Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1154 - The Story of Ling and Heng (417)

Chapter 1154: The Story of Ling and Heng (417)

But what had she done for so long?

She had been hiding!

If she didn’t like him, it was fine. He would just take the love to her as a fruitless unrequited love. Just because he loved her didn’t mean she must repay him with the same feelings.

But she liked him.

However, although she looked tough on the surface, she was so timid in her heart.

No matter who brought her any hope and sunshine, she would be as happy as a child, poking out her head carefully, but as long as anyone told her that the sunshine didn’t belong to her, she would immediately shrink back into the darkness, curled up and hid herself.

Just because he knew her too well, Li Nanheng didn’t intend to give her a chance to escape again. After knowing her feelings for him, he just wanted to pull her out of her snail shell.

Behind Feng Ling’s stubbornness hid timidity invisible to others. If he just left her alone, she would always show people her back. She looked tough, courageous, and fearless and seemed indifferent to anyone, but Li Nanheng knew that this was just a shell that she used to protect herself.

He could see Feng Ling’s warmth and love that she carefully showed. She was so simple and clean, but she just hid her sincere heart under her cold appearance.

He didn’t want her to hide back in her hard shell because of the misunderstanding three years ago, and he couldn’t let her go on like this.

Feng Ling could no longer wear such a cold mask that stopped people from approaching her. If she was unwilling to take off this mask, then he would take it for her.

But when they had made it to this day step by step, she just repeated hitting the heart he held in front of her with her hypocritical shell.

How could she be so cruel?

Just when Feng Ling felt that the man’s hand had unexpectedly slipped into her clothes and even mercilessly tried to carve something on her body, she bit her lips and turned her face away. She was about to scold him, but at this moment she suddenly heard footsteps approaching outside. She blinked and was about to speak when the man bowed his head and bit her lips again.

Feng Ling frowned, and under the angry yet affectionate kiss of the man, she glared at him.

She stared at him angrily and he didn’t close his eyes either. They were looking at each other at such a close distance. Her lips hurt and her eyes were sore but he still didn’t let her go.

Suddenly the door was knocked.

Feng Ling’s heart shivered suddenly. She leaned against the door that was very thin and seemed to be able to feel the shock of the knock on the door.

“Feng Ling, have you found the charger? My phone is going to be out of power. Come on, lend it to me!” Tam’s voice rang outside the door, and he knocked on the door again. “Are you in there? Didn’t you say you were going to get me the charger? Are you too tired and fall asleep?”

Getting no response from the other side of the door, Tam murmured while knocking gently outside. “Gee, it is really inconvenient. If Feng Ling is a man, I can push the door and get the charger even if she is sleeping, but she is a girl. I can’t just walk in…”

As he said, he continued to knock. “Don’t blame me for being annoying. My phone is really going to run out of power. Hurry up, Feng Ling!”

Feeling that Tam’s voice was almost in her ears, Feng Ling instinctively held her breath. However, when the man who was pressing her against the door heard Tam’s words, instead of letting her go, he suddenly smiled mockingly, lowered his head and sucked on her lips. The kiss was so deep that she almost whimpered.

She resisted the desire to groan, glaring at the man and warning him that there was someone outside, but Li Nanheng still did not close his eyes. He kissed her deeply and his tongue entangled with hers in her mouth. While kissing her, he stared at her face that looked so worried, embarrassed and panicked and seemed to be enjoying her expression. The more nervous she became, the deeper he kissed her, and his hands had already moved to the clasp of her bra.

Feng Ling felt a chill down her spine because of the movement of his hand behind her. She glared at him and was about to bite him, but the man suddenly let go of her lips, pressed his forehead against hers, panting while whispering, “Tell him there is someone in your room, OK?”

“Are you crazy?” Feng Ling was angry and said in a low voice, “Don’t you know why we are here? Mr. Mo is still in danger… How dare you…”

Before she finished speaking, she was kissed fiercely by the man again.

Standing outside the door, Tam seemed to hear some sound through the door but couldn’t hear it clearly. He thought the sound was from Feng Ling’s cell phone, so he knocked on the door again and asked, “Feng Ling, are you fxcking asleep or awake? Come on, I really need to use the charger!”

Hearing it, Feng Ling pushed hard on Li Nanheng’s shoulder but the man clung to her tightly, sucking her lips and pressing her against the door. If she struggled harder, there must be some obvious noise.

Feng Ling felt like she was threatened. She glared at him and raised her leg to attack his lower body, but the man held her leg at the moment when she moved, and looked down at her, saying casually, “Mo Jingshen can’t die. You aren’t Ji Nuan. Why are you so worried? What you should do now is to calm my anger. Can’t you see how mad I’m at you?”

“Why the hell are you angry?!” Feng Ling said angrily.

“Feng Ling?” Tam’s voice came from outside the door again. “Who the fxck are you talking to? What are you doing inside? Is there someone else in your room?”

When he said this, Tam’s voice suddenly paused, and he suddenly turned his eyes to the room opposite. Seeing that the door was closed, he remembered that it seemed to be the room of Boss Li.

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