Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 43 - Tang Mo’er, Do You Think I’m Just like Your Stupid Ex-fiancé?

Chapter 43: Tang Mo’er, Do You Think I’m Just like Your Stupid Ex-fiancé?

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What is this feeling?

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move. She felt more of a numb loss than a raging pain and anger. Su Zhe wasn’t the Brother Su he used to be anymore. That person had disappeared.

Brother Su used to carry her around when she was tired from walking, he would go through the trouble of walking through many streets to buy her favorite snacks. He would carry her and comfort her by speaking to her and holding her in her loneliest and hardest times, ‘Mo’er don’t be sad. You aren’t by yourself, I’ll be by your side forever.’

She had thought that it was fine to not have her parents by her side. Brother Su would accompany her for the rest of her life. However, it seemed that in his eyes, the promises they had made many years ago were not able to withstand the attraction of temporary pleasure and satisfaction.

She suddenly felt pain on her jaw. Two long and slim fingers were pushing her jaws together and a masculine voice disrupted her bitter monologue, “Tang Mo’er, why are you kissing me when you’re still thinking about your ex-fiancé?”

Tang Mo’er pulled herself together and her eyes made their way up to his deep and narrow eyes. His gaze was penetrating as he looked at her, his expression cold and sharp.

Tang Mo’er frowned, “He was my fiancé, it’s such a waste if I don’t watch this live stream in person. If anything, it’s a chance to judge his capabilities.”

Gu Mohan raised the corner of his lips and asked with great interest, “How is he?”

Tang Mo’er raised her brows and replied mockingly, hoping to pick a fight, “What a shame, he really is good.”


This woman was saying it on purpose. Gu Mohan held her tiny waist and pulled her towards him, “I’ll allow you to be inexperienced now, but I’ll definitely show you what’s better in the future.”


Great, this was the arrogant Mr Gu that she knew!

Tang Mo’er had just realized that they were locked in a decidedly ambiguous position. Their bodies were indecently close and with her head tilted back, their lips were too close as they murmured to each other. She was still holding on to his shirt at the front of his chest and she had caused a deep crease to form.

Her tiny face was now a delicate shade of pink-red and was warming rapidly. She hurriedly pushed him away, “Let go of me.”

“You’re trying to kick me to the curb now that I’ve I outlived my usefulness, right, Tang Mo’er? How heartless, you’re treating me just like your stupid ex-fiancé.”

His words were powerful.

Tang Mo’er’s fingertips started to burn as she looked at his handsome facial features. She felt embarrassed when she recollected herself kissing him.

“Then… then what do you want from me? Didn’t you say that you weren’t interested in women who didn’t have a clean break from their ex-fiancé?”

Gu Mohan squinted his narrow eyes, his gaze landed on her cherry pink lips. He couldn’t forget the feeling of her lips. When she kissed him… it was still exactly the same as that time three years ago. Her lips were soft and pliable like the most delicious jelly, it was irresistible. He wanted more.

It had been years. She looked a little more mature now, but why were her lips still so small?

How could he bear to kiss her?

“I’m going to save you since you look like such a poor thing after being forsaken.” Gu Mohan pulled her to him again, his fingers raking through her hair and kissed her.


Tang Mo’er’s eyes widened and her body froze. She couldn’t stop blinking and her eyelashes were flapping delicately just like a butterfly’s wings. She looked at him in shock, he had actually kissed her.

Also, what exactly did he say? She was forsaken and he was here to save her?

Get lost!

It was she who had forsaken Su Zhe, that jerk. She had already bid farewell to him in her heart.

“Mmm, let go!” Tang Mo’er resisted as her mind went into overdrive, but he took the chance to bury his tongue in her mouth. She wasn’t able to defend against it and found herself swallowed up. His lips were interlocked with hers and he sucked at them with an irresistible strength.

Tang Mo’er had never experienced such a feeling and she felt an overwhelming sensation bury her, “Ah…!”

“Little forsaken wife, you’ve made a better sound than his new favorite.” He murmured into her lips as he continued to kiss her with a fervent passion.


Han Xiaowan’s whiny moans had just entered Tang Mo’er’s ears and she felt herself blushing. Gu Mohan, what are you saying? You’re such a… refined scoundrel!

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