so they bought two jars of liquor when they went to the nearby farm to purchase food. But Tam and Lei Peng were rather unlucky. They are on patrol shift tonight and can’t drink. I don’t have a job tonight, so I can drink some.”

K said as he picked up a bowl, took a sip of the liquor, and then sighed with satisfaction. “It tastes great! The liquor was brewed by the local farmers and tastes much better than those in shops. And I heard that people won’t get drunk drinking this kind of alcohol. Would you like to taste it?”

“No, thanks. I don’t like drinking and I’m not a good drinker. Drink yourself.” Feng Ling did not touch the liquor.

Gee, not good, I’m going to fail the task Boss gave to me.

“Just have a taste. It tastes really good,” K said as he put the bowl to her mouth. “You don’t have to drink much. It helps you sleep.”

Feng Ling still didn’t drink. “It’s okay. I can’t sleep even if I drink.”

“But you can’t be anxious like this all the time. Go to bed and get some sleep.”

“It’s okay.”

Seeing that this method didn’t work, K thought for a while, suddenly lowered his head, and whispered to her, “What the hell is going on between you and Boss Li?”

Feng Ling: “…”

While speaking, K accidentally saw Feng Ling’s neck and found there was a light bite mark on it: “Today, Lin Cheng and I saw you and Boss were…”

Before he finished speaking, Feng Ling suddenly took the bowl in his hand and drank a mouthful.

She just didn’t know how to answer, nor did she want to talk about Li Nanheng, but she didn’t know how to change the subject, so she might as well divert K’s attention to the drinking thing.

K didn’t expect that as soon as he mentioned Li Nanheng, Feng Ling suddenly began to drink.

K had thought of many plans to make her drink but never expected that she would start to drink so easily when he mentioned Boss Li.

Now he couldn’t restrain his curiosity. His original purpose was to get her drunk, but now he was really curious about what was going on between her and Boss Li, and more importantly… how far had they gone!

However, Feng Ling seemed to be choked by the liquor. After taking two sips, she endured the burning sensation in her throat and didn’t want to talk. Then she lowered her head and took a few more sips with a frown.

Seeing her only drinking and not talking, K leaned over to her and asked, “Hey, don’t be so quiet. Feng Ling, we have known each other for so many years and it was I who accidentally brought you into the base. I can be considered as the matchmaker of you and Boss, right? You can’t keep this from me.”

Feng Ling: “…” She took the bowl away from her mouth with her eyes still on the liquor in the bowl, held back the hot sensation in her throat, and said in a low voice, “There is nothing to hide. What do you want to ask?”

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