Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1157 - : The Story of Ling and Heng (420)

Chapter 1157: The Story of Ling and Heng (420)

When Ji Nuan carried the fish soup to share with others, Li Nanheng stood there seemingly inadvertently looking at Feng Ling who was helping Ji Nuan to divide the fish soup and tried to keep a distance from him, saying, “There have been no women in the base. It really feels different to have a woman here.”

Everyone could tell that Boss Li was trying to start a talk with Feng Ling.

But Feng Ling simply ignored him. Noticing the other brothers were reminding her with their eyes that Boss was looking at her, she handed out the bowl of fish soup in her hand and said deadpan, “If you are not afraid of being poisoned to death, I don’t mind cooking for you after returning to the base.”

These two people were both stubborn.

Tam and K looked at each other with a grin while drinking the fish soup. They simply couldn’t do anything about Boss Lin and Feng Ling.

Li Nanheng cast a sideways glance at her back and continued, “There are chefs from all over the world in the base. Why do we need you to cook for us? But in a field operation like this, we do need a woman.”

He said this to tell Feng Ling that even if she returned to the base, she didn’t need to cook, so she could just follow him at ease, but obviously, she didn’t appreciate his kindness and simply ignored him.

When Feng Ling was about to go to the other side to divide the fish soup, her wrist was suddenly held. She looked back at his hand on her wrist coldly. “Let go.”

“Does it still hurt?” Li Nanheng glanced at her belly.

He really wanted to talk with her, but she was so cold to him.

He still knew to ask her if her belly hurt?

Why didn’t he ask her if it hurt when he pressed her on the bed in the hotel and in Wen Leqing’s bedroom? Why didn’t he ask her if it hurt when he pressed her against the door and bit her so hard yesterday? Now he knew to ask her if it hurt? Now he knew to show concern to her?

When Feng Ling was about to elbow him away, a brother drinking the fish soup aside who heard the words of Li Nanheng and misread his meaning coughed and asked, “Does it hurt? Is Feng Ling injured? Since even Boss Li asked about the injury, it can’t be a minor injury, right? Gee, Feng Ling, where did you hurt?”

Li Nanheng raised his leg and kicked his shoulder. “Go away. It’s none of your business.”

The brother chuckled and hid into the bulletproof shed holding the bowl. At the same time, he glanced back and clicked his tongue. Was Boss Li the only one allowed to care about Feng Ling?

“I said let go.” Noticing that everyone was looking at her curiously, she tried her best to free her hand from his.

Li Nanheng never felt it necessary to hide his feelings for her in front of others. Most of the brothers in the base had known the matter between him and Feng Ling. There was nothing to hide, so he didn’t release her wrist, looking at her furious expression. “Be good, OK?”

“Get lost!” Feng Ling became impatient and kicked at him.


At this time, Ji Nuan came over with a pot of fish soup. When she heard a strange sound from the jungle, the brothers who came to help her serve the bowls lowered their voices and said, “Mrs. Mo, don’t go there, Boss and Feng Ling are fighting. Stay away from them.”

Ji Nuan: “…”


In recent days, although the brothers had been stationed in this place, waiting for the opportunity to break in and rescue Mr. Mo, because of Mrs. Mo, their living standards had risen sharply and they even had a sense of happiness.

In the evening, Feng Ling accompanied Ji Nuan on a walk along the river, talking with her along the way. Ji Nuan was not a talkative person, but she was very concerned about Feng Ling. She asked Feng Ling about Li Nanheng, but Feng Ling didn’t answer most of her questions. She had been avoiding meeting with Li Nanheng in the past few days. Even if everyone knew the relationship between her and Li Nanheng, she didn’t want to make it too obvious. She wasn’t used to playing lovey dovey with Li Nanheng in front of the brothers.

The two took a short walk and were about to walk back. Suddenly, they noticed that there seemed to be someone on the other side of the river. To keep Ji Nuan safe, Feng Ling left Ji Nuan on this side of the river where the brothers stationed and went to the other side to check out.

Because someone in the grass on the opposite side shone a flashlight on Feng Ling, she thought they didn’t see Ji Nuan, so she kept Ji Nuan hidden..

However, there seemed to be a lot of people on the other side. After making sure that Ji Nuan had hidden safely in the bushes, Feng Ling went to the other side.

As she expected, there were some people on the other side.

As soon as she walked over, Feng Ling’s ears moved and she suddenly turned around to avoid the slash at her. Under the moonlight, she saw the glinting knife in that person’s hand. She squinted, dodged again, and jumped up agilely to kick at the guy.

There were not many people hiding in the grass, so Feng Ling defeated them within a few minutes. She didn’t hear any sound from the other side, so she thought that Ji Nuan was still hiding there quietly. After checking the place for a minute, she turned around and went back.

But when she returned to the bush where Ji Nuan hid, she found that Ji Nuan was gone.

“Mrs. Mo?” Feng Ling frowned instantly. “Ji Nuan?”

Her hushed voice drifted in the wind, and in the distance, the riverway of Tonlé Sap Lake was quiet and dark.

No one responded to her.

There was only a cell phone left in the grass, lying there quietly.


Feng Ling searched all the way to the camp. After making sure that Ji Nuan had not come back, she said in a deep voice, “Ji Nuan was caught.”

As soon as she said so, the brothers around stood up instantly and their expressions chilled instantly like Feng Ling. The camp was heavily guarded and someone had quickly notified Li Nanheng. They began to work out a rescue plan immediately.

Although Mr. Mo was trapped inside, they didn’t need to worry about him for the time being. After all, Mr. Mo had a bargaining chip in his hands and those people dared not do anything to him. With Mr. Mo’s wits, he could certainly keep himself safe before they went to save him.

But Ji Nuan was different. More importantly, Ji Nuan was pregnant. If something went wrong with her, everyone here would feel guilty.

After hearing the news, Li Nanheng came out and asked, “What’s the matter?”

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