Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1158 - The Story of Ling and Heng (421)

Chapter 1158: The Story of Ling and Heng (421)

Feng Ling stood in place with a frown. “There were people on the other side of the river just now, so I went over to check up. I don’t think Ji Nuan would make a sound to attract the enemy’s attention. There seems to be only one possibility, that is, those people had early ambushed there, ready to launch a sneak attack at any time, but caught Ji Nuan by mistake.”

“Boss, what should we do now?” K stood up holding the gun. “We’ve gotta save her quickly.”

After a moment of silence, Li Nanheng said calmly, “Guard every exit and entrance of the jungle. They are still lurking and dare not make any sound to attract our attention. Although,unlike us, Ji Nuan is not from XI Base and is not strong enough physically, if she is smart enough, she will be able to protect herself. She should be safe for the time being. K, you guys come in with me first.”

With that, Li Nanheng glanced at Feng Ling again. “Wait here. Don’t be impulsive. Don’t rush in to save Ji Nuan alone.”

Being seen through, Feng Ling looked at him and Li Nanheng gave her another warning gaze, then turned and walked inside with a solemn look.


The next day.

Feng Ling changed into a close-fitting black outfit, with two silencer guns on her waist. She squatted down to tie her shoelaces and placed the glinting dagger in the scabbard beside her boots.

“What are you doing?” Just when she finished tying up her shoelaces and got up, suddenly a pair of black leather boots stopped in front of her.

It was Li Nanheng’s voice.

Feng Ling didn’t look up, fixed the dagger beside her boots, and touched the guns at her waist. Then she stood up and looked deadpan at the cold-faced man in front of her. “Ji Nuan has been taken away for a day and a night. I must go in to save her.”

If it were not for Li Nanheng’s warning last night, she would have gone in last night.

“How can you get in? Step on the minefields?” Seeing her so impulsive, Li Nanheng chilled his voice. “Don’t you know the situation around the jungle? If the mines here can be cleared as easily as those in the Snake Valley, we don’t have to stay here for so many days. There are full of minefields here left over from the war decades ago, including the new ones made by those people. You’ll probably be blown into pieces before you find her! Do you want us to go in and collect your remains?”

Feng Ling frowned. “She was caught when she was with me. Whether from the perspective of Mr. Mo or from the perspective of me as her bodyguard, the responsibility lies on me. Even if I’m blown into pieces, I must take her back intact.”

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to find her even if you’re dead,” Li Nanheng scolded coldly.

“Mr. Mo holds the secrets of the arms dealers. In addition, those people have always been afraid of the pressure that Mr. Mo once put on them, so they dare not touch him easily. But Ji Nuan is different. She doesn’t know those people, not knowing how cruel and violent they are. It is normal for them to kill without blinking!”

“She is pregnant, so she will know how to protect herself. It’s like throwing an egg against a rock if you rush in alone now,” Li Nanheng said. “I know that you are worried about Ji Nuan. You two have been good friends after staying together for so long, but Feng Ling, remember that you are a member of XI Base. Have you forgotten the rules of the base?”

He didn’t mention his feelings for her but the base’s rules.

Feng Ling looked at him coldly, not speaking a word.

“Not being impulsive is the first rule.” When Li Nanheng finished speaking, he suddenly kicked her shin. When Feng Ling tried to dodge, he stretched out his hand and snatched the two guns from her waist, which he turned around in his hand and then put onto his own waist.

“You…” Feng Ling glared at him.

“Just stay here and wait. If it weren’t for the minefields, I would have f*cking gone in long ago!” Li Nanheng said with a straight face, “Our reinforcement will soon send a large number of helicopters over. Wait patiently, OK?”

“We also have helicopters and I can pilot a helicopter in by myself!” Feng Ling frowned. Although she hadn’t specifically learned helicopter piloting in the base, every member knew how to pilot a helicopter just with different levels of proficiency.

“Shut up.” Li Nanheng cursed impatiently, “These people have been fighting with us for so many years but have not been completely wiped out! They even have the ability to catch Mo Jingshen, which means that they have set many ambushes and are waiting for us to enter. If you fly in now, you will be shot into pieces together with the helicopter by the people below. You have performed so many tasks and have always been calm and cautious. Can’t you calm down this time?”

Feng Ling clenched her hands, thinking of how nicely Ji Nuan treated her, and the scene of Ji Nuan squatting in the grass obediently yesterday popped up in her mind.

She couldn’t imagine what Ji Nuan was experiencing now, but she was really upset and worried.

“If you can’t calm down, go back to Hai City and wait for the news. We don’t need you here.” Seeing her expression, Li Nanheng said coldly. Now that he had confiscated her guns, he turned around and left.

Looking at his back and the two guns on his waist, Feng Ling clenched her hands before suddenly taking a step forward, trying to grab the guns back.

Li Nanheng backhand pressed her hand on his shoulder at the moment she rushed over and then threw her over her shoulders. He was fighting her to give her a way to vent her uneasy and irritable emotions. Seeing that she kept attacking with a cold look and was still trying to take the guns back, Li Nanheng raised his hand to block, only defending but not attacking.

In the end, he backhand clasped her wrist, dragged the anxious woman into his arms, and imprisoned her in his arms. Feng Ling began to struggle in his arms, but he looked down at her white neck. All the traces on her neck had now faded away and it looks just like a beautiful white jade, with a thin layer of sweat because of the fight.

Seeing that she was still struggling, Li Nanheng lowered his head and took a bite on her neck.

“Let go of me!” Feng Ling shouted in a low hoarse voice, shivering all over in pain and calming down a bit because of the pain!

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