Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1152 - The Story of Ling and Heng (415)

Chapter 1152: The Story of Ling and Heng (415)

Without looking back, he could guess who was staring at him. After all, Boss Li was also outside right now.

K hurriedly put his hand down, and to cover up his embarrassment, he rubbed his hand twice on his clothes as if scratching an itch, and then he laughed and jogged Feng Ling with his elbow. “Why do you like serving as a bodyguard? It’s more at ease to stay with the brothers of the base, right?”

However, Feng Ling simply replied, “It’s not bad to work as a bodyguard. Both the mayor’s daughter and Mrs. Mo are very nice to me. I feel very comfortable and at ease.”

K: “…Well, don’t you miss us? Isn’t it time for you to come back to the base?”

Feng Ling glanced at the sniper rifle in K’s hand. “Actually, I am a problem for the XI Base. After all, the rules and regulations of the base shouldn’t be abandoned because of me. Even if I am allowed to stay in the base again, I’m not qualified enough to be a drillmaster and I don’t want the brothers in other teams in the base to be secretly upset because of the special treatment towards me. This will undermine the unity of the brothers in the base. But if the base needs me, I will come back as it is now. As long as you give me a gun, I can risk my life for XI Base at any time.”

K clicked his tongue. “Come on, who wants you to risk your life? We just miss you. Don’t you miss the days when the five of us were together in the base? Don’t you miss us?”

“I do, but life must continue and we have to move on. As long as we are still alive, we can meet at any time. We don’t have to train together in the base every day.”

“Wow, you have acquired such a glib tongue after staying outside these years. You didn’t even bother to explain no matter what we said to you in the past, but now you are such a good talker.” K snorted.

Feng Ling chuckled. “Isn’t what I said true? We can meet whenever we want.”

After chatting for a while longer, Feng Ling was about to go get a gun, but maybe she hadn’t appeared in front of these people for a long time. When she suddenly showed up, everyone looked at her.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a woman?” Li Nanheng took a shotgun that suited her. Catching a glimpse of the people’s sight, he asked coldly.

The other men. “We’ve never seen Feng Ling so feminine…”

In fact, Feng Ling didn’t change much, but it may be that she had been outside for a long time and didn’t deliberately pretend to be a man, so she just looked like a real woman with short hair.

In particular, to conceal the hickeys on her neck, Feng Ling habitually wore a scarf. Cambodia was hot and everyone was wearing short sleeves, but she had not taken the scarf off, which made her look particularly attractive to men.

Li Nanheng frowned and glanced at Feng Ling coldly. “What are you standing there for? Are you an animal in the zoo?”

Feng Ling: “…”

What was wrong with this man?

However, Li Nanheng looked at the scarf on her neck and figured out what she was covering. Although he was still upset at the contraceptive pill thing, he felt a little better. He threw the gun into her hand and walked away with a dark look.


At night.

The members were divided into several groups to patrol at the camp at different times to ensure the safety of the camp.

It was already ten o’clock in the evening when Feng Ling had just finished patrolling with K and the others.

Cambodia was very hot. She felt very uncomfortable wearing her scarf, but she hadn’t taken it off. Others asked her why she was wearing it. She just casually explained that she accidentally injured her neck a few days ago, so she wore it to protect her cervical spine.

But after she returned to her room, she immediately took it off. She was sweating all over, so she quickly washed her body. Then she picked up a new black short-sleeved T-shirt that K gave to her. There was no mirror in the room, so she took her phone as the mirror and checked her neck, only to see the hickeys near the collarbone were still there.

Normally, hickeys should have disappeared after three days, but Li Nanheng, the bastard, bit her so hard that the hickeys were still conspicuous.

But it was not appropriate to keep wearing a scarf. Today, because she just flew over from Hai City, she didn’t have time to change her clothes. She was so stuffy and hot all day, and she would never wear a scarf tomorrow.

Then she had to find a way to cover up the hickeys. Maybe she could get some plasters or band-aids from others…

She hurriedly sorted out the clothes she had changed and took them out to wash. When she was washing the clothes, Tam also came out to wash his pants. When he saw Feng Ling, he said, “I found our cell phones are the same. The charger I brought seems to be broken. Did you bring your cell phone charger? Can I borrow it?”

“OK, I’ll give it to you later.” Feng Ling wrung out the clothes, and after hanging them on the clothes poles, she quickly walked inside to get Tam the charger.

However, when she walked to the door of her room, she saw the opposite door suddenly open. She didn’t know who was living in that room. Without looking at it, she opened the door and entered her room.

But when she was about to close the door, she suddenly felt a force stopping her from closing the door.

She turned around, only to see Li Nanheng’s face. He was angrily staring at her, pushed the door and got in!

Seeing the man’s cold eyes, Feng Ling couldn’t help thinking how she was pressed on the bed and bullied by him a few days ago and stepped back subconsciously, but the room was too small and her legs touched the bed after she took only one step. She asked nervously, “What are you going to do…”

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