Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1151 - The Story of Ling and Heng (414)

Chapter 1151: The Story of Ling and Heng (414)

Feng Ling thought that she had experienced so many dangers in XI Base, so she should be able to stabilize Ji Nuan’s mood.

But what she didn’t expect was that Ji Nuan found out that she was pregnant.

Knowing that some snipers on Dali’s side had good marksmanship, Feng Ling wanted to go to Cambodia to help. After all, she was once a member of XI Base’s sniper team. She called K and K said she could, so she arranged everything well for Ji Nuan. She didn’t want to stay here to wait. She had this ability, so she just wanted to go to Cambodia to join the war.

However, to her astonishment, Ji Nuan, a woman who just learned she was pregnant and was vomiting every day, avoided their sight and sneaked into the same plane as her for her husband.

The plane landed in Cambodia, and Feng Ling saw Ji Nuan just before getting off the plane.

How could this be?

How could Ji Nuan, a pregnant woman, appear in such a place?

Feng Ling was very angry and chagrined that she hadn’t been able to find her before she got into the plane. She immediately forced Ji Nuan to go back and was about to help her book a flight back to Hai City.

She could understand Ji Nuan’s feelings, and Ji Nuan asked her if it were her, could she stay in Hai City at ease?

The answer was of course no. No one could just wait there doing nothing.

She tried to persuade Ji Nuan to go back, although even she herself thought her words didn’t carry conviction.

Ji Nuan said, “But Mo Jingshen is here.” Her voice was not loud but resolute.

Just when Ji Nuan had already agreed to leave Cambodia so as not to cause Feng Ling any trouble, suddenly, a cold voice came from not far away.

“What’s up?”

The two turned around, only to see Li Nanheng approaching.

Why was he at the Cambodian airport?

Shouldn’t he be at the camp on the Tonlé Sap Lake?

Thinking of what this man did to her in bed just a few days ago, Feng Ling stiffened for a moment. When their eyes met, she noticed his eyes were cold. She thought that he was blaming her for letting Ji Nuan come here, so she explained, “Sorry, I didn’t expect Mrs. Mo to get on the same plane as us. I will send her back to Hai City as soon as possible.”

It was certainly not because Ji Nuan appeared here that Li Nanheng was cold to her. Everyone could see how much Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen loved each other. If Ji Nuan could stay in Hai City at ease and wait for others to risk their lives to rescue her husband, she wouldn’t have been the woman that Mo Jingshen kept in mind.

Even if she came, it didn’t matter.

He hadn’t forgotten that Feng Ling asked Ji Nuan to buy her contraceptive pills. He had to stay in Cambodia these days and hadn’t had time to go back to punish her yet, but she had flown over and bumped into his muzzle.

Li Nanheng looked away from Feng Ling’s face coldly and glanced at Ji Nuan. “Why did you come here?”

“Mo Jingshen is here.” Ji Nuan’s eyes were calm.

He looked at her for a while and then glanced at Feng Ling again, saying mockingly, “It was not easy for her to get on the plane under your nose.”

Feng Ling: “…”

If she was ridiculed by him when she was still in the base, she would humbly admit that she was indeed negligent.

But now facing this man, she was just deadpan and didn’t even smile.

“So, in terms of valour, Ji Nuan is certainly not as good as you, but in terms of wisdom, I think Ji Nuan may be slightly better than you.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Feng Ling: “…” Was he implying that she was stupid?

The other brothers who followed. “…” Boss, what’s the problem with you? How can you still be in the mood to ridicule Feng Ling at such a time? Didn’t you see Mrs. Mo’s sad look?

Feng Ling rolled her eyes and didn’t bother to speak to him. “I will ask K to send Mrs. Mo back.”

“Now that she has come, how can she be sent back? Even if she is sent back to Hai City today, she will find a way to fly over tomorrow morning. I am afraid then Mo Jingshen won’t be the only one missing,” Li Nanheng said coldly. “Do you want her to try her best to stay in Cambodia or stand in front of us safely?”

Feng Ling frowned. “But it’s too dangerous here.”

“Before she flew here, she knew better than you that she would be facing many unknown dangers. She is not a child. She has the ability to make her choices. What are you worried about?” Li Nanheng said and glanced at Ji Nuan lightly. “We don’t have much time. Are you going to return to Hai City or stay? I’m giving you the last chance to choose.”

“I’ll stay,” Ji Nuan said without any hesitation.

Feng Ling frowned. “But, Mrs. Mo, you are pregnant!”

Hearing this, Li Nanheng glanced at Ji Nuan suddenly and then at her belly.

After a while, Li Nanheng only asked, “Ji Nuan, are you afraid of death?”


Looking at Ji Nuan’s resolute eyes, Li Nanheng narrowed his eyes and just wanted to say, “You are f*cking pregnant yourself! How dare you buy contraceptives for my wife!”

Of course, he couldn’t speak it out. Li Nanheng looked at her coldly, lit a cigarette, and put it in his mouth. Then he narrowed his eyes and turned his head. “Follow me.”

Ji Nuan was taken into their camp near Tonlé Sap Lake in Cambodia.

After arriving at the camp, Li Nanheng told Feng Ling to send the pregnant Mrs. Mo to a room in the camp to take a rest, and Feng Ling did as he said.

Ji Nuan’s mood was stable. Although she didn’t know the identity of Mo Jingshen, she was very receptive. She was satisfied that she could be taken in here and be closer to Mo Jingshen.

Seeing Ji Nuan was quite calm, Feng Ling thought she must have made up her mind before coming here, so she talked to her for a while and turned away.

When she walked outside, K and the others were discussing how to break into the enemy’s camp, but the woods were surrounded by dense minefields, so it was very difficult to break in, and they were not familiar with the topography here. Now they could only be sure that Mr. Mo was kept in the woods and his life was not in danger for the time being, but in order to ensure that Dali and his gang would not hurt him, they had to work out a sure-fire way.

Seeing Feng Ling coming out, K habitually stepped forward to hug Feng Ling’s shoulders. However, the moment he raised his hand, he suddenly realized that she was a woman. As he paused, he felt a cold stare on his back.

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