Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1161 - The Story of Ling and Heng (424)

Chapter 1161: The Story of Ling and Heng (424)

K’s face suddenly became animated. “It’s OK. I just want to ask you how far you and Boss have gone. Have you…” He made a gesture of making love.

Feng Ling understood his meaning. What he asked was whether they had already had sex…

She coughed slightly, looked at him, and then looked down at the bowl in front of her.

She didn’t know how to answer the question. Forget it, she might as well drink.

Seeing her silently lowered her head to continue drinking, K smiled.

This little woman’s shy expression had already told him the answer. Their little Feng Ling had already been swallowed alive by a big wolf called Li Nanheng!

Gee, if he had known it early…


If he had known Feng Ling was a woman earlier…

Alas, even if he had known it earlier, so what? He didn’t think he could beat Boss and get Feng Ling.

Whether he had known she was a woman or not, he could only be her buddy.

K sighed again. So he was saved by a 15-year-old girl back then in the jungle. He didn’t know whether it was good or bad for Feng Ling for him to bring her to the base.

But if Boss Li and Feng Ling could get married in the future, he must have a good drink with Boss Li.


At night.

Many brothers went back to their small rooms to sleep, but in case of emergencies, most of them went to sleep without taking off their clothes.

There were crackling sounds from the piles of fire in front of the camp.

K was a good drinker, but even he felt a bit dizzy. Feng Ling had already drunk two large bowls of liquor.

Li Nanheng walked out of the camp and ran into K who was finding a place to pee. When K saw with his drowsy eyes that it was Boss, he immediately reported to him in a small voice, “Boss, did Feng Ling drink a lot in the past few years? She can drink much better than when she was in the base.”

Li Nanheng glanced at him “Yes, better, but she still can’t drink much. Why? How much did she drink?”

K made a gesture of two. “No more, no less. Two full bowls. Even a man with the average capacity for liquor should be drunk now, but she has been sitting there without even blushing and speaking soberly to me, not looking drunk at all. I’ve drunk a whole jar of liquor but she is still not drunk… Boss, I need to pee and I will continue to drink with her when I finish peeing…”

“Aren’t you drunk yet?”

“No, she is still waiting for me to go back.” K said, shaking his head tipsily and pointing to Feng Ling. “Look, she has been sitting there without moving at all.”

Li Nanheng didn’t say anything and went over.

Seeing that, K didn’t say anything so as not to arouse Feng Ling’s suspicion and turned into the jungle to find a place to pee.

Feng Ling was still sitting in front of the computer, with an empty bowl beside her.

Li Nanheng walked over and saw that although she was sitting upright and staring at the computer screen, the screen was already dark because the computer was out of power, but she was still staring at the computer screen as if nothing happened.

She didn’t notice that he approached and was still staring at the screen. Li Nanheng walked around her and looked at her again, only to see that she was typing on the keyboard mechanically although the screen was dark.

Li Nanheng secretly smiled, looking at the woman whose eyes were wide open, and sat next to her. “Feng Ling.”

“Hmm.” The woman in front of the computer replied and her voice didn’t sound as coldly as during the day.

Hearing her strange tone, Li Nanheng knew that she was drunk. He moved the chair closer to her, sitting shoulder to shoulder with her, and took the laptop placed in front of her, turned it off, and put it aside.

Feeling the computer at her hand suddenly gone, she seemed not to know what happened and turned her eyes to him in confusion.

Looking at her squiffy eyes, Li Nanheng laughed but didn’t laugh out loud. He looked at her. “How much liquor did you drink?”

Feng Ling stared blankly and answered obediently, “Two bowls.”

“Is it delicious?”

“Yes, very delicious,” Feng Ling replied seriously and then said after thinking for a while, “It’s just a bit spicy.”

It was really rare for Feng Ling to sit next to him so obediently and speak so gently to him.

Li Nanheng found that he really liked the way she was drunk. For example, the last time she was drunk, she pretended to be a man, took off her pants, and insisted on showing him her “penis,” which was really cute.

He glanced at her hand on her lap, held it gently, pinched it in his palm, and rubbed it gently and affectionately. Then he suddenly thought that maybe she had also shown this look to K just now! Was she so calm and gentle because she thought he was K?

His mood instantly became bad and he suddenly squeezed her hand, asking, “Are you drunk?”


Very good, drunk people would never admit that they were drunk.

“Who am I?” he asked.

Feng Ling stared at him blankly. “Li Nanheng.”

Seeing that she recognized him and knew who was sitting next to her holding her hand, the man beamed with smiles and held her hand more tightly, whispering in her ear. “There are many mosquitoes outside. Follow me in to sleep, OK?

“All right.”

Li Nanheng took her little hand and walked back. Seeing it in a distance, K immediately slipped away.

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