Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1155 - : The Story of Ling and Heng (418)

Chapter 1155: The Story of Ling and Heng (418)

Looking at the door of that room for a while, Tam hesitated and walked over. He knocked on the door but got no response, and he tried to push it, only to find that the door was pushed open. It was not locked.

But there was no one in the room.

But he remembered that Boss Li was not outside at the moment, and it was not the time for Boss Li to patrol.

So where did Boss Li go?

After a few seconds, something suddenly occurred to Tam, and he suddenly turned his eyes to the tightly shut door of Feng Ling’s room. As if being stung by a thorn on his back, he took a step back with a jerk and then cleared his throat and said awkwardly, “Ahem, well, I’ll borrow the charger from someone else. Feng Ling, don’t mind me. I remember Lin Cheng’s cell phone seems to be the same as mine. I’ll go borrow his charger!”

After that, Tam immediately ran away.

Hearing Tam’s tone, Feng Ling knew he had guessed something.

Feng Ling leaned against the door, rolled her eyes at the man, and when the man was about to hold her and throw her on the bed, she said coldly, “I didn’t take contraceptive pills.”

The man’s angry and somewhat violent look suddenly froze on his face. He paused and looked down at the cold-looking little woman in his arms. “What?”

“I said, I didn’t take contraceptive pills!” Feng Ling looked straight into his eyes. “I didn’t eat any contraceptive pill.”

Feng Ling’s eyes were frank and clean and she didn’t look guilty at all, and when the man raised his eyebrows, she said, “I did ask Mrs. Mo to buy contraceptive pills for me that day, but then she told me that this medicine was harmful and asked to think carefully before eating it. My brain was in a mess at the time, so I put the medicine in the drawer and that night…”

She paused and went on. “I wanted to take a bath, only to find that I had my period…”

When he heard her words, Li Nanheng’s eyebrow moved. Her period came just at the right time.

“I remember Miss Wen once said that if you had your period after sex, then you wouldn’t be pregnant. I was just… by you and my period had come, indicating that I wouldn’t be pregnant, so I didn’t take any contraceptive pill. The medicine was kept in the drawer of the bedroom.” She said as she looked at him. “Today is the third day of my period. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out.”

Since she had said so, of course he believed her.

However, Li Nanheng still touched when he put her on the bed, and as expected, he touched a soft object on her lower body.

No wonder that she didn’t look very well today. It turned out that she was in her menstrual period. Travelling all the way from Hai City, she certainly felt uncomfortable, but she was used to keeping everything to herself. It was not strange that she didn’t show anything about it at all.

They had already had sex, and more than once, and he had felt her all over.

But since she allowed him to check whether she was really in her period, he must be very special to her in her heart.

Feng Ling didn’t speak anymore but the accusations and displeasure in her eyes were obvious.

Li Nanheng was a bit embarrassed, so it turned out to be a misunderstanding and he almost…

Catching a glimpse of the hickeys on her neck and her slightly pale face, he suddenly felt he was too rude to her by forcibly holding her in his arms.

Li Nanheng coughed, slowly retracted his hand, and tentatively put it to her belly. “Do you still feel uncomfortable? Does your stomach hurt or…”

“My belly hurts.” Feng Ling didn’t want to hide anything now, looking at him coldly.

Li Nanheng: “…”

Not expecting Feng Ling to say this, he felt even more guilty and hurriedly rubbed her belly with his hand. “Does it hurt very much? How long has it been hurting?”

“It has been hurting since you came in. I planned to sleep after giving Tam the charger but you pressed me against the door and kept biting me like a dog.” Feng Ling continued to look at him coldly.

Li Nanheng: “…”

He was speechless before he said guiltily, “Sorry.” And he was still slowly rubbing her belly.

Feng Ling didn’t want to speak to him and tried to break free from his arms. Although Li Nanheng was reluctant to let her go, he knew he was in the wrong and could only let her go.

Feng Ling was finally free. After getting down from his leg, she pulled his shoulder, signaling him to stand up.

Li Nanheng stood up, thinking she had something to say, but Feng Ling just pointed to the door with a cold look. “Get out.”

Nan Heng: “…I apologize.”

“I don’t need your apology. Get out. I want to sleep.”

Li Nanheng: “I was impulsive just now. If you are really angry, you can punch me?”

“I don’t want to do anything right now. Just get out.” Feng Ling got out of patience and pushed him out. She pulled the door open, pushed the man out of the door, and slammed the door shut.

Li Nanheng knew that she was angry, so he didn’t resist at all. After being pushed out of the door, he stood outside the door and wanted to confess his guilt to her. At this time, he must apologize quickly. Otherwise, his little wife would just ignore him for several days.

However, when he was just pushed out of the door, Tam, who finally borrowed the charger, was happily walking over while whistling and almost bumped into Li Nanheng.

The two men looked at each other silently and Li Nanheng glanced at him deadpan, causing the smile on Tam’s face to disappear immediately and he stopped whistling too.

What the f*ck! Was the powerful and stern Boss Li kicked out of the room by Feng Ling?

What should he do now? Would it be too late for him to pretend to be blind?

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