Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1150 - The Story of Ling and Heng (413)

Chapter 1150: The Story of Ling and Heng (413)

Since he was back in the United States, he should go back to XI Base and take a look. Although he wished he could fly back to T City now, he had to wait until the next day to take the plane. The earliest flight would be early tomorrow morning.

If he used a helicopter at the base because of this personal matter, Feng Ling would probably take the medicine in front of him even if she hadn’t taken the contraceptive pill yet.

Li Nanheng glanced at the time. Feng Ling should have gone to bed at this time. She didn’t sleep much last night and in the morning. No matter how strong she was, it was impossible for her to stay up all night. He calmed down, threw the phone into his pocket, and went back to XI Base.

After arriving at the base, he kicked Fattie awake who was sleeping like a dead pig and asked him about what happened on Rogers Pass. Fattie couldn’t remember very well, but when he saw Boss Li’s horrible expression, he hurriedly tried his best to pick up his memories. When Li Nanheng asked him about Feng Ling on that day, he could only remember that Feng Ling slept a lot in those days. It was rare that she would lie down for so long before, but she did act strangely those days…

He was not sober at all, having a high fever and drinking a whole bottle of liquor. She was young and that was her first time… It would be strange if she was in good condition.

How could he completely forget about what he had done to her that night?! Thinking of his delay and hesitation to her during the past three years, he just wanted to punch himself in the head. And he hit Fattie’s head first.

“Ouch, Boss, why did you hit me?”

“Get out of here.” Seeing Fattie keep yawning after being punched, Li Nanheng didn’t bother to talk anymore.

“OK, then I’m going back to continue sleeping, Boss.” Fattie didn’t understand why Boss suddenly punched him. Although it hurt, luckily it was not particularly painful, so he scratched his head and went back.

Li Nanheng was about to go to the base’s hall. Suddenly, there was a burst of alarms in the base. Li Nanheng, who had just picked up a cigarette and was about to put it in his mouth, paused and suddenly turned his eyes to the base’s hall where the alarm was sounding, dropped the cigarette and walked over quickly.

There were several types of alarms in XI Base. The one that sounded just now was a special-grade alarm. It was one of the alarms that would only sound in an emergency. The red light lit in the base hall also showed how urgent this matter was.

The members of the base were awakened by the alarm and all got out of bed to get ready to fight.

After getting dressed, they asked while hurrying out, “What’s wrong? This kind of alarm hasn’t sounded for at least a few years. Did terrorists break into our base?”

They didn’t get an answer until someone went to the base hall and came back.

Something happened in Cambodia.

A group of local Cambodian drug traffickers headed by Aqib and Dali caught some important members of XI Base and their families and threatened XI Base to exchange these innocent women and children with Mo Jingshen who was actually the brain of XI Base. If Mo Jingshen would not appear in the place they specified within three days, they would throw those women and children into the minefield and blow them to pieces.

The Mo family had been engaged in business and politics for generations. Knowing that Mo Jingshen was related to the underground arms dealing, Grandfather Mo had made him vow not to be involved in the underworld in his life, let alone stain his hands with blood because their ancestors once suffered a great loss in this field. Mo Jingshen didn’t need to stain his hands with blood. He could work out splendid plans to win victories in battles a thousand miles away. To avoid suspicion, he used Control as his alias in the underground arms dealing. People usually called him Mr. Control even though they knew his real name.

The huge power behind Aqib and Dali had long been disintegrated. They were a branch of the gang who was very ambitious, so they must deal with them carefully.

Now they have kidnapped many innocent women and children! They were the families of many old members of XI Base who had left the base because of age.

XI Base took this matter very seriously. Because of this matter, Li Nanheng was unable to go to T City to solve his personal affair now. He must go to Cambodia immediately.


There was an accident in Cambodia, and the news reached Feng Ling the next day.

Because the few people Li Nanheng left to protect her were all from XI Base, who would know what happened in XI Base soon. Knowing Feng Ling’s presence and status in XI Base, they didn’t keep anything from her.

If Li Nanheng put aside the urgent matter of XI Base and flew back to T City, Feng Ling would be angry.

What she considered most now was Ji Nuan.

Mr. Mo seemed to have left early this morning. He probably wouldn’t tell Ji Nuan the reason.

She didn’t know what would happen in Cambodia in the end, but she had had contact with Aqib and Dali. They were very sinister, cunning, and even vicious. Even thinking of them would make her shudder.

Now she must stabilize Ji Nuan’s emotions. Before figuring out what exactly happened, she couldn’t let her detect any clues. Mr. Mo had someone pass on a message to her before leaving, asking her to spend more time with Ji Nuan.

Feng Ling rushed back to T University to accompany Ji Nuan, following her closely.

However, the news was learned by Ji Nuan three days later.

What was worse, when Ji Nuan learned the news, there was even worse news just confirmed by all of them.

Mr. Mo was missing.

This was terrible news for Ji Nuan, but her first reaction was puzzlement. She didn’t even know the relationship among Mo Jingshen, XI Base and those underground arms dealing, nor did she understand why he would be missing after going to Cambodia.

After finally stabilizing Ji Nuan’s mood, or rather, Ji Nuan who was strong enough calming down herself, Feng Ling accompanied Ji Nuan to return to Hai City.

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