Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1156 - The Story of Ling and Heng (419)

Chapter 1156: The Story of Ling and Heng (419)

Tam wondered in his heart how to save his life now!

Should he just turn around and walk away, pretending he didn’t see anything?

But he and Boss Li were looking at each other!

Or he could pretend he didn’t know what happened and just passed by?

But just now he knocked on the door for a long time, which probably ruined Boss Li’s mood too…

Look how fiercely Boss Li was staring at him.

Did he have to poke his own eyes blind?!

“Ahem.” Tam coughed and suddenly turned around, squinting his eyes while feeling on the wall. “Oh, when I was demining yesterday, the gunpowder in a small mine hurt my eyes. I can’t see clearly now… Who, who is standing there? K, is it you?”

Li Nanheng: “…”

Tam turned his back to him, feeling on the wall and walking out, and then he suddenly turned back and said: “Alas, look at my eyes. I really can’t see anything clearly. There is no one here, right… I don’t know how many days it takes for these eyes to recover… Gosh… am I going to be blind forever…”

With that, he quickened his steps and when he finally reached a corner of the wall, he slipped away.

The next day.

When everyone woke up, they found that Mrs. Mo had tidied up the camp and even washed their socks.

The scent of laundry detergent wafted in the bulletproof sheds of the entire camp.

“Mrs. Mo, you ate dried meat and dried fruits all day yesterday. Today, we caught some fish and shrimps and plan to grill seafood near the river. You can eat some fish too. You need to replenish your nutrition.” Feng Ling smelled the laundry detergent and walked into Ji Nuan’s room that was also clean.

Ji Nuan insisted on doing the cleaning. She didn’t want to just wait to be taken care of doing nothing. Understanding how she felt, Feng Ling didn’t stop her but didn’t expect Ji Nuan to clean up the camp so thoroughly.

Although the camp was not very dirty, there was always the smell of blood and sweat, and unlike Li Nanheng who was such a neat freak, most of the men here were sloppy and casual. Even if the smell here was not very unpleasant, it didn’t smell nice.

But it smelled really good now.

“Why did you even wash their socks?” Feng Ling looked at the pairs of socks hanging outside and then at Ji Nuan’s hands. “Did you wash them all by hand?”

“Yes, you guys came in such a hurry and didn’t bring any daily necessities. There isn’t a washing machine here, right?” Ji Nuan said while sweeping the floor.

The ground was full of various tropical insects that had been killed by insecticides. Fortunately, the members of the base knew that this was a tropical area and brought a lot of insecticides. Otherwise, these insects that crawled out of the dense forest would likely crawl on beds.

“Mrs. Mo, you actually don’t have to do anything. Mr. Mo is a person we respect and is very important in our eyes. You should enjoy preferential treatment here, and you don’t need to do this.” Feng Ling wanted to go up and help.

“If I don’t do these things to keep myself busy, my heart will only get messier.”

“Are you worried about Mr. Mo…”

Ji Nuan lowered her head and held the broom, and after a moment of silence, she said softly, “Although I am worried, I believe you and I believe he will be fine.”

Feng Ling: “Those people will not easily kill Mr. Mo. If Mr. Mo never surrenders the confidential information of the underground arms trade, they will not dare to touch him for the time being. Now the people of XI Base have already identified the enemy’s location in the jungle. It’s just because there are dangerous minefields around that we need to wait for the helicopter rescue team of the US police to come over. We are waiting for the best time so as to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Ji Nuan nodded. “I know. Go about your business. You don’t have to accompany me. I’ll find something to do.”

“Let’s go and have some fish. They’re already grilling it.”

Ji Nuan nodded. Although she had been worried about Mo Jingshen, she knew that Feng Ling was sincerely concerned about her, so she walked out with Feng Ling.

Feng Ling didn’t expect that Ji Nuan, who was usually protected by her, not only did not hold back, but was also able to help, washing clothes and cooking for the brothers. For these rough guys, she was simply a goddess.

Although Feng Ling was a woman, she had been living with this group of men. In some respects, she didn’t master as many skills as Ji Nuan.

For example, Ji Nuan could make fish soup from the fish that they caught and would have Feng Ling accompany her to the nearby village to exchange for some food seasonings, oil and salt to make the fish soup more delicious.

Even Li Nanheng, who had always been cold to Ji Nuan, made a rare comment after tasting Ji Nuan’s fish soup. “No wonder Qin Siting said that Ji Nuan had become a good wife and mother. Miss Ji can really cook. But I did not expect to taste Miss Ji’s craftsmanship in this environment.”

Ji Nuan said, “I think the food you have at the base should be good. The food here in the past two days is really too poor.”

“So you insist on staying in Cambodia just to cook for us?” Li Nanheng looked at her with a smile.

“Is it not allowed?

“Are you sure you can bear this kind of grievance?”

In Li Nanheng’s eyes, most of the women were troublesome. Even if not every woman was so fragile, they were of little use. Except for Feng Ling, he really didn’t pay much attention to women.

As for Ji Nuan, it was only because she was the woman Mo Jingshen loved that he treated her with some care.

A brother from the base said while sipping the fish soup. “Mrs. Mo washed all of our socks this morning. There should be nothing worse than washing dozens of pairs of socks in one breath…”

Li Nanheng immediately set his gaze on Ji Nuan again. Two seconds later, he said lightly, “I think we’d better not save Mo Jingshen. Leave him to his own fate.”

Ji Nuan: “…Excuse me?”

“If we save him and he knows that his wife cooked for us and washed our socks, I’m afraid we will be in serious trouble.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Everyone: “…”

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