Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1159 - The Story of Ling and Heng (422)

Chapter 1159: The Story of Ling and Heng (422)

However, her slightly hoarse sound tickled the man’s heart.

He tightened his grip of her, biting harder on her neck as if he was somewhat unhappy to see the hickeys on her neck disappear and still tried to leave something on her.

Not touching her for a few days, he seemed to be addicted to her body and couldn’t wait for her period to end. He wished he could put her into the grass right now and f*ck her on the spot.

K and Lin Cheng heard a noise here and came over to check what was going on here, only to see such a scene.

“Damn!” The two decisively blocked their eyes with their hands but then looked through their fingers.

The corners of K’s mouth twitched.

What was going on here?

What happened to Boss Li and Feng Ling?

They were not so blatant when they were in the base. But was Boss going to declare that Feng Ling was his woman now?

Seeing someone coming, Feng Ling suddenly stepped hard on Li Nanheng’s feet and then tried to kick his leg bones.

Li Nanheng released her in time, moving sideways and dodging her attack.

Feng Ling raised her hand and wiped hard on her neck. Glaring at him, she turned to look at K and Lin Cheng. “What are you standing there watching?!”

K coughed, seeing the bite mark on Feng Ling’s neck. He tugged at Lin Cheng’s arm awkwardly and was about to leave, but Feng Ling suddenly said, “A snake came over just now and I was bitten. Boss was sucking the poison out from me, so it’s not what you saw.”

Saying that, Feng Ling almost bit her own tongue.

Even she herself didn’t believe such a lame explanation…

Hearing her “explanation,” K and Lin Cheng slipped away even faster.

Looking at their receding figures, Feng Ling turned around to glare at Li Nanheng who was standing not far from her, with one hand in his trouser pocket. He was playing with the guns he had previously seized from her and raised an eyebrow at her.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and reached out. “Give my guns back!”

Li Nanheng snorted and said, “You were once bitten by a poisonous snake when you were on the mission. Do you still remember how I sucked the poison out for you? ”

Feng Ling remained silent with a straight face.

If it hadn’t been for that, he wouldn’t have found out that she was actually a woman.

Or, even if he had discovered it in the end, he wouldn’t have found out so early.

Then at least she could live carefree in the base for a few more years.

She gave up snatching the guns back and turned around. Then she drew the dagger at her feet, threw it back fiercely that plunged deep into the ground, and walked away expressionlessly.

Nanheng glanced at the dagger that was inserted on the ground precisely beside his feet, chuckled, picked up the dagger, and walked over.

Nobody knew what Ji Nuan was currently experiencing, so Feng Ling was very grumpy for the past two days and no one dared to mess with her.

When Mr. Mo was missing, they could calmly work out a rescue plan because they believed that Mr. Mo would be able to keep himself safe with his wisdom and ability, but Ji Nuan… they really couldn’t be sure if she could survive. After all, she was pregnant.

Even if both of them were rescued in the end, they would definitely feel guilty if Ji Nuan lost her baby.

Especially Feng Ling.

After all, she was responsible for protecting Ji Nuan, but this time, she not only failed to guard Ji Nuan in Hai City, but also indirectly brought Ji Nuan to Cambodia. Now, it was hard to tell whether Ji Nuan was still alive or not. As long as anyone mentioned Ji Nuan in front of Feng Ling, she looked worried. She was not a talkative person and now even talked less. She often sat in front of the computer in the camp, checking the minefield distribution diagram around without even eating.

It was not difficult to see that she was trying to seize every opportunity to enter the jungle and find Ji Nuan.

She was so anxious that she couldn’t calm down, not to mention that Li Nanheng had just offended her, so it was impossible for her to listen to him.

Seeing Feng Ling sitting in front of the computer again, Li Nanheng glanced at the twinkling stars in the sky and then at K, who had just returned from patrol and was about to have dinner. “K, I’ll give you a task.”

Suddenly hearing the cold voice of Boss Li, K stopped his steps and looked at Li Nanheng: “Huh?”

“Find a way to get Feng Ling drunk.”

“Huh?” K was shocked.

“Don’t make her too drunk. Just let her forget about Ji Nuan for a while. She is too tense.” Li Nanheng said lightly and glanced seemingly inadvertently through K’s shoulder at Feng Ling who was attentively checking the minefield distribution diagram in front of the computer. “Our reinforcement will arrive before noon tomorrow. Before that, no one is allowed to move rashly. She won’t sensibly follow instructions now and has not slept for two days. If she joins the fight tomorrow in such a state, she will certainly make mistakes.”

K: “…”

Boss, do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? You just want Feng Ling to have a good sleep, but you knew she wouldn’t listen to you, so you asked me to get her drunk.

But it was true that Feng Ling was too tense since Ji Nuan was captured. Obviously, she was really worried about Ji Nuan and really felt guilty. He had never seen her so tense no matter how dangerous a task she was performing when she was still in XI Base.

It had been two days, and they should really find a way to calm her down. Perhaps the best way was to let her drink some alcohol.

But how could he persuade her to drink at such a time?

Boss Li threw this problem to him! Gee, he is really mean!

“Get her drunk… I can have a try, but Boss, what about the alcohol?” K said, “It’s impossible for us to bring alcohol from the base here. Where can I get alcohol?”

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